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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 6, 2016
December 6, 2016

75 Years Ago The Kido Butai Was In The Middle of The Pacific Ocean.

So big news in my neck of the woods, an off duty officer for the local police departyment got absolutely shitfaced -- and I mean shitfaced to the tune of a BAC .253 -- and drove her car into someone's house. Here's the view of the route she was taking and given her blood alcohol content, I'm guessing she more or less passed out at the wheel and just plowed straight on, right into the victim's house. Thankfully no bystanders were injured so her injuries aside, kiss that career in law enforcement goodbye.

And in semi-ralated news, remember last month when an armed Good Samartitan cashed in some guy's chips as he was attacking a Lee County Sheriff? Turns out when an Officer in trouble requests your help, you are “deputized” on the spot and acting as a law enforcement Officer, as per the Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878 by none other than President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Ice cube trays are designed to be filled with water, then placed in a freezer until the water freezes to ice, producing ice cubes. Trays are often flexible, so the frozen cubes can be easily removed by flexing the tray. While the usual shape of the ice 'cube' is roughly cubical, there are trays that dispense hemispherical or cylindrical blocks. These are commonly referred to as "ice tubes". Some novelty trays produce blocks of ice in seasonal, festive or other shapes. There is also the possibility to freeze different edible items inside the ice cubes, both at home and commercial production.

The GLOCK 23 combines compact dimensions for both open and concealed carry, with minimum weight, despite its large magazine capacity in .40 caliber. Having survived durability tests and use by U.S. Law Enforcement agencies, the G23 pistol has repeatedly demonstrated its world-class durability and reliability in even the most unfavorable conditions. That's why countless police authorities continue to adopt the GLOCK 23 as their official service pistol. Glock's MSRP? $650 bucks. But because I'm awesome, it's yours for $400, plus $17 to ship to your FFL.

Hi Ernie, the green box is a product from Tacoma WA,called Prouss hair styler .Wayne

Ernie, Fan since 1999 - back when you had to type out all the words to EHOWA. The green box is a Proliss brand flat iron hair straightener. Respectfully, Chris

That yellow thing is a pedestrian bridge, The Ponte Cagrana, located in Vienna Austria and crossing the Danube River. More pictures of Judita's walk by the river here. Rick

Is it that time of the year when you're seeking out exotic destinations, trendy cities, and other spectacular areas for a getaway? Based on hundreds of traveler reviews, here are the 25 of the best destinations in the world. It won't be easy, but which will you choose?

Aerie is a lingerie retailer and intimate apparel sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters. The brand targets the American 15- to 25-year-old female demographic.[1] In addition to lingerie such as a wide variety of bras and other undergarments, the aerie line also sells dormwear, active apparel, loungewear, accessories and sleepwear. The aerie brand is sold as a shop-in-shop in American Eagle Outfitters stores, on-line through the American Eagle web site, and in stand-alone aerie retail stores. Additionally, American Eagle Outfitters and aerie merchandise are available at 82 licensed international franchise stores in 13 countries. Aerie's main competition in the lingerie market for the 15 to 22-year-old demographic includes Pink by Victoria's Secret and GapBody.

And so far, no joy on this park bench, so perhaps you'll have better luck finding me this covered bench instead.

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