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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 1, 2017
May 1, 2017

Holy Shit, It's May Already.

A kitchenette is a small cooking area, which usually has a fridge and a microwave, but may have other appliances. In some motel and hotel rooms, small apartments, college dormitories, or office buildings, a kitchenette usually consists of a small refrigerator, a microwave oven or hotplate, and, less frequently, a sink. New York City building code defines a kitchenette as a kitchen of less than 80 sq/ft of floor space. Kitchenettes are a common feature in hotel and motel guest rooms and often contain a coffeemaker, a bar refrigerator, commonly called a mini-bar. Some hotel kitchenettes have provisioned refrigerators that have an interior sensor feature used by management to monitor guest use of the refrigerator's contents and thus charge for the consumables, which typically include pop, beer and liquor.

Probably the most popular question when it comes tattooing - Is it painful? Lots of people avoid getting tattooed because of the pain. Some are getting used to it, some are trying to find some anesthetics to prevent the pain, especially on long sitting sessions. But however, there is no a correct answer for this question. It depends on people pain threshold and immune system. Sometimes a big role plays the tattoo placement, some body areas are causing more pain than others, e.g. stomach, back of knees, armpit, inside of elbow, nipples, lips, inside of thighs and genitals. Not Really Painful: upper arm, forearm, calf, buttocks, and thigh. For a 1st tattoo these are great points to begin your inked journey.

Here in the U.S. alone, we use around 100 billion plastic grocery bags every single year. While some cities have banned the bag, most of us aren't lucky enough to live in a town that's nixed those ubiquitous, flimsy grocery bags. Despite always bringing a reusable bag to the store, plastic grocery bags seem to make their way into my life. Maybe a well-meaning friend uses one to bring over snacks for a night of board games or I accept a used one to tote some goodies home from an unexpected garage sale. No matter what the reason, I can never bring myself to get rid of all of that plastic. If you've got an ever growing collection of plastic bags making you feel guilty, too, don't despair! There are some practical and crafty ways to use those bags over and over.

Hey Big Ern, Just thought I'd put an answer to your question ... the two young ladies in question are standing in front of Petersbogen Apotheke in Liepsig, Germany. The store to the left in question was a Munster Accessories store, but I think that they moved or closed up as you can see from the attached picture the store sign has changed (maybe that's why they had the 50% off sale going on when the girls were there). Looks like a shoe store now. Keep 'em coming!!! Bob.

She is reclining on the walkway going to the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona in Barcelona Spain with the Torre Agbar in the back ground. It represents a geyser of water erupting from the ground according to the Barcelona water company but some people see it as a giant condom and assorted other obscene items, go figure. Crazy Mark

What do you think? Not bad for being a location in Berlin, Germany. This is on Heerstrabe and if you zoom in over the car and between the lamp post and the tree, there she is in the park. The running woman. There is also this instantstreetview (need to zoom in) Rick

These two challenges are complete fucking long shots: is there any chance anyone will be able to identify this building in the background -- a hotel, perhaps? -- or this megayacht?

Computer monitor mounts can be used with either fixed height or adjustable height workcenters and are an excellent way to achieve the optimal level of adjustability recommended by ergonomists. When used appropriately, they can help workers avoid the development of musculoskeletal disorders, aid in the management of existing MSD, and help alleviate eye strain associated with long hours of computer use in the office. Adjustable monitor arms enable users to maintain neutral position of their shoulders, neck and back by allowing them to position their computer screen in the perfect location and angle for their height and the type of task they are performing. This adjustability is especially beneficial to users who wear corrective multi-focal lenses.

Add a touch of passion for traditional Chinese culture into today's modern society, and also an acceptance of it's Heritage and History. Let luxurious, classical chinese styles blend in with your home's western artisteries, to strike a balance between Eastern and Western culture.

When the mic doesn't work, the crowd takes over & belts out The Star-Spangled Banner... ...In Edmonton
another prop out of the water
drone video of capsized drycock in poland
The DeLorean, Mystery Machine, A-Team Van, Ghostbusters Ride, and Knight Rider Car in a Hot Wheels Race
yeah i know where to look, thank you
you sure do got a purty tongue
Infamous Photographer Captures Beauty in a Morgue
6 Cartoon Characters Who Secretly Revealed Their Faces!
man ain't that the truth
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 sold for $120k and it doesn't even run
She started flipping burgers, now she's the boss at Six Flags Magic Mountain
nah it's cool, man
mv klaipeda spirit intentional beaching for shipbreaking
#BuyMyVitara - Suzuki Vitara '96 for sale
big night (it's 8am)
Playboy Poland presents Monika Kalisz
Emilia Clark Topless in Voice From The Stone!
Paula Swenson can sing, act, look fabulous on the catwalk, and best of all...
pamela jay
Sexy Amateur Blonde
dude NSFW
Redhead Simonna Showing Her Body Underwater

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