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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 11, 2016
July 11, 2016

All This Comfort Food Has Made Me Really Uncomfortable.

Before I discovered boneless chicken breasts, thin slices of veal cut from the leg-called cutlets, scallops, or scallopine-were the only thin, tender, boneless meat widely available. But veal was expensive, and remains so. Still, veal does have a different texture and flavor than chicken breasts, and good veal cutlets are still wonderful sautéed in olive oil and drenched in lemon juice. You can make this recipe with thinly pounded chicken or turkey cutlets, or with any thin-sliced pork.

Sure she may have lost her title to Amanda Nunes, but Meisha Tate won my heart after strippng down completely naked to make her 134.5lb weight in.

Any idea you can show me exactly where this big gust of wind came through?

Oy! That photo was taken outside of Manchester United's home Stadium, called Old Tradford, directly across the street from the Hotel Football Old Tradford. Thomas.

Ernie. I am on the way to tracking down where that bicycle is parked. Barclays is a bicycle rental company based out of London -- here is another -- so it's just a matter of visiting the parks in the area to find the matching entrance. Stay tuned, Bradley

Mossberg's 500 pump action shotguns offer an amazing amount of gun for an unbeatable price. Quickly and easily change between wingshooting and home security with this Mossberg 500 Field/Security Combo with both 28" vent rib barrel and 18.5" cylinder bore barrels with wooden stock, for $334.94 plus free shipping.

Somewhere in the continental United States, are three tennis courts set up like this. Find them.

The key to making your face disappear is to hide the fact that it's a face. Too many hunters use camo face paint -- camo creams, paints, and color sticks -- to color their faces even on each side or one solid color which is also a mistake. Turkeys have some of the sharpest eyes in the woods and they know the shape of a human face no matter what color it is. To use camo face paint correctly, picture the profile of a human face like an architect or engineer would – as a 3-dimensional image. Notice the facial areas that stick out – the most forward parts.

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