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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 3, 2016
October 3, 2016

Welcome To Wally's Widgets.

Wally builds widgets. The best damn widgets in the land, as a matter of fact. People snap up Wally's widgets just as fast as Wally can make them; even though they only sell for $2 each, Wally sells $50,000 worth of widgets each year. Wally is working hard, paying his taxes, and being a productive member of society. Wally's life is good.

Then one year, catastrophe strikes and Wally's widget warehouse burns to the ground! And then due to weak sales the bottom completely falls out of the widget market! And then half of Wally's widgets from the previous year come back for warranty replacement. It will take Wally years to recover financially from this widget fiasco and at the end of the year, Wally files a $900,000 loss on his widget taxes. Wally wallows in despair.

The following year fares a little better for Wally. And while things aren't as great as they once were, thanks to Wally's new website and working weekends, he manages to make a $15,000 profit selling widgets. Does Wally have to pay income tax on that $15,000? No, Wally does not because according to Wally's books, he is currently $875,000 in the red; that is to say the $900,000 he was down "minus" the $15,000 profit he recovered this year. Since Wally's business is still operating in the negative and therefore not generating any income, Wally does not have to pay any income taxes. Make sense?

Now how long does Wally have to work to recover this $900,000 balance before he's responsible for settling up with the tax man? According to the watchful folks at the Widget Revenue Service (WRS) Wally can take up to 18 years to work off this negative balance before he is responsible for paying taxes again; 3 prior tax filings (which would be amended) and 15 future tax filings. Now if Wally is able to generate $900,000 worth of income to offset that loss in say, ten years, then Wally is responsible for writing a tax check again on the eleventh year. But if at the end of those 18 years, Wally still has not recovered his $900,000 in losses, then it's tough shit for Wally because he has to start paying taxes on year nineteen regardless, even if his Widget company is still running in the red.

Does that all make sense to you? Good, because that's exactly what Trump did back when he wrote off a $916,000,000 loss back in 1995. That's the whole big fucking fiasco that people are turning into a raging shitstorm. So now you know what you think you know, which is to say, you can understand basic fucking arithmetic. Trump is not the first to do this and given the stock market crash of 2008, certainly not the last. It is not a tax avoidance scheme, it is Intro-To-Accounting stuff coupled with third grade subtraction.

I live reasonably close to this place. She is standing on Route 340 heading east into town. It appears that maybe the sign was moved down the road as the bank on the left hand side appears much closer in her picture versus the google one. Other great town names in this area include Bull Ball, Bird in Hand and Virginville. Scott

Hey Ernie. That swimming hole not in Arizona. Once you mirror the image, many results pop up. That swimming hole is in Deep Creek Hot Springs in San Bernardino, CA See here if you're not on Tumblr. Take it easy on the foot now that you're walking around a bit; we’re at the quick to re-injure, slow to heal stage in life… L

There are approximately 21 compact 9mm carry guns on the market today. Col Ben Findley has undergone the difficult task of narrowing that list down to the 6 best compact concealed carry pistols. And should you decide to pull the trigger on one -- heh -- here are the best places to buy em.

Octane rating or octane number is a standard measure of the performance of an engine or aviation fuel. The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating. In broad terms, fuels with a higher octane rating are used in high performance gasoline engines that require higher compression ratios. In contrast, fuels with lower octane numbers are ideal for diesel engines, because diesel engines do not compress the fuel, but rather compress only air and then inject fuel into the air which was heated by compression. Gasoline engines rely on ignition of air and fuel compressed together as a mixture, which is ignited at the end of the compression stroke using spark plugs. Therefore, high compressibility of the fuel matters mainly for gasoline engines. Use of gasoline with lower octane numbers may lead to the problem of engine knocking. Otherwise, 91 or higher octane fuel is common across the country, and is often the recommended fuel for performance cars.

Don't fuck with the Jews, man. You come at them with a bat, they come at you with a gun and shoot you seven times as you're laying on the ground. And he was the fucking mayor.

It's 2016, would be their 31st, not 33rd. just saying. However standing next to Red Rose Records and away from Charly's snackbar, I would see it is Fritsch Moden in Duisburg. Keep it up, Mark [Ernie says: weird, I correctly labeled the photo 31, but wrote 33 for some reason)

You're looking for Fritsch Moden in Duisburg Germany. The Red Rose Records sign points to a store by the same name on the right. Looks like she ran out halfway through trying on some new threads. lt-Dan

The C-802 is the export upgraded version of the Chinese anti-ship missile YJ-8, first unveiled in 1989 by the China Haiying Electro-Mechanical Technology Academy (CHETA), also known as the Third Academy. Due to the Yingji-82 missile's small radar reflectivity, low attack flight path (only five to seven meters above the sea surface) and strong anti-jamming capability of its guidance system, target ships have a very small chance of intercepting the missile. The single shot hit probability of the Yingji-82 is unknown, though one unreferenced source claims it to be as high as 98%. The Yingji-82 can be launched from airplanes, surface ships, submarines and land-based vehicles.

Things still left to do: find details on this love story contest and identify this coke whore's taste in music. Here, you whining pussy.

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