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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 10, 2016
October 10, 2016

The Only Vice That Cannot Be Forgiven Is Hypocrisy - William Hazlitt.

This was hands down the defining moment from last night's debate: Clinton: "It's a good thing Trump isn't in charge of the law in this country." Trump: "Yeah, because you'd be in jail." But be honest, did anyone else expect one of the debate producers to stick their face right into the camera frame and shout, "WORRRLLLD STAAARRRRR!"

And to anyone out there wringing their hands about these Hillary/Bill/Trump comparisons, understand this. No one is using her husband's sexual history to compare Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. Nor is anyone drawing parallels between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump's actions. In fact, no one is highlighting Bill Clinton's rampant history of rape and sexual abuse during his terms as Governor of Arkansas and President, at all. They are highlighting Hillary's role in repeatedly COVERING UP her husband's history of sexual abuse. They are highlighting Hillary's role in repeatedly ENABLING her husband's history of sexual abuse. They are highlighting Hillary's role in the systematic intimidation and silencing of his accusers of sexual abuse. And she didn't do these things to protect her husband, or from any his belief in his innocence. She did these things to protect and preserve his power. So Hillary Clinton is in many ways the judge that enabled a sexual predator to get away with his crimes. No less than seven times. Paula Jones, sexual harassment, 1994. Juanita Broaddrick, rape, 1978. Eileen Wellstone, sexual assault, 1969. Carolyn Moffet, sexual assault, 1979. Elizabeth Ward Gracen, sexual assault, 1982. Helen Dowdy, sexual assault, 1986. Cristy Zercher, sexual assault, 1992. So if you are angry and shocked at the Republican candidate's WORDS -- and you should be -- then you should also be frothing at the goddamn mouth -- and SEVEN times as vocal -- at the Democratic nominee's ACTIONS. Because if you're not? You are a fucking hypocrite.

So what's new in Stable del'Ernie? I'll show you. Went to the gun show last weekend and came home with two new additions. The first thing? Some random fucking vendor guy singles me out as I walk by: "Hey man, you wanna buy a tomahawk? Me: [thinking, what the fuck would I want a tomahawk for?] ... ... ... ... "Yeah man, I totally want to buy a tomahawk." So yeah, now I own a tomahawk. And second, a 1969 vintage Smith and Wesson Model 19-3, pinned, recessed, and just the faintest of turn lines. Here's a really nice write up on using the .357 for self defense with a S&W 19, and while this one is going to be a safe queen, you 50 best burgers from all 50 states. Jeeves, bring me my elastic waistband pants.

Now where am I headed to if Ike and I wanted to follow the red brick road?

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