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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 22, 2016
September 22, 2016

Charlotte Seems Nice This Time Of The Year.

Twenty-four minutes after Keith Scott was shot and killed by police: OMG HE'S AN UNARMED DISABLED MAN HOLDING A BOOK. Twenty-four hours after Keith Scott was shot and killed by police: Forensics and witnesses prove Scott exited the vehicle twice and the threatening manner, aimed his gun at police before getting back in the vehicle. Meanwhile, Charlotte burns because fuck facts, AMIRITE? And you know what? If I had a big crowd of violent attackers to contend with, I'd be brandishg my fucking firearm, too.

Hydrogenation of organic substances in gas form was discovered by Paul Sabatier in the late 19th century and hydrogenation while in liquid form was patented by Wilhelm Normann in 1903. Procter & Gamble's business manager John Burchenal was contacted by and hired chemist Edwin C. Kayser, former chemist for Joseph Crosfield and Sons -- who had acquired Normann's patent so as to produce soap -- who patented two processes to hydrogenate cottonseed oil, which ensures the fat remains solid at normal storage temperatures. Their initial intent was to completely harden oils for use as raw material for making soap. After rejecting the names "Krispo" and "Cryst" (the latter for obvious religious connotations), the product was eventually called Crisco, a modification of the phrase "crystallized cottonseed oil".

A typical simple screwdriver has a handle and a shaft, and a tip that the user inserts into the screw head to turn it. The shaft is usually made of tough steel to resist bending or twisting. The tip may be hardened to resist wear, treated with a dark tip coating for improved visual contrast between tip and screw—or ridged or treated for additional 'grip'. Handles are typically wood, metal, or plastic and usually hexagonal, square, or oval in cross-section to improve grip and prevent the tool from rolling when set down. Some manual screwdrivers have interchangeable tips that fit into a socket on the end of the shaft and are held in magnetically. These often have a hollow handle that contains various types and sizes of tips, and a reversible ratchet action that allows multiple full turns without repositioning the tip or the user's hand.

So I recently stumbled across the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1, based on the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 which is a fully automatic submachine gun; the civilian version we can buy earns the S1 designator.Aside from being quite the eye candy, here are two pretty in dept reviews, one written and the other a video. Full MSRP is $1049, which is a few hundred dollars more than the Beretta CX4s I have now, which I'll admit are a little goofy looking. So to be honest, I like the look of the Scorpions better so I'm hoping the local range gets one in their rental fleet so I can take it to the dance. Looking around there's not much wiggle room on price right now; I think the best bet would be Cabela's, but only after they come out with a 10-15% off coupon or something of that nature. Consider my interrest piqued.

Now tell me what Screwdriver Girl is watching on television.

Hey Ernie, The chick doing the anal bong; it is apparently some kind of Burning Man shenanigans. Keep 'em coming, Tim

I suppose when I asked what the fuck was going on here, I should have been more specific. I know the photo came from Burning Man, but I was curious *what* they were doing. From that gallery, I'm guessing it's some word of deep base wind instrument, and they she was getting off much like this scene from Private Parts (sorry I couldn't find a better copy).

In 1881 three Swiss entrepreneurs built a brewery in Plovdiv on a hill called Kamenitza and used the name as their brand. The drink of choice for most Bulgarians at the time was lager, but Kamenitza broke new ground by producing the first dark beer for the market. By the 1890s they won awards at international exhibitions, including Brussels and Chicago. The communist regime nationalised Kamenitza: first, in 1947, as part of the state-owned Alcoholic Beverages, then in 1952 as part of Vinprom. The Belgian multinational company InBev bought the Bulgarian breweries Kamenitza, Astika and Burgasko Pivo in 1995 and added Plevensko Pivo in 1997. During 1997 to 2005, InBev invested 86.3 million leva in Bulgaria, and in 2005 Kamenitza sold 800,000 hectoliters, making it the best-selling domestic beer.

Ernie, Her view is from the Bellagio, with the Cosmo there on the right. Sorry, Late to the game, Busy at work. Tom

Back in May, Katie Couric faced a heap of controversy over an edited scene in the 2016 documentary Under the Gun. This week, Couric, along with the documentary's director Stephanie Soechtig, Soechtig's company Atlas Film LLC and the film's distributor Epix were named defendants in a $12 million defamation lawsuit filed by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights activist group appearing in the documentary.

Rolling pins can become both an obsession for the kitchen tool collector and a source of great pride for the cook who delights in baking. An essential tool in many bakeries and kitchens, they are used to evenly flatten everything from pie and pastry doughs to cookie and pasta doughs, and they're frequently displayed in the kitchen as a work of art in themselves. Choosing the right rolling pin for your needs isn't as straightforward as it might seem; there are different types and materials, each with their own good points. Simple as the tool may be -- some rolling pins are nothing more than a thick wooden dowel -- pins can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, made from any of a number of materials.

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