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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 21, 2016
December 21, 2016

Off To Final Orthopedic Appointment of 2016. Then We Start The Clock All Over Again.

Al Pacino was already an established successful actor, but Scarface helped launch Pfeiffer's and Mastrantonio's careers, both of whom were relatively unknown beforehand, and both went on to individual successes. Entertainment Weekly ranked the film #8 on their list of "The Top 50 Cult Films," and Empire Magazine placed it among the top 500 films of all time, at #284. In 2010, VH1 rated the movie at number 5 in its list of 100 greatest movies of all time. In 2009, Total Film listed it at number 9 on their list of the 30 Greatest Gangster movies. The company set up by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to launder money was named Montana Management after Pacino's character.

Around World War II, brown glass rose in demand and many companies had to forfeit their brown glass for their country. Unfortunately that meant companies with higher quality beers had to use clear glass, which made their beers look like cheaper, clear glass beers. Higher quality brewers' solution was to sell their beer in green bottles so a consumer could tell the difference between a regular beer and a higher quality. The green beer bottle became a status symbol for many European breweries. These days, there's not much of a reason to sell a beer in a green bottle other than for marketing and aesthetic. Many companies use it to distinguish their beer from others. Of course, some beers have used green bottles for so long, it would seem silly to switch to a brown glass now. Lucky for us, glass suppliers are able to apply clear, UV protected coats to glass that help keep beer fresh no matter what kind of bottle it is in.

Ten years after the tyrant's execution, the CIA agent who grilled him reveals the shattering truth... that everything the US thought it knew, was wrong. So perhaps the makers of this list might have some explaining to do.

In 1973, Kicker's Livin' Loud legacy began as a two-man operation, business partners hand-building professional speaker systems from a narrow one-car garage in Stillwater Oklahoma. Seven years into his passion, with few resources but an intense love for music, company founder and current President Steve Irby literally invented the mobile-stereo enclosure market when he developed the Original Kicker. It was the first full-frequency-range speaker box designed specifically for cars and trucks. From that historic moment, delivering concert-like audio quality across a wide volume range with renowned bass and accurate sound has always been the Kicker way.

YOUR NEXT MISSION SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: is to find where this bicycle is parked.

Ernie, another one that's hard to get an exact match to, but have been there. The church is Grossmuenster church in Zurich Switzerland. The young lady in question is standing in a cobblestone walk right on the west edge of the Limmat river. She's down near the open air cafe, which by the way has some awesome brew! Am I cheating if I've been there? Keep 'em coming! Jimbo

That cobblestone alley/street "Kambelgasse" is in Zurich, Switzerland, that is the Grossmunster church in the background, If you go to the opposite side of the river and zoom in you can see the street and the stepped acrchitecture of the building behind her. Rick

Ernie. Not so hard to find the church behind the young lass. It's the Grossmünster in Zurich, Switzerland. There is no Google Street view from the alley, kämbelgasse. However, I did find this family photo. Doesn't show the alley, but this one does and at night. Cheers, Sean.

Four days to go: if it goes bang and is on sale for Christmas, it's listed here. Along with alphabetical listing of all the stores involved. You're welcome.

Mr. Clean is a brand name and mascot fully owned by Procter & Gamble, used as an all-purpose cleaner and melamine foam cleaner. Mr. Clean was created by Linwood Burton, a marine ship cleaning businessman with accounts throughout the east coast of the United States and his friend, Mathusan Chandramohan, a rich entrepreneur from Sri Lanka. In the past, ships had to be cleaned using abrasives or solvents that were able to cut successfully through embedded grease and grime; however, past solvents were so dangerous to workers that Burton was motivated to finding a solution that was effective and less caustic. Burton, with fundamental knowledge in chemistry, developed Mr. Clean in an effort to clean ships without having to pay significant premiums in disability claims for his workers. He later sold the product to Procter & Gamble in 1958. The product's mascot is the character Mr. Clean.

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