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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 7, 2017
March 7, 2017

1945-2002. My Mom Got 187'd Fifteen Years Ago Today.

My how time flies, eh?

Plaster casts are made up of a bandage and a hard covering, usually plaster of Paris. They allow broken bones in the arm or leg to heal by holding them in place, and usually need to stay on for 4 and 12 weeks. Taking good care of your cast will help ensure a better recovery. Keep your arm or leg raised on a soft surface, such as a pillow, for as long as possible in the first few days. This will help any swelling to go down and will help the cast dry correctly. Don't get your cast wet. This will weaken it, and your bone will no longer be properly supported. You can use a plastic bag to cover up the cast when you have a bath or shower. Try using sticky tape or a rubber band to seal the bag at the top and bottom to make it as watertight as possible.

In architecture, a gargoyle is a carved or formed grotesque with a spout designed to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building, thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar between. When not constructed as a waterspout and only serving an ornamental or artistic function, the correct term for such a sculpture is a grotesque, chimera, or boss. There are also regional variations, such as the hunky punk. Just as with bosses and chimeras, gargoyles are said to frighten off and protect those that it guards, such as a church, from any evil or harmful spirits. Can you find me this restaurant protected by a lion?

So by now we've all seen this video of Lake Berryessa's Glory Hole Spillway running fuull blast. One of my first thoughts was, how the fuck they built that thing? But when you see a picture of it during much lower water levels, it doesn't look like it would be that daunting of a fask. Also, someone killed a 1959 Corvette.

I was able to find the location on Placa de Sant Josep Oriol in Barcelona, Spain, but the artist is no longer there. Rick

If you prefer to travel through Europe without a mobile phone, you can still stay in touch using public telephones and computers. True, public pay phones are on the endangered-species list, you'll still see phone booths and banks of phones in post offices and train stations, and generally come with multilingual instructions. Any chance you can find this cluster of public phones?

The infinity mirror effect is produced whenever there are two parallel reflective surfaces which can bounce a beam of light back and forth an indefinite (theoretically infinite) number of times. The reflections appear to recede into the distance because the light actually is traversing the distance it appears to be traveling. Each additional reflection adds length to the path the light must travel before exiting the mirror. If the mirrors are not precisely parallel, but instead are canted at a slight angle, the "visual tunnel" will be perceived to be curved (off to one side) as it recedes into infinity. When studied using the principles of photographic optics, the series of repeating images forms the infinite mathematical surface known as Gabriel's Horn, or Torricelli's Trumpet, named in honor of Italian mathematician Evangelista Torricelli, who first studied it.

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8 Amazing Abandoned Aquariums
As promised here we have some more. I really appreciate all the messages. Kate xx
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