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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 19, 2017
April 19, 2017

Man, Aaron Hernandez Just Can't Stop Killing, Can He?

Bring the beaches of the Mediterranean to your backyard with the Nanni Lettino Chaise Lounge. This innovative chaise lounge represents the best in style, function and comfort that Italy has to offer. Its sleek design is surpassed only by its comfort and durability. The anodized aluminum frame and marine grade stainless steel bolts provide a solid and strong structure that is resistant to rust, corrosion and the elements. The unique stitch-free fabric is easily washable and specially mounted to prevent sagging. Only The Nanni Lettino chaise lounge provides the unique "shade roof" allowing you to protect your face from the sun without the need for an umbrella, and folds into less than 4" thick for easy storage and portability.

Have you ever wondered how and why restaurants number their tables? The crux of the answer involves a restaurant's seating chart, a one-page sheet that both delineates server stations and provides a one-look shapshot of every table in every room. It's the most important organizational tool in a restaurant and is laid out very logically because so many staffers -- front desk, bussers, servers, managers -- refer to it and depend on it. The numbering sequence begins at a pivot point, usually the kitchen door or the food window, with table numbers increasing from that point; one row of tables is the teens, the next is the 20s, and so on so. This way food runners can literally count tables as they go, until they reach the table in question.

Oh and hey, I have to meet this chick for some cannoli and some limoncello. Where am I headed to?

Sign outside of a liquor store... Florence, NJ ,, Edward

Ernie, no joy on finding your bench under the tree, which may prove difficult if not impossible since Sazka is now out of business and their stores no longer show up in Google. I'm still looking though. Dennis

Looks like Todd found the Brava beer in the Paradise freezable drink cooler The other beer she has is a Coors Light. Rick

An examination table is used to support patients during medical examinations. During these exams, doctors in offices, clinics and hospitals use an adjusting mechanism to manipulate and position the table to allow patient support, closer examination of a portion or the entire patient, and the ability to move the patient on and off the table safely. Examination tables often have rolls of paper in which patients sit on, protecting the table. The paper is normally discarded after each patient uses the table.

Oh and hey, I have to meet these chick to get my bright red bucket back. Where am I headed to?

Metal picnic tables are an excellent addition to any business in need of quality seating. A thermoplastic protective coating provides a smooth, high-gloss surface that stays cool to the touch for comfortable seating in the sun. Thermoplastic coating resists fading, mold and vandalism, and will ensure maintenance-free durability through years of high-traffic usage. Underneath the table, rugged galvanized tubular steel frame is shielded with a powder coat finish for rust-prevention and resilience against the elements. Bench and table corners are beveled for safety and mounting tabs allow anchoring to ground for stability and security.

Queen - Somebody To Love (Only Freddie's Vocals)
meanwhile, near the freeway
standing rib roast, anyone?
Alligator climbs to a second-story Mount Pleasant porch, through a screen door and then refuses to leave
when she chews and swallows, it's a little weird
a girl and her dog at the beach
restart every operating old pc system
endless zoom quilt
the Evolution Of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Glamour model with 'biggest boobs in Europe' shocks fans with 'crispy brown' look after extreme tanning injections
redneck couch surfing for realz
Transgender woman who 'suffered a broken penis when her lover had a heart attack and DIED during sex' sues the man's wife for damages
Black Racer snake having an epileptic seizure
1955 chevy pumpkin cannon -vs- old vans
live action finding nemo is kinds fucking weird
daria shy is not shy
This babe is pack in some serious melons underneath that bra
Super hot amateur model from Brazil her name is Jessica Bopper
Alice Haig
ST great boobs
mango enjoys a glass of wine
concert flashers

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