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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 23, 2016
September 23, 2016

America Isn't A Melting Pot Anymore. We Just Stand Around And Complain About Cultural Misappropriation.

Old and busted: stunt pilot is nearly decapitated on the runway, as the wing of a plane taking off slices through his cockpit roof. The new hotness: stunt pilot nearly decapitates other stunt pilot sitting on the runway as the wing of a plane taking off slices through his cockpit roof.

In Tulsa, the populace didn't buy into the initial narrative and instead chose to wait until a preliminary investigation was completed. Rumors were disproved, new aspects brought to light, and in the end an officer is being held accountable for her actions. She will now be put on trial and judged by a jury of her peers. Meanwhile in Charlotte, a different narrative unfolded; "unarmed disabled man reading a book." And people bought into it hook, line, and sinker because scapegoating law enforcement is the en vogue right now. So now riots have broken out, innocent people were attacked, and businesses looted. And guess what? The 'unarmed disabled man reading a book' narrative turned out to be complete bullshit. But hey, why wait for facts, right? Added bonus: $80M in FEMA funds will be rebuilding Charlotte; tax dollars that would otherwise be earmarked for recovery after an *actual* disaster.

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question. They also say every rule has its exception, and these 20 questions definitely fit the bill.

Hawaiian flowers, such as plumerias and hibiscus, gives an extra unique touch in fashion. Adding them as accessories to outfits is not difficult at all. Wearing a flower behind your earis the most traditional method in Hawaii amongst locals. There is, however, meanings of each ear the flower appears on. A woman who wear the flower on the right side is signalling that she is single, while a flower on the left means that she's married or in a relationship.

Well, looks like she is a gamer and playing Dark Souls on an X-Box or something. Keep it up, Mark

Hi Ernie, Looks like Screwdriver girl is taking a break from playing the Dark Souls video game. Tried to determine if it was I, II or III, but, alas, failed miserably. Todd

Okay, okay, before we get to the movie here's a two'fer. Show me where I can get some change to spend on Donkey Balls. Now, what's your FRIDAY FLICK? I want my two dollars!

The Comet Cleanser brand was introduced in 1956 by Procter & Gamble, and was sold to Prestige Brands in 2001. Comet is now sold in North America and distributed in the United States by Prestige Brands. Procter & Gamble retained the rights to market the brand in Europe, and to the professional market in the USA. In the 1960s and 1970s, Comet was known for a series of popular television ads featuring the character of "Josephine the Plumber". Later, in the 1980s, she gained a niece named JoAnn or Jo, who, after helping her customers with their plumbing issues, would show them a picture of her beloved Aunt Josephine, who uttered, via voiceover, "Nothing can hold a can to Comet!" Mixing cleaners containing bleach, or other oxygenates such as Comet, with cleaners or other products that contain ammonia or acid is dangerous. The P&G Comet label states "Avoid contact with acids and Ammonia."

big rig full of heavy pipes tries to back onto a barge
Driver says he felt a large jolt, brakes came on
A guy made a miniature brick oven to cook tiny, tiny pizzas for Bruce Lee
day three: i have established myself as the alpha squirrel
Homecoming king turns crown over to friend and runner-up with cerebral palsy
lynda carter as wonder woman
a fun pool
Woman Shares Graphic Photos After Boyfriend Beat Her For 'Not Wanting Sex'
Video shows woman shooting at burglars during home invasion
Russian T-34 tank on static display
Greek Apache Helicopter crash lands at beach
Viking Solutions Combination 8" and 10" Complete AR500 Steel Target Set - $99
Peaches Needs Some Lovin'
my friend build a cabin in the woods out of shree shipping containers
Mom Lets 3 Year Old Son Dress Her For A Week
Samanta Lily Lady In Pink
Girl goes viral on Twitter and Facebook after sucking a dick with a Snapchat effect
Roberta Berti on Babes Network in Pink Lace
Willow Hayes - A Day in the Life
Monica Mendez - Workout Babe Warm Up
Sexy Amateur Brunette takes Selfpics
Claudia Galanti Topless Sunbathing on the Beach

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