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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 14, 2016
July 14, 2016

Now My Leg - Specifically My Achilles Tendon - Are Actually Starting To Hurt In My Dreams.

It was just one month ago when stuntwoman Jessie Graff rocked the American Ninja Warrior's Los Angeles Qualifiers. Can she repeat her performance in the Los Angeles Finals? HINT: You bet your cute litte Wonder Woman ass.

A spreader is a spar on a sailboat used to deflect the shrouds to allow them to better support the mast. Often, there are multiples, called spreaders. The spreader or spreaders serve much the same purpose as the crosstrees and tops in a traditional sailing vessel. Spreader design and tuning can be quite complex. The spreaders may be fixed (rigid) or swinging (pivoted at the mast). The purpose of the spreaders is to control, by either limiting, or inducing, bend into the spar so that when the windward shroud is loaded the mast achieves the desired bend characteristics. The spreaders may be designed to be angled in a way that either forces bend in to the spar or reduces bend, depending on the desired results.

You might ask yourself, how does the sorest loser of them all, the worst of the worst attitudes, the chippiest of the chips on the choulder -- Rhonda Rousey -- still get work? Easy, she poses half topless!

Boy I sure would love to get me some of this. No, you fucking pig, I'm talking about the Mikado. What is it and where can I get some?

Hey Ernie, Long time since I had the time to research and the correct answer to shoot you an email. The sexy girl refueling her SUV is at the 76 Gas Station in Pasadena, CA. at 3678 E. Foothill Blvd. (intersection of N. Rosemead Blvd). Since Ken Cranes that was shown in the background has gone out of business I needed some extra research to make sure I had the right location. I was able to determine she was in the Pasadena area when I saw this photo of her in front of a Rite Aid Pharmacy with the area code 626. See photos. All the best and hope you are healing well. I dislocated my ankle 20+ years ago. They gave me Demerol, Codine and Morphine to pop it back in but it was not working. Finally the gave me a F'n Epidural shot and paralyzed me for 6 hours. But that's a story for another time. And before you destroy all of NYC can you at least spare Queens and the NY Mets? After all, Billy Joel did say in his song Miami 2017, "They said that Queens could stay, they blew the Bronx away...." Cheers, Johnny

Ernie, The location of the clock being in Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany has no street view of Am Rottland, but here is a picture of the clock at 12:18. The pictures -- Part 1 and part 2 -- are of the Magic Bike Rally. Rick

Old and busted: Dr Evil and Scotty. The new hotness: Roger Goodell and Tom Brady.

Sunflowers are usually tall annual or perennial plants that grow to a height of 10 feet or more. They bear one or more wide, flower heads, with bright yellow ray florets at the outside and yellow or maroon disc florets inside. Several ornamental cultivars of Helianthus annuus have red-colored ray florets; all of them stem from a single original mutant. During growth, sunflowers tilt during the day to face the sun, but stop once they begin blooming. This tracking of the sun in young sunflower heads is called heliotropism. By the time they are mature, sunflowers generally face east. Perennial sunflower species are not as popular for gardens due to their tendency to spread rapidly and become invasive.

This one almost got me. In the film Fifty Shades of Red, protagonist Christian Grey reads "The Hawk and the Sea". The novel does not exist, but its author Peter Bodnarus, is the Art Director of the films Fifty Shades of Black and Fifty Shades of Red.

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