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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 1, 2016
November 1, 2016

Holy Shit Snacks, It's November Already. Seems Like I Just Paid My Taxes Like Two Days Ago.

Jimmy Kimmel discovered just how much people are willing to believe about the emails on Hillary Clinton's server in the latest installment of "Lie Witness News" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday. Now before you get all excited about seeing how stupid these Trump supporters are, I'd ask that you keep one thing in mind. And that is without knowing how many people were interviewd in order to come up with the requisite number of idiots to create that segment, this is all just for laughs. That is to say, they may have had to interview two-hundred well informed voters in order to find these few who would choose to make complete asses of themselves, rather than public admit they don't know what's going on; or they may have only had to interview ten. Point being, without knowing the total of the sample set, don't hang your hat on these. And here are some of my other favorites: Clinton Supporters Agree With Donald Trump Quotes, Lie Witness News - Trump's Tax Returns Edition, What Would It Take For Donald Trump To Lose Your Vote?, Hillary Supporters Like Trump's Tax Plan, and my personal late favorite, - Higher Obamacare Premiums.

Now Jimmy Kimmel isn't the only one doing these types of videos, comedian Mark Dice has his own fair share, and although he does do the occasional non-political video -- Free 100 oz Bar of Silver, or Free Hershey Bar? -- to be honest, most of his tend to have a propensity to expose the ignrance of the liberal voter: Hillary Supporters Sign Petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, and New "White Privilege Tax" for all White People Supported by Minorities. There are also some independent Youtubers who get into the mix as well: Would Donald Trump Fans Support Hitler?, Asking Donald Trump Supporters About Fake Policies, and Interviewing Clueless Donald Trump Supporters. Again, don't be fooled into believing the people featured in these videos represent the whole of society at large, regardless of which side you identify with. Interview a large enough crowd and you can find enough clueless motherfuckers willing to support about anything. But the scary part is, their vote counts as much as mine.

Did you know that at the time of his death, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was the world's richest man, worth $200 billion? Here's a list of the wealthiest people throughout history, adjusted for inflation. if you think that's a lot, Augustus Caesar is estimated to have been worth around $4.6 trillion by today's standards.

Unlike today, where it seems almost every event, moment, and meal you eat is photographed and uploaded for the whole world the see. Back in the day, photographs were far and few. Only special occasions would call for a photographer to take a single photo and in those times, a picture was certainly worth much more than a thousand words. Some of these captured moments in history might put a smile on your face or shock you, but everything that has happened has led us to today.

CAN YOU TELL ME: what book she is using to shield the sun from her eyes?

Ernie, saw this in a Lowes parking lot. Edward

If Hillary were to win, November 9th will see the highest gun and ammo sales to date. Jon

Dude, if Hillary wins next week, there will be a run on guns and ammo like you have never fucking seen before. Post Sandy-Hook will look like the great wild frontier. Oh, and regarding yesterday's AR Gas Block and polymer sights melting and shit. If you have one of the hard mounted, triangle sights known as an A2 style, here is a terrific in depth how-to to remove it; or I suppose if done in reverse, to add it.

Reddy Ice Holdings is the largest packaged ice manufacturer in the United States, serving approximately 82,000 customer locations under the Reddy Ice brand name. It was originally a division of the Southland Corporation (the parent company of 7-Eleven), who sold it off to what would become Suiza Foods in 1988. The company declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 5, 2012, in Dallas citing $434 million in assets against $531 million liabilities. According to a prepackaged bankruptcy plan backed by Centerbridge Partners, Reddy Ice Holdings would merge Arctic Glacier which is also in bankruptcy with Centerbridge forgiving the debt in exchange for an ownership position in the new company.

Batshit crazy insane 58 year old -- and former 20 time world champion -- Roger Hickey came out of retirement to race the Top Speed World Championship and accomplished his goal on his last daring run, clocking 100.279 mph on his lay down skateboard.

A house party on the Northwest Side of San Antonio turned violent when several party-crashers showed up and a man in a Freddy Krueger outfit pulled a gun and shot five people.

Sorry, I'm a train buff, and I noticed something funny that most fellow train buffs probably wouldn't noticed, I thought I should share. If I remember right, one other website you maintain is Bendbox. I was jumping around and found a picture of an Automatic Train Derailer. Its job is, for whatever reason you want, to derail rail cars to prevent them from passing the point that the derailer is installed. Train Trucks (wheels) are kept on tracks by the Flanges on the Trucks that protrude down on the inward side of the track. So to derail a train, you have to lift up one side of the Truck high enough for the Flange to go up and over the rail. Just lifting the Truck probably isn't enough, you have push it over the rail, normally by a ramp or a wedge that pushes from the inside out. So by looking at that picture, the wedge is pushing from outside, inward. The flange on the opposite side will stop the Truck from derailing. Fail. PS: A little while ago you did some minor changes to the layout of your website. One change you made was to add a small text description when you mouse over one of your 'picture thumbnail links'. I like them a lot but with one annoyance. If my mouse pointer is over the text that pops up, and i click in the text inside the thumbnail, it will not open the link. I can click the thumbnail, not on the text, and it will work. Windows 7 X64, Google Chrome, up to date. Only extension is AdBlock (I know, but I have you Whitelisted). Wow, has it been almost 15 years that I've been visiting your website? I started shortly after I left the Air Force. I remember your old neon sign looking banner at the top of your page, bring it back! Just kidding. I'm old, Jerimy.

As for the text, the only time that really becomes an issue is for the smaller portrait style thumbnails, because the landscape ones have more real estate to work with. For that reason, I keep the description of the portrait ones pretty short, so they don't interfere. But as for the text being non-clickable... you're gonna have to move your wrist up a smidge, sorry bruh. As for whitelisting me, I appreciate it, but feel free to turn it back on becauase EHOWA is add free, baby. Otherwise the only thing you're gonna block is a traffic widget at the bottom.

According to the American Demographic Society, Americans waste more than 9 million hours each day looking for lost and misplaced articles. For many people, there are few things worse than losing a mobile phone. The inconvenience, the loss of important contact details and the sudden feeling of isolation can leave many people on the verge of breaking into a cold sweat. But lose them we do. And lots of them, according to the results of a new industry report. In fact, in the US alone, around $30 billion worth of mobile phones were lost last year alone.

And because I know you're gonna whine about it.

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