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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 19, 2016
August 19, 2016

It's The Weekend, Time To TCB. That's Take Care of Business, Baby.

Color is a powerful tool, it can accentuate architectural details as well as direct traffic and create flow in your home. But how do you choose the color that's right for a given room? Paint swatches won't tell you everything you need to know. Instead, most interior decorators recommend you buy the manufacturer's test size in your new color and brush some on the wall, preferably where you can hide it picture later. Then look at your paint sample in the morning, at noon and at night so that you can see how the color changes as the light quality changes.

A fire alarm notification appliance is an active fire protection component. A notification appliance may use audible, visible, or other stimuli to alert the occupants of a fire or other emergency condition requiring action. Audible appliances have been in use longer than any other method of notification. Most of today's appliances produce sound pressure levels between 45 and 120 decibels at ten feet. In the United States, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) triggered changes in evacuation signaling methods to include the hearing impaired. Audible notification appliances would now have to include strobe lights with higher brightness intensity to alert the hearing impaired.

The Sense home energy monitor lets you understand what every appliance, light, and device in your house has to say. Be informed. Listen to your home. The only downside is, it's only availale for pre-order.

Buttock cleavage is minor exposure of the buttocks and the intergluteal cleft between them, often because of low-slung or loose trousers. While the medical term is posterior rugae, the term "plumber's crack" refer to the exposure of male buttock cleavage, especially on occasions of careless bending over. First expressed in 1988. The terms "plumber's crack" is based on the popular impression that work in these professions frequently involves bending over in locations where bystanders are observing from the rear.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III informed his coaches and teammates of his impending divorce to his wife of three years, who he had been separated from for the past three months. It took no time at all for Griffin to bounce back on his feet and find a new girl to replace the old one. His new girlfriend is a 23-year-old Estonian-born blonde college student by the name of Grete Šadeiko, who currently attends FSU and is a member of the Seminoles' track team.

Ernie. To quote Janine from Ghostbusters, WE GOT ONE! The two mile marker was located right outside of the Hayes Street Grill in San Francisco. That's on the designated route for the Bay To Breakers 12k run. Always fun! Jerry

Hi Ernie. The 2009 Katin Pro/Am was held on January 20-24 2009 in Huntington Beach, CA. That lovely ginger is in Hermosa Beach Ca. though, here are more of her travels. Also, a friend posted this on Facebook about the first revolver pistol, thought you would like to read about it. Regards, Eric R.

Ernie, Not sure why this image is named Katin Pro Am 2009. Katin Pro Am is held in Huntington Beach. But this picture was taken in Hermosa Beach. I grew up in the area and I knew this alleyway on sight immediately. Here is the link to the street view. But since you asked. Jan 20-24, 2009: Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Returns to Huntington Beach. Dave

Okay, even I'll admit I was a little obscure with that one. The store in the background was indeed the Pier Shop on Hermoda Beach, and no the Streetview doesn't do right up to the store front. But it does go inside... and if if you actually go in and look around the store, and look up high on the left wall... viola! So perhaps that makes me the asshole, but not as much of an asshole as a guy who would park his fucking tractor right in front of that poor guy's door? Show me where I'm headed to, so I can set that fucking tractor on fire.

AND given this week was the anniversary of The King's demise, you know what today's FRIDAY FLICK had to be: "The revealing of her panties wasn't intentional or unintentional, she just didn't give a damn. She saw me as so physically and sexually non-threatenin', she didn't mind if I got bird's eye view of her love nest. It was the same to her as a house cat sneakin' a peek. I felt my pecker flutter once, like a pigeon havin' a heart attack, then lay back down and remain limp and still. Of course, these days even a flutter was kinda reassurin'."

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