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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 24, 2016
October 24, 2016

This Is A Walking Dead Spoiler Free Zone. But If You Read The Comics...

Trump: the election is rigged. Democrats: prove it. Wikileaks: here's proof. Democrats: the Russians are interfering with the election.

Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) was a maker of Evinrude, Johnson and Gale Outboard Motors boat motors and many different brands of boats. It was a multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 corporation based in Waukegan, Illinois. They also owned several lines of boats such as Chris Craft, Lowe Boats, Princecraft, Four Winns, SeaSwirl, Stratos, and Javelin. OMC sold 100,000 motors in 2000 and had one third of the outboard market, yet for bankruptcy in December of 2000, laying off 7,000 employees.

Martini & Rossi is an Italian multinational alcoholic beverage company primarily associated with the Martini brand of vermouth and sparkling wine. The company started in the mid-19th century, as a vermouth bottling plant in Pessione — the Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino. Three men came to dominate the company, businessman Alessandro Martini, winemaker Luigi Rossi and accountant Teofilo Sola, and in 1863 they changed the name to Martini, Sola & Cia. The Sola family sold out in 1879, and the company became known as Martini & Rossi. Since the earliest days of the company, Martini have marketed their products aggressively, with some memorable TV advertising and sponsoring events under their MARTINI Terrazza logo.

Customs agents have gotten very good over the past decade, so smugglers are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of them. Some of these smugglers have just brought it to an entirely new level with how they're transporting dangerous goods over country lines. What's really impressive is how many of these were caught by customs, yet what's kind of scary is, how many weren't?

Kirkland Signature is Costco's private label, introduced 1992. The idea was to identify categories in which a private label product could provide brand name quality at discounted prices. To counteract the consumer confidence problem common in store branding, Kirkland Signature occasionally employs co-branding. Any idea what Kirkland Signature product she's using?

This is the most American goddamn thing I've ever see. Make sure you watch until the end. Jon

There's been many mentions of the dangers of Australian wildlife and the size of our spiders. Thought you and your readers would get a kick out of seeing a huntsman spider dragging a mouse up a fridge in the kitchen. Ben

Also, my in-wall safe security cabinet arrived over the weekend. So I can either have The Boss Lady try to install it, or it'll have to wait until I can stand long enough to do it myself. Alterantive: the gun concealment bench provides a clever way to store your firearms with room for up to five long guns, plus there's a removable wood tray for handguns or other accessories. Added bonus, I can put my foot up.

Back in 1995 when Yamaha released their Wolverine 350, they were looking to close the gap between the sport and utility market. Their '95 Wolverine handled better, offered good usable power and didn't weight as much as other ATVs in the 4×4 utility ranks. The Wolverine 350, along with the Polaris Scrambler 400, sent a wake up call to all of the manufacturers. In the utility ranks, suspension travel increased, motors displacement grew each year and handling became more important among the work horse quads. Recognizing that their machine was falling behind the times, Yamaha decided to start from scratch with the Wolverine and released an all new Wolverine 450.

Gary Byrne, a former uniformed Secret Service officer who was stationed outside the oval office during Bill Clinton's presidency, has plenty to say about Hillary Clinton's actions. The author of “Crisis of Character” sat down with the Frontlines team to discuss his firsthand experience with Hillary and Bill, their character and culture.

Hey Ernie the dude on the horn with NSO is on the corner by the Lincoln's Inn Fields in London. good times, Ray and Stacey

Hi Ernie! I found the location that naked trumpeter was playing his horn … It's on the corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields and Serle Street in The Westminster section of London, England. In your pic the windows are taped and the sand bags lead me to believe that they were filming a Well movie there about the time the pic was taken. Keep up the good work! Scott

I have absolutely no problem the way this cop puts foot to ass -- or head in this case -- while arresting this asshole.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian is a 2007 novel for young adults written by Sherman Alexie and illustrated by Ellen Forney. It is a first-person narrative by Native American teenager known as "Junior", a 14-year-old budding cartoonist. The book is a bildungsroman, detailing Junior's life on the Spokane Indian Reservation and his decision, upon encouragement from a reservation high school teacher, to go to an all-white public high school in the off-reservation town of Reardan, Washington. The novel is controversial for some of its content on issues such as alcohol, poverty, bullying, violence, and sexual references, as well as for the tragic deaths of characters and for the use of profanity and slurs related to homosexuality and mental disability. As a result, some schools have banned The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian from school libraries or inclusion in curricula.

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