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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 12, 2016
September 12, 2016

Collapsed? Hardly. She Was Just Dodging Sniper Fire.

If you're a believer in Karma, I would remind you that yesterday was not only the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington DC, but also on the American embassy in Libya. No I can't say whether or not this will spell the end for Clinton's aspirations for the presidency, but fortunately for her she didn't have to wait 13 hours for her extraction>. And yeah, I think Hillary Clinton has pneumonia in the same way Freddie Mercury had a slight stomach virus. Oh, and a quick question. Aside from Hillary's media relations team, name two things that spin. Easy, tacos and meat.

RaceTrac Petroleum is a corporation that operates a chain of gasoline stations and convenience stores across the Southern United States, and is Georgia's third largest private company, with sales of $9.1 billion in 2013. RaceTrac operates more than 650 retail gasoline convenience stores in 12 southeastern states under the RaceTrac (company-operated) and RaceWay (Contract Operator-operated) names. Most RaceTracs feature 20 to 24 fueling positions and a 5000+ sq. ft. convenience store offering over 4,000 items. In January 2012, RaceTrac introduced its new 6,000 square foot store design, the RT6K, which features Swirl World frozen yogurt, hot and cold deli sandwiches, free wi-fi internet and indoor and outdoor seating.

Attengion gamers: what's this green glowing thingie? Mouse or game controller?

Jib Cranes consist of a horizontal load supporting boom, which is attached to a pivoting vertical column that is either free standing or building mounted. They enable lifting and lowering of a load within a fixed arc of rotation. The jib, or operating arm, extends horizontally from the crane. A "luffing" jib is able to move up and down; a fixed jib crane has a rolling trolley that runs along the underside to move goods horizontally.

God lots of answers from the regulars, devided to feature some fresh fish today...

Ernie, that boat is on the Seine river in Paris. Approximately at the Saint-Michael Notre Dame. Dave

Ernie- Looks like the boat is in Paris on the River Seine- that is Notre Dame in the background. Always a pleasure! JK

If that was a softball then my game is slipping. I got to Prague pretty quick just by checking (sorry, czecking!) a few of the brands. After that I wandered around Jansky Vrsek (a street) in all directions before finding it. The place has changed a lot, so start lining up windows, ledges, handrails, lighting etc. You'll have to settle for U Bonaparte as they have moved into the space that used to be the Pizza and Cafeteria joint. Cheers! Dan

Okay this one is for the experts out there, who didn't gave up the limelight for the new kids.... find this train station.

Good news: A man who decided he wanted to take his own life by jumping off a bridge changed his mind, and decided to climbs down. Bad news: He had really terrible balance.

Fingertip injuries are one of the most common injuries of the hand, and appropriate treatment depends on the type of injury and the involvement of other digits. Fingertip amputation occurs distal to the insertion of flexor or extensor tendons into the distal phalanx. Numerous techniques are available for the repair of fingertip amputations, with the common goal to reduce pain and preserve sensation at the tip. The appropriate approach depends on the amount of tissue involved, the involvement of bone (distal phalanx), the angles and levels of amputation, and the involvement of other fingers or the rest of the hand.

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