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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 25, 2016
July 25, 2016

Congratulations Because Whether You Know It Or Not, You Are Now Part Of The Political Revolution. - Bernie Sanders.

Whether you consider Donald Trump to be the savior of the GOP or just some batshit crazy guy bent on world destruction, one thing is not in dispute: he was the candidate chosen by the Republican voters. Sure, there was certainly a movement within the GOP establishment to oust him, but in the end, the voters word was final and Trump's name is on the ticket. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, is only the Democratic candidate because of the corruption and cronyism running rampant within the DNC. Everyone's suspicions of rigged elections and political sabotage were confirmed with the 23,000 email flood from Wikileaks. And the woman who orchestrated it all -- and subsequently deemed too corrupt to hold a position in the DNC -- was welcomed by the Clinton campaign with open arms and now plays an integral part in her master's quest for the Oval Office. If Bernie fans really feeel themselves to be part of a political revolution, this my friends, is where the rubber meets the road. Tonight's DNC convention, and the coming weeks ahead, should be nothing but a sea of pitchforks and torches striving to take your party back. Because if it isn't -- or if you intend on rewarding Hillary's behavior by throwing the switch for her come November -- then you're no less corrupt than she is.

So a FB friend posted this pic from her trip to Philadelphia, and that has spawned off this next Google Maps challenge. So while this this aerial view of the Philadelphia Naval Yard was taken prir to the JFK's arrival, several other identifiable ships are there. For example the USS Shreveport all but jumps out at you. And a quick Google search tells me that CG-47 is the USS Ticonderoga. And with a little 3D sight seeing we can spot tucked away in the corner are several FFG's: 29 (USS Stephen W. Groves), 28 (USS Boone), 32 (USS John L. Hall), 45 (USS De Wert), 52 (USS Carr ), 42 (USS Klakring), and 49 (USS Robert G. Bradley). So your quest is SEE WHAT OTHER SHIPS YOU CAN IDENTIFY.

Remember when four officers who walked off their jobs providing security at a WNBA game after some players wore “Black Lives Matter” shirts calling for change after recent police shootings? Turn out each player is now facing a $5,000 fine for their trouble.

The tattoo on the little Jewish hottie reads "conquer." Love the site, etc., etc., etc. Steve

Yo, That picture, I knew right away. I used to live in the area, it's right down the the street from the bars and clubs. It's down town Fort Lauderdale in front of the Broward College. SE 2nd Ave and SE 2nd St. It was probably some porn shoot, but not sure. It's looks like a morning on the weekend. Those crazy college kids. k

San Pellegrino is an Italian brand of mineral water and assorted real-fruit sodas made in the Province of Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy. Outside of Italy, San Pellegrino is marketed as somewhat of a luxury. Owned by Nestlé since 1997, San Pellegrino is exported to most countries in Europe, the Americas, Australasia and the Middle East, as well as Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. San Pellegrino mineral wateroriginates from a layer of rock 400 metres below the surface, where it is mineralized from contact with limestone and volcanic rocks. The springs are located at the foot of a dolomite mountain wall which favors the formation and replenishment of a mineral water basin.

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