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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 10, 2017
March 10, 2017

What's 36... 44... 56... 71... and 96? My Escalating Alanine Transaminase Levels.

Not content with serving us dishes dressed with utterly unnecessary froths, foams and micro-herbs, top-end restaurants have developed a fondness for an even more irritating fad: the square plate. At long last, however, someone is standing up against this crockery calamity. William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose Kitchen magazine and sometime judge on Masterchef, has launched a one-man crusade against the scourge of squares invading both home and professional kitchens. “Square and rectangular plates,” he said, “are an abomination. Food should be served on round plates and not a right angle in sight. If you have square plates, now is the time to be bold and cast them out.”

Tree pruning is a delicate process requiring skill and expertise, and is best performed by Certified Arborists who understand how best to trim and shape trees. This is especially true for palm trees, where one bad prune can lead to tree damage and possibly tree death. Rather than opting for what's known as a "hurricane cut", "10-2 cut" or "pineapple cut" with your palm trees, it is much better to leave the full palm tree crown intact, which preserves its natural beauty and helps it thrive throughout the year. Palm trees that have been subjected to hurricane cutting will often have their sensitive center core exposed to the elements, making them more likely to suffer from weather, disease or pest damage.

The TSA allows through security only one quart-sized bag. So pack it wisely. Not all plastic quart size bags are created equal. You may know them as Ziploc bags or ziplock bags, but there are many brands available. There are two characteristics of a plastic bag for toiletries that could make or break your trip. Some quart bags are thin and easy to puncture. Others are thicker plastic and withstand stretching. Unless you plan to change bags during your trip, find one that is strong and can stretch out without tearing. Most “zip top” plastic bags seal when you press two plastic seams together. Some even change color when the bag is sealed properly. This is fine for tonight's leftovers, but for air travel it's less than ideal. When you're rushing to the airport at 4 AM it's so easy to miss the seal, and colors don't help in a dark hotel room.

CAUTION: you are entering a Trump Area.

Hey Ernie, you can chalk up a second win for me as I was able to find your lion restaurant located in Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany. Well, mostly. Streetview doesn't go right up to the lions, but you can see them close enough here and more photos of it here. Keep these going! Chetley

I found the pink public phone Simone T.was using, its located on Neugasse, in Meissen, Germany. No Street View with Germany's privacy laws so here is a link to the photo of the Asia Bambus in the background. Rick

Your mission for the weekend: find this railroad crossing, or die trying.

Jesus, YouTube has really been on point lately about copyright shit and people posting full movies, so this week's FRIDAY FLICK is kind of a re-run. Granted, a great re-run, but a re-run none the less: "Many have died, last week, on these streets. In the basement of this building, you will find them. I have given them the last rites. Now, you do what you will. You are stronger than us. But soon, I think they be stronger than you. When the dead walk, señores, we must stop the killing... or lose the war."

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