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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 12, 2016
October 12, 2016

Man, I Wish A Motherfucker Would.

All sailboats have a rudder, an underwater movable fin that turns the boat. This rudder is attached to either a long stick, called a tiller, or a wheel that you use to steer. Install a steering wheel instead of a tiller to have the comfort of a wheel while cruising with the ability to make small adjustments with the turn of a wheel. Edson Ultra Light Aluminum Racing Wheel has become a favorite on the grand-prix racing circuit because of its low-weight slock styling and sensitive feel. They are available in sizes ranging from 44 to 80 inches diameter.

Pringles is a brand of potato and wheat-based stackable snack chips owned by the Kellogg Company. Throughout its history, Pringles used its advertising campaigns to compare their products to conventional potato chips. Starting in the 1990s and continuing today, Pringles has advertised their products by comparing them to bagged chips, which they view as greasy and broken. The Pringles logo is a stylized cartoon caricature of the head of a male figure designed by Louis R. Dixon, with a large mustache and parted bangs. As part of a Summer of 2016 marketing campaign, if you purchased two or more cans of Pringles potato chips, you were eligible for a free karaoke kit.

When you watch a pre-recorded TV program, you will never know if some unscripted hilarity was cut out by the producer for whatever subjective reason. Fortunately, during a live broadcast, anything goes! No matter what happens, it gets on the air and gets seen by everyone who was tuned in real-time! Here are 40 of those perfect moments you otherwise never would've gotten to see.

The tradition of dyeing the Chicago river green arose by accident when plumbers used fluorescein dye to trace sources of illegal pollution discharges. Now part of a more than fifty-year-old Chicago tradition, the Chicago River is dyed green in observance of St. Patrick's Day. I wonder if this fountain is dyed this color? Show me where it is on Streetview so I can take a closer look.

Well, it looks like the state of Utah has got their shit together, as they are now offering free concealed carry class for teachers and those working in education. Now that's how you do.

Hey Ernie, That little doggie style vixen is drinking assloads of Dundee's Honey Brown. Chris

Hi Ernie, Got a frightening infographic here about the seven times when technology almost destroyed the world. Kind Regards, Dave

Samsonite International is an American luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases. It was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder. Shwayder named one of his initial cases Samson, after the Biblical strongman, and began using the trademark Samsonite in 1941. The company changed its name to Samsonite in 1966. The Denver factory, which employed 4,000 at its peak, closed in May 2001. Samsonite headquarters moved from Denver to Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA after a change of ownership in May 2005. CVC Capital Partners Ltd. in July 2007 became Samsonite's fifth owner in 21 years. Among others, American Tourister is a brand of luggage owned by Samsonite.

The 5.45×39mm cartridge is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge, developed in the early 1970s by a group of Soviet designers and engineers. Smaller artridges like the 5.45×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO and Chinese 5.8×42mm allow a soldier to carry more ammunition for the same weight compared to their larger and heavier predecessor cartridges. Early ballistics tests demonstrated a pronounced tumbling effect with high speed cameras. Some Western authorities believed this bullet was designed to tumble in flesh to increase wounding potential. The 5.45×39mm was developed by the Soviet Union for military use and it was not intended to create civilian weapons in this chambering. When 5.45×39mm ammunition finally became available for sale to civilians, several arms manufacturers started to offer semi-automatic 5.45×39mm chambered AK-74 platform arms for civilian use.

I found the red brick road at the corner of Oistrchova an Jeremiasova in Praha 5, Prague. What was a Delvita is now a Billa supermarket. The Dekujeme za navstevu (Thank you for visiting) sign is gone. Rick

Ernie, First - I love the site! second - I am pretty sure a month or two ago there was a link for a gun you liked that was based on the m1a1 paratrooper rifle. I loved it but lost the link. Any chance you still have it ? Thanks! Alley

From the description, I'm sorry but this isn't ringing any bells. Anybody have any ideas? Also, can you tell me what hotel chain used a three point crown logo? And I'll really be fucking impressed if you can figure out which one.

"Hakuna matata" is a Swahili phrase; roughly translated, it means "no worries". In 1994 the Walt Disney Animation Studios animated movie The Lion King brought the phrase international recognition, featuring it prominently in the plot and devoting a song to it. A meerkat and a warthog, named Timon and Pumbaa respectively, teach the main character, a lion cub named Simba, that he should forget his troubled past and live in the present. The song was written by Elton John (music) and Tim Rice (lyrics), who found the term in a Swahili phrasebook. Hakuna matata was nominated for Best Original Song at the 1995 Academy Awards, and was later ranked the 99th best song in movie history by the American Film Institute on a list of 100.

And yes, I wish a motherfucker would.

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Former topless model Kimberley Miners converts to Islam gets arrested after trying to aid ISIS
Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Salt Gun - $33.99 shipped after code "SAVE10"
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For a few bucks Croatian hookers will do almost
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