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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 14, 2016
October 14, 2016

Almost Fell On My Ass At Physiotherapy Today. Good Times, Good Times.

Burr mills do not heat the ground product by friction as much as blade grinders ("choppers"), and produce particles of a uniform size determined by the separation between the grinding surfaces. Food burr mills are usually manufactured for a single purpose: coffee beans, dried peppercorns, coarse salt, spices, or poppy seeds, for example. Coffee mills are usually powered by electric motors; domestic pepper, salt, and spice mills, used to sprinkle a little seasoning on food, are usually operated manually, sometimes by a battery-powered motor.

Chicken fighting is an informal game, often played in a lake or swimming pool, characterized by one team member sitting on the shoulders of his or her teammate or riding piggy-back. The object of the game is knock down or separate an opposing team through a team effort. The person on top is considered to be the "attacker" while the person below is considered to be the "vehicle". The person below may not use arms or hands and must rely on momentum to attack by running into the other team. The person on his/her shoulders is the "attacker" and may use any means possible of separating the other team or knocking them to the ground. If a team is separated or knocked down in any way, they are required to resign from the game and the last team to remain together is considered the winner. It is not uncommon for this game to be banned in many swimming pools due to safety concerns.

Let me preface this by saying this has nothing to do with the online game. Cold Steel's Warcraft Tanto series represents their latest design concepts for modern military tactical tanto design. Noticeably thicker than many of the knives on the market today, with tough reinforced tips, elegantly curved cutting edges and sturdy one-piece construction, Warcraft Tantos will soak up punishment while delivering unprecedented performance. These fucking things MRSP at $429, if you can believe it and to be honest if I'm spending that much money on something it's going to fire bullets. Amazon sells them for $235, whcih is good but I think $185 with free shipping is ever better.

This Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue is ideal for people who enjoy styling their hair. With this product, you can be sure your do will stay in place all day long. Twist tips into stand-up straight spikes or go for that unstructured, messy look. This got2b spiking glue, 6 oz, delivers hold so strong that your style will last until your next shampoo. It's water resistant, so you can get wet without having to worry about your hair losing its structure. And yes, Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue is even wind-tunnel tested.

Ready for the weekend? Good, find me this up arrow.

Hi Ernie, All of the palm trees aren't on the google street pic but the nice young lady is on Carrer de l'Argenteria in Barcelona. Mark

I knew it was Barcelona, those potted palms are along Carrer de l'Argenteria, Barcelona, Spain, That's Casa Calico in the background. Rick

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has released surveillance and dashcam video of the deputy involved shooting after a man shot his neighbor and shot at a deputy in unincorporated St. Petersburg on Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Surveillance video shows 65-year-old Larry Dennis Hoad brandishing a 9mm handgun. Hoad is seen firing multiple shots including into his neighbor's home. Security and dashcam video of the incident show Sergeant Matt McLane's encounter with Hoad.

Now, do you really want to enjoy your Friday afternoon? Post this fake ATM receipt to your Facebook wall with a note like, "man these ATM fees are really getting out of hand," and watch the butthurt flow over the next hour and a half, while you watch today's FRIDAY FLICK: "We were about to contact the aggressor and verify his intentions. Attention unidentified aircraft, this is Major Dwight Smiley of the United States Air Force, you are following one of our F-16s in international airspace, do you wish to engage?"

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