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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 9, 2016
November 9, 2016

Holy Shit Snacks. I Didn't Expect It To Really Happen Either.

Wow, people are losing their shit over this election. Regular every day folks, famous celebrities, the liberal media, even guys riding the subway. There is good news for the fucking crybabies threatening to leave the country and move to Canada because of Trump's win, there's no IQ test involved.

"When we regulate an industry, we limit the products a company can offer and the prices at which they can offer them. If, in an unregulated market, all of the health insurance packages are too expensive, product managers can ask why that is. Then they can offer products that are still profitable (since the industry collapses if insurance companies don't run in the black) but that are lower cost. Maybe they do that by increasing co-pays or deductibles; maybe they do that by covering fewer services; maybe they do that by putting people into risk pools and mandate (not just offer) specific preventive care every year. As it stands, ObamaCare mandated a number of things that make it unprofitable for insurance companies without necessarily improving quality of care or life for the people who use it; Johnathan Gruber, one architect of the plan who lauded the stupidity of the American people as a component of getting the bill made, just said this: "Look, once again, there's no sense of “Oh, it just has to be fixed.” The law is working as designed; however, it could work better, and I think probably the most important thing experts would agree on is that we need a larger mandate penalty. We have individuals who are essentially free-riding on the system. They're essentially waiting until they get sick and then getting health insurance. The whole idea of this plan, which was pioneered in Massachusetts, was that the individual mandate penalty would bring those people into the system and have them participate. The penalty right now is probably too low and that's something ideally we would fix." So we see that the law has unintended consequences that need more fixes and more regulation which will have more unintended consequences that... well, you get the idea. The point is, by screwing with the market, ObamaCare (as usual, with fancy government programs) is harming the people it's theoretically supposed to help." - Jake Freivald

You may or may not have seen some of these stars on the internet but whenever you do, I am sure they look great... But how do they look off camera while in their pajamas on a regular day? That is what this post unveils! Here are over 70 adult film stars before and after their makeup transformation.

One thing is for certain, it's a brand new world out there this morning. See you in 2020, Rand.

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