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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 7, 2016
October 7, 2016

It's Friday And My Fucking Ankle Hurts Like A Motherfucker.

Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, is a disorder of sight due to the eye and brain not working well together. It results in decreased vision in an eye that otherwise typically appears normal. It is the most common cause of decreased vision in a single eye among children and younger adults. Early detection improves treatment success. Eye glasses may be all the treatment needed for some children. If this is not sufficient, treatments which force the child to use the weaker eye are used. This is done by either using a patch or putting atropine in the stronger eye. Without treatment amblyopia typically persists into adulthood and evidence regarding treatments for adults is poor. In adults, the disorder is estimated to affect 1–5% of the population.

We all know every sport has dozens if not hundreds of rules, so many that it's nearly impossible to keep up with all of them. Sometimes you come across one that just seems ridiculous and not real. Well they are, and here are some of the most unbelievable ones just to prove it.

Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean, and used to make chocolate, as well as some ointments, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats known, a quality that, coupled with natural antioxidants, prevents rancidity, giving it a storage life of two to five years. The velvety texture, pleasant fragrance and emollient properties of cocoa butter have made it a popular ingredient in products for the skin, such as soaps and lotions. The moisturizing abilities of cocoa butter are frequently recommended for prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women, treatment of chapped or burned skin and lips, and as a daily moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin.

Dammit! The 30x1/4lb package of exploding Tannerite targets that I paid $69 for last month, is now on sale for $53. Fuck you, Murphy's law.

They look so bright and shiny when you first buy them, but over time stainless steel cookware can acquire brown spots and discolored areas that won't go away with routine dish washing. This type of staining is fairly common for stainless steel, but it's a little unsightly, particularly if left untreated. Conventional wisdom holds that pots and pans should be given a good soak. But every metal has different properties and requires special care. Stainless steel is prone to stains from heat and hard water. To remove them, apply white vinegar with a soft cloth and rub. Always dry thoroughly after washing to prevent a film from forming. Never soak stainless steel cookware; this will result in pitted surfaces.

FRIDAY FLICK: "EVERYTHING'S COOL! Yeah yeah. My dad's gonna castrate me. And my mother almost had like cardiac arrest. My parents are not gonna let me in the house again and if they do I'm gonna be grounded till I'm about 45. But other than that everything's great. Everything's cool. In fact things can't get any better. "

The University of South Carolina's varsity sports teams are known as the "Gamecocks". This unique moniker is held in honor of Thomas Sumter, a Revolutionary War hero from South Carolina who was nicknamed the "Carolina Gamecock" after British General Banastre Tarleton said Sumter "fought like a gamecock." While the men's teams were traditionally the Fighting Gamecocks and the women were previously the Lady Gamecocks, this distinction was discontinued in part to eliminate any gender bias in the athletic department and in part to counter misconceptions about the gamecock mascot endorsing bloodsport.

Florida Man Braves Hurricane to Yell ‘Dicks Out for Harambe' on Live TV
Why Hurricane Categories Make a Difference
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FEMA unofficially uses a 'Waffle House Index' to measure how bad hurricane damage gets
i would live here in an instant just give me internet
One robbery suspect dead after shootout at Conroe jewelry store
Florida Doctor Links Low Testosterone To Men Who Support Clinton
Breaking Tradition with Wu Muxi!
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The Beach Spy Part 146
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