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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 2, 2016
November 2, 2016

Sore As Fuck Today.

Orthpedic doc gave me a steroid pack last week. You know, one of those seven pills on day one, six pills on day two, five pills on day three... I felt like a million fucking dollars at first but now the steroids have worn off and all the pain and inflammation are pouring back. Shit, negro. Double ice packs, elevated, and a percocet coursing through my veins and I'm still fucking dying over here.

As a Red Sox fan, I really am torn about tonight's Game 7 of the World Series. I moved to Boston in 1992 and shortly thereafter fell in love with the local baseball scene, and with it, experienced the never ending stream of disappointment that came in the fall. If I felt that shit for a decade and hated it, I can't imagine those old timers who experienced the full 86 years of What-The-Fuck-Are-You-Guys-Doing that inevitably followed the all star break. In fact, when the Sox hammered that shit out in 4, I remember exactly where I was. On my couch, alone because no one else was allowed to come over. I was wearing my Johnny Damon jersey, had eaten the same thing for all four games, a Boston Market quarter white with garlic roasted potatoes, green beans, washed down by a 4-pack of Murphy's Irish Stout. Same thing, each time. And after they banged out the win I screamed at the top of my lungs for my entire condo complex to hear -- and I wasn't the only one, by the way. So I know what it feel like to shake off a heavy blanket of disappointment. So I feel for both teams, I really do. But at 108 years without a World Series win, I have to tip my hat to the Cubs, especially since I'm a huge Jon Lester fan. Either way, most exciting Series in a fistful of years.

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Things I'll be needing you to find today: this yellow dumpster. Not to be confused with the Russian dumpster fire currently steaming into the Mediterranean Sea right now. Also, this track side cafe. Which actually Looks very quaint, doesn't it? Also, show me exactly where she stopped to rest her tired feet.

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That banner is setup on the 1200 block of Folsom street, San Francisco, The Dark Garden " Bright funky shop with high ceilings selling custom & off-the-rack corsets, dresses & wedding gowns" is located on 321 Linden street, San Francisco. Rick

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Most rocks are rocks because of erosion. Small cracks fill with water and each night they ice pries the rocks further apart till they break lose and roll down waiting for next events to make them smaller. This means that at least for some time in their life they have been exposed to water which dissolves the softer materials. If you look at many rocks they have a distinct crater-like surface. And it is in these tiny holes that small insects, spores and bacteria begin to grow. If the rock has the advantage of being close to water or regular wet then a wonderful fauna starts to grow. As kid I spend hours watching the tiny insects and hopeful germs that took their turn to live. So an unsuspecting wanderer that steps on top is actually walking on some slimy growth. With predictable results.

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