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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 2, 2016
September 2, 2016

And Now A Word About Pointless Protesting.

Protests come in many different forms and to me, as long as you're not blocking the highways, burning down your neighborhood, or throwing rocks (or worse) at cops, I say go for it. If Colin Kaepernick wants to sit during the playing of the National Anthem, I honestly and truly don't give a shit one way or the other. Now do I think what he's doing is completely pointless and self-serving? I most certainly do. But in this country everyone has the right to be a pointless self-serving asshole, God bless America. But if Kaepernick wants to accomplish anything meaningful, then he might want to take a page out of Lebron James' or even Warrick Dunn's playboo. Because that my friend, is how you affect real change. Not sitting on your ass

But earlier today, this Redskins meme came across my newsfeed and I just couldn't keep my fucking mouth shut. I think the only people offended by the name Redskins are the same people who stand to make money off of the uproar caused by the manufactured uproar. No one really gives a shit, not even the Native Americans. I think they're both pointless protests because we have more pressing matters to deal with right now. They're both feel good issues that if achieved, won't make a damn bit of difference either way. Instead of a logo on a helmet, why don't we focus on the fact that 28% of Native Americans live in poverty, which is almost double the rate of non-Native Americans? or that according to a report released by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 11.7 percent of deaths among Native Americans 2001 and 2005 were alcohol-related, compared with 3.3 percent for rest of the US? Isn't that more offensive than an 84 year old team name?

Hell, if we're talking meaningless gestures, I'd sooner see the Crazy Horse Memorial completed before I worried about what team is taking the first snap in DC.

Now if the quality of life for the average Native American was as good as -- or even better -- than that of non Native Americans, then I'd say sure, "Redskins booo hiss." But it's not, it's worse. In fact, it's a shit ton worse. Native Americans face higher than average poverty rates, higher illiteracy rates, higher drug/alcohol abuse rates, shorter average lifespans, the land we stole from them will stay stolen, and virtually every treaty we ever made with them will remain broken. So I think paying lip service to trivial things like a team name is pointless while there are still a slew of other genuine quality of life issues that are more deserving of our outcry. To pay any attention to a fucking team name is like worrying about a dripping faucet while the river is pouring in through the windows. By any measure of the word, that's pointless.

Hey Ernie, Haven't seen a posted response to you Ohio v. Oklahoma bar. I'm definitely not a net wizard like some of your readers, but I gave it a shot. Can't tell what "spikey-hair" has on his head, but it looks like it reads "Stumble In Saloon". While there is a Stumble In Saloon in both Ohio near Cincinnati and Oklahoma near OK City, only the Cincinnati bar spells "Stumble In" with one "N". Based on that, I think the pic was taken in Ohio at this bar. However, I came up short on interior pics. Todd

Sure, on screen it may look like they're the best of friends or even lovers, but behind the scenes it's a completely different story. It's amazing they had any chemistry whatsoever in their movies - but somehow, they made it work. It proves their acting chops, if nothing else! Here are the biggest feuds between celebrities who were forced to work together.

On a sailing vessel, a forestay is a piece of standing rigging on the front of the boat which keeps a mast from falling backwards. It is attached either at the very top of the mast, or in fractional rigs between about 1/8 and 1/4 from the top of the mast. The other end of the forestay is attached to the bow of the boat. A forestay might be made from stainless steel wire on a modern yacht, solid stainless steel rod, carbon rod, or ultra high molecular weight polyethylene on a high-performance racing boat, and galvanised wire or natural fibers on an older cutter or square-rigged ship. On sailboats, the sail is attached to the forestay where it can be raised or lowered.

As Heather LaCroix's giant bayou boobs teach us, there really isn't that much of a difference between a .22lr and a .22 magnum. Except of course, in price where the Magnums cost 5x their smaller bretheren.

Ernie, That has to be the Wynn due to the curve in that direction and the partial view of the Pallazzo over the girls head. Tom

It looks like other drivers have a problem parking between the lines at the Gran Canaria Air Port in Las Palmas, Spain. Just check a little further down and you will see what I mean (white car, blue car and the black car) Rick

The name Tuborg comes from Thuesborg, meaning "Thues castle", a Copenhagen inn from the 1690s situated in the area of the brewery. This evolved and was adopted into local placenames, such as Lille Tuborg and Store Tuborg. Tuborgvej street in Copenhagen is named after the site of the original Tuborg brewery. Tuborg initially produced pale lager for the Danish market, and now sells a variety of beers in over 31 countries including: Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon, Tuborg Christmas beer, Tuborg Gold, Tuborg Red, Tuborg Twist, Tuborg Black and the alcohol strong Tuborg Fine Festival. Tuborg Green has been extremely successful in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, where the brand has seen double digit growth for a number of years and is now the largest premium international beer in the country.

FRIDAY FLICK: "Well, boys and girls. To the untrained eye it looks as if crime pays, doesn't it? But bear in mind, for guys with my particular set of karmic could-be's, there was bound to be a bump or two down the road. Ah, what the hell. I'm going to enjoy what's left of the summer... "

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