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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 23, 2016
December 23, 2016

If You Haven't Shopped By Now, You're Pretty Much Fucked.

Hey Cowboys! It's Christmas morning and time to take your brand new RED WRANGLER WESTERN SADDLE CARBINE out into the woods behind your house! Bounce Bbs off trees and rocks for points. Try to get as many bounces as you can with each shot; but remember the score rolles over beyond 9,999,999 points. Press SPACEBAR up to three times to power up your rifle, then click the MOUSE to fire! Remember there buckaroo.... DON'T SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!

Well this season of Let's Bring Em Home is winding down. Looks like we'll be marking down a score of 102 tickets completed this year; seventeen international and the rest domestic. One curious note. When someone applies for a ticket, part of our approval process is to contact the servicemember's supervisor and verify -- among other things like approve leave dates, single status -- that the individual applying for a ticket is a good egg. This marks the first year that we actually had a supervisor say quite frankly that no, their troop was not a good troop and in their opinion was underserving of a free airline ticket from LBEH. Now I mention this not to single any one person out or spark any rumors, but to illustrate to you that unlike larger faceless charities, we here at LBEH conduct our due dilligence to make sure your donations go to only the most deserving folks. We politely declined that individual and instead moved on to the next person, an Airman who happened to be flying from California to Georgia with his one year old son in his lap, "I want to personally THANK YOU for purchasing my airfare home. Because of you I will be able to take my 1 yr old son home so he we can spend the holidays with family. Words don't do do justice of how much this means to me. I am truly blessed to be able to given this opportunity. It is a please to serve my country a gestures such as these are more than appreciated. Thank you again and I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday!!" So believe me when I say we do good shit at LBEH and if you haven't taken the opportunity to be a part of it, let me cordially invite you now, because it's not too late.

Caddyshack is cult classic and a favorite of golf fans and comedy fans alike. Scenes on the course were filmed at the Rolling Hills Golf Club in Davie -- currently the Grande Oaks Golf Club -- and the dinner scene was shot at the Boca Raton Hotel and Club. Here are a handful of others based here in Florida -- Scarface among them -- plus a bunch of others, mostly in California.

Okay, she can't have alcoholic hairspray, so what's with the can?

Kangaroo emblems and popular culture deals with how the kangaroo has become a recognisable symbol of Australia, both within Australia itself, and internationally. The kangaroo was considered a unique oddity when Captain Cook's HMB Endeavour arrived back in England in 1771 with a specimen on board. Over time it has come to symbolise Australia and Australian values.

Last minute ammo for stocking stuffers? Don't make the drive for nothing, let your fingers do the walking before making the drive to Thunderdome Walmart this time of the year.

Lasko's Cyclone Power Air Circulator with 4 Speeds and Remote Control converts easily from wall mount option to floor use. It features 4 speeds from Whisper Cool to Wind Chill and an electronic timer which can be set up to 7 hours. The adjustable pivoting fan head for direction control makes this fan ideal for large rooms.

With eyes cast upon our southern border, I would point out that both the Germans and British are building walls around their Christmas markets in an effort to prevent further terror attacks this year.

Attention freshwater sportsmen, what kind of fish is she holding?

11,000 Penguins VS 4000 Santa Clauses
Snopes 'fact checker' who will arbitrate on 'fake news' is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes
First Aid Kit - Emergency Survival Bag for Hiking, Camping, Bug Out Bags - 105 Pieces - $19.99 plus free shipping
Star Wars Rogue One - CGI Tarkin Explained
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PTSD Marine Veteran Gets Christmas Puppy Surprise
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Brave Man Rescues Dog from Frozen Pond
World war II destroyer USS cassin young in charleston dry dock
Scary Snowman Savage Prank
21 Of The Most Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures
Girls Sing Silent Night On a Sybian
Porsche Cayenne for sale, slight water damage
Worried about zombies, end of days? Former Maine missile silo for sale
Christmas Is Coming 3
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Forecast for Christmas: HOT
Chanel West Coast Nip Slip at the Beach!
We Wish You an Obscure Christmas 2016
She's been to many auditions. But never one that ended like this.
Bianca Beauchamp - Christmas Uncensored
Christmas Battle! Grab some eggnog and choose your favorite festive girls!

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