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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 14, 2016
November 14, 2016

Love Trumping Hate Involves More Assault, Burglary, Vandalism, And Arson That I Would Have Guessed.

At Garnier, they've created the world's most advanced sun products, with the best textures, designed for the whole family, so wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you're protected. As a pioneer in natural technology for more than 70 years, Garnier Ambre Solaire continues to push the boundaries of suncare innovation by creating outstanding formulae which offer superior protection. Easy to apply, the Moisturising spray SPF20 feels fresh on the skin, is instantly absorbed and doesn't leave white marks Hydrated and protected, your skin is better defended against the sun's harmful rays.

A director's chair is a lightweight chair that folds side-to-side with a scissors action. The seat and back are made of canvas or a similar strong fabric which bears the user's full weight and can be folded; the frame is made of wood, or sometimes metal or plastic. The seat and scissors members work together to support and distribute the sitter's weight so that the seat is comfortably taut. The back is usually low and the chair usually has armrests. The stereotypical image of a movie director on location includes one of these chairs, hence the name. Victor Papanek describes this chair as an excellent design in his book Design for the Real World as it is simple and ideally suited to its function. The design goes back to coffer-makers' chairs of the 15th century and eventually to the Roman curule chair.

Peter J. Souza is an American photojournalist, the current Chief Official White House photographer for President Barack Obama and the director of the White House Photography Office. Souza was the official White House photographer from 1983 to 1989 during Ronald Reagan's presidency. He was a photographer with The Chicago Tribune, stationed at the Washington, D.C. bureau from 1998–2007; during this period he also followed the rise of then-Senator Obama to the presidency. Over the last 8 years Pete Souza has photographed Obama throughout his Presidency, here are 55 of his favorite photos.

Ernie, I located the Vodaphone store. With 1,450 Vodaphone stores and 119 Galeria Kaufhof (PDF WARNING) locations in Germany as of 2015, I thought all was lost in finding this location. After I had all but given up, I image searched "pedestrian vodafone germany" and saw the second image on the second line looking a little familiar. I did a quick comparison, and wouldn't you know, it's the exact same location you're looking for !! I couldn't believe my luck! The store is located in Leipzig, Germany. Looking around, everything lines up, the frosted glass overhang on the Galeria Kaufhof to the blue street sign on the Vodafone building. Mark

I located Anastasia K. helping with the laundry on Frankfurter str. Wollstadt, Germany. I attached one of the photos from a zip file I downloaded. It shows the Pharmacy "Apotheke" which is located on Frankfurter, also attached a photo of the apotheke from the internet. There is no street view but its easy to identify the house with the brown roof that slopes to the street. Rick

Why you never bring a handgun to a shotgun fight: WPTV 5 in West Palm Beach reports that just before 9 on Saturday evening investigators says a 36 year old individual approached three men who were barbecuing in front of their residence on East 27th street. He pointed a firearm toward the three individuals and demanded that they turn over their valuables. As they did so, one of the victims removed a shotgun from the rear bed of a pickup truck and fired two shots towards the robber.

A wing mirror, also known as the fender mirror, door mirror, or side view mirror, is a mirror found on the exterior of motor vehicles for the purposes of helping the driver see areas behind and to the sides of the vehicle, outside of the driver's peripheral vision. Although almost all modern cars mount their side mirrors on the doors, normally at the A-pillar, rather than the fenders, the "wing mirror" term is still frequently used. Most side mirrors may be manually or electrically folded in, to protect them when the car is parked or being washed in an automated car wash. Passing cars can easily clip protruding wing mirrors; the folding capability helps protect them from harm. The mirror glass may also be electrically heated and may include electrochromic dimming to reduce glare to the driver from the headlamps of following vehicles. Remote adjustment may be mechanical by means of bowden cables, or may be electric by means of geared motors.

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