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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 15, 2016
August 15, 2016

The Feed Line Behind My Toilet Is Dripping And I Can't Get Down To Fix It Because I'm In A Fucking Cast.

Paul Orfalea, whose nickname was "Kinko" because of his curly hair, founded the company as Kinko's in 1970. Its first copy shop, which Orfalea opened with a sidewalk copy machine, was in the college community of Isla Vista next to the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara. By 1997, he had established over 127 Kinko's partnerships. Orfalea left the company in 2000, following a dispute with the investment firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, to which he had sold a large stake in the company three years earlier. In February 2004, FedEx bought Kinko's for $2.4 billion, which then became known as FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Centers. Besides traditional full-service copy and print shop services, all stores also provide a number of self-service features: color and monochrome photocopiers, fax machines, digital photo printer kiosks, and several desktop computer rentals, of which one always has an image scanner and some design software installed.

Worried about the Hillz's Supreme Court pick if she gets elected and how it will negatively impact gun rights? Preemptive strike: three 10-Packs of MAGPUL 30-Round PMAGs for $289. I'd rather have 'em and not want 'em, than want 'em and not have 'em.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan -- or simply Borat -- is a 2006 British-American mockumentary comedy film. The film was written and produced by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen who also plays the title character, Borat Sagdiyev, a fictitious Kazakh journalist travelling through the United States recording real-life interactions with Americans. The film was directed by Larry Charles and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Much of the film features unscripted vignettes of Borat interviewing and interacting with Americans, who believe he is a foreigner with little or no understanding of American customs. In Israel, a proposed poster depicting Borat in a sling bikini was rejected by the film's advertising firm in favour of one showing him in his usual suit.

U.S. Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman currently has 1 gold medal in the women's team all-around and a silver medal in the individual all-around in the Rio Olympics, and was recently featured in ESPN's The Body issue.

The hottie standing near the 8 flags in in Port Vell, Barcalonia, Spain. Google maps show construction, so not sure if its a newer pic or older than 2013. Trash can and light post are still there. Love the challenges! Wade

Hey Ernie. The 8 Flags are in Barcelona, near the Museo de Historia de Cataluna. I was actually able to find this location just by recognizing it. Maybe I have been doing this too long? Oh, Hell No! Anyway I did find more galleries of her, The one with the shots of the flag aren't working, every time I click the thumbnail, the next page is a "Continue to Image" button that sets off my Malware alarm. Here is a set that doesn't have any issues. I was intrigued by the chick with the banana, and wanted to see what else she is going to do with it. Turns out, she just eats it, but definitely worth a gander. Keep 'em coming, Tim

Fun with street signs. This one is in English, but doesn't give very specific clues. This one gives very specific clues, but is not in English. Which will you conquer?

Sure, everyone remebers Nadya "The Octomom" Suleman -- known for conceiving octuplets via in vitro fertilization-- and all of the stripping she did in men's clubs, plus the porno she made back in 2012. But have you wondered what she's been up to lately? Well wonder no more. And yes, if you absolutely have to, here.

"She lives the poetry that she cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realise.” -- Oscar Wilde

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