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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 21, 2016
July 21, 2016

And My Air Conditioner Shit The Bed Last Night.

Great for travel, lightweight strollers -- sometimes referred to as "umbrella strollers" because of their small folded shape -- are light and more compact, usually weighing between 8-17 lbs. But they cut some corners compared to standard size. For starters, they don't offer car-seat adapters, and thus can't be used until baby is at least 6 months old. They also use smaller wheels, and this makes them less maneuverable, and very difficult to push on rough surfaces.

Let's be honest. An extremely attractive athlete playing in a sport you wouldn't normally watch, makes you tune in just to see said athlete. Nothing wrong with that, it's your natural instinct. The Dominican Republic's Olympic volleyball player, Winifer Fernandez, is just such a player and the latest internet sensation taking social media by storm.

Okay first we need this tattoo translated. And I've already reversed the mirror image, so it should be correctly displayed.

Your attractive young photographer is on Vaci Street in Budapest. Hard Rock Cafe food is mediocre at best but the atmosphere is the selling point. Especially if you could talk her into joining you! Josh

When in Budapest Hungary, better go for lunch at this Burger King, or there is the Hard Rock Cafe down the street. Rick

Next I want you to find this AM/PM convenience store. And I can almost, almost, almost make out the street name.... something avenue?

Crimes committed with all rifles are exeedingly rare in Massachusetts. In 2014, the lastest year we have records for in the FBI Uniform Crime Report, no murders with rifles of any kind were recorded in Massachusetts. So despite this fact, and without any form of action on behalf of the legislature, there are no longer any Massachusetts compliant rifles in the Bay State with just the flick of a pen. Quite simply put, this is (a) why I moved out of Massachusetts and (b) why I'll never register any of my firearms.

And finally, sure everyone loves to eat tacos, but can you show me where she eat her tacos?

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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