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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 13, 2016
September 13, 2016

The Thumbnail Section Has Received A Minor Facelift.

A little wider, a little taller, a little better quality images and I'm still not 100% sure of its final form, but I think I'm adamant about some sort of a text description for the SFW links. I'm hoping you're able to figure out the NSFW ones on your own. And if'n ye have feedback, let it flow.

Wool is the textile fiber obtained from sheep and certain other animals, including cashmere from goats, mohair from goats, qiviut from muskoxen, angora from rabbits, and other types of wool from camelids. In addition to clothing, wool has been used for blankets, horse rugs, saddle cloths, carpeting, felt, wool insulation and upholstery. Wool has also been traditionally used to cover cloth diapers. Wool fiber exteriors are hydrophobic (repel water) and the interior of the wool fiber is hygroscopic (attracts water); this makes a wool garment suitable cover for a wet diaper by inhibiting wicking, so outer garments remain dry. Wool felted and treated with lanolin is water resistant, air permeable, and slightly antibacterial, so it resists the buildup of odor. For this reason Wool is often used to line the interior of slippers, night shoes, and other casual footwear.

Creme brulee, also known as burnt cream, is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. Crème brûlée is usually served in individual ramekins. Discs of caramel may be prepared separately and put on top just before serving, or the caramel may be formed directly on top of the custard, immediately before serving. To do this, sugar is sprinkled onto the custard, then caramelized under a salamander broiler or with a butane torch. The custard base is traditionally flavored with vanilla, but can have a variety of other flavorings and toppings, all of which are normally served at room temperature.

I wonder if anyone will be able to identify what hotel she is staying at, since there are no hotel or casino names to work from?

Designed for ammo storage -- although perfect for storing and shooting, hunting or survival gear -- the MTM ACR4-18 Ammo Crate has two extra strong handles make it easy to carry 65 pounds gear. Designed to be stacked high, using molded-in stacking ridges. Four tie down points for ATV attachment. Utilizing MTM's tongue and groove O-Ring seal system for a superior water-resistant dry storage. Double padlock tabs along with two strong latches make these ammo crates the perfect solution to so many storage needs. Made in the USA, with high-impact polypropylene plastic, the MTM ACR4-18 Ammo Crate can be used as a boaters dry storage box, first aid, safety and RV camper storage container.

Sure, even a novice geek can tell me this telescoping light saber is from Star Wars. But only an uber geek can tell me where this sword is from. Are you that uber geek?

I found the train stop that Karolina was at. Its near Branicka, outside of Prague. I attached a view from the walkway that shows the road signs etc. Rick

Hi Ernie, Hope your ankle is get better. From your old neck of the woods. Saugus mom pleads guilty to rape of two teenage boys. Best Regards, Drew in NH

Well she looked a lot less disheveled when she was arrested two years ago, so she's not handling the stress well at all. Either way, Niiiiiiiiiiiiice. And since you guys did so well finding this arch, I wonder is you can find this one, too. And semi-related to these Google Streetview challenges, I'm a huge movie buff, so when some guy went out and tracked down a bunch of filming locations from The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, The Rock, and a bunch of others, I was entranced.

1964: When a man with .45 meets a man with a rifle, you said, the man with a pistol's a dead man. Let's see if that's true. Go ahead, load up and shoot. 2016: When a man with 9mm meets a man with an AK-47, you said, the man with a gat's a dead man. Let's see if that's true. Go ahead, load up and shoot.

Sanyang Motor Company was founded in Taipei in 1954 by Huang Chi-Chun and Chang Kuo An. The company's headquarters is established in Hsinchu, Taiwan and sells its two-wheeled products under the brand name SYM. Sanyang's three major production bases are in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. The company manufactures and sells scooters, motorcycles and ATVs under the SYM brand, while it also manufactures automobiles and mini-trucks under the Hyundai brand. In July 2005, Sanyang launched a new range of two-wheelers for sale in the European market. The range includes the GTS scooter , the MIO scooters with both 50cc and 100cc engines, and two ATV models: the Trackrunner leisure 200cc ATV, and the 300cc Quadlander off-roader.

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