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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 18, 2017
May 18, 2017

Wow, This Week Is Being Exceptionally Hard On 90s Icons.

The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy is a children's novel by Jeanne Birdsall, published by Knopf in 2005. It won the annual U.S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature. This was Birdsall's first book published and it inaugurated the "Penderwick sisters" series, whose fourth volume was published in 2015. Both A Summer Tale and its sequel The Penderwicks on Gardam Street were New York Times Best Sellers.

Suet is the raw, hard fat of beef or mutton found around the loins and kidneys. Its high smoke point makes it ideal for deep frying and pastry production. The primary use of suet is to make tallow, although it is also used as an ingredient in cooking, especially in traditional puddings, such as British Christmas pudding. Suet is made into tallow in a process called rendering, which involves melting and extended simmering, followed by straining, cooling and usually by repeating the entire process. Unlike tallow, suet that is not pre-packed requires refrigeration in order to be stored for extended periods.

Palmistry is the claim of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as palm reading or chirology. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. There are many—often conflicting—interpretations of various lines and palmar features across various schools of palmistry. These contradictions between different interpretations, as well as the lack of empirical support for palmistry's predictions, contribute to palmistry's perception as a pseudoscience among academics.

Ernie, I'm sure it went without saying and perhaps you never meant this as a challenge, but your view of Treasure Island (lined up perfectly with the Rio in the background) is from the Wynn Encore. Cheers, Gary.

Hey Ernie, Here's your green bench, it is located in Suzdal, Russia. Also, I'm moving, and thought I would send you my new address. The house number? Why 69, of course. Looking forward to your Christmas Card. Keep 'em coming, Tim

QUICK NO TIME TO EXPLAIN JUST: find this crosswalk.

Trawling is a method of fishing that involves actively dragging or pulling a trawl through the water behind one or more trawlers. Trawls are fishing nets that are pulled along the bottom of the sea or in midwater at a specified depth. Side trawlers have the trawl deployed over the side with the trawl warps passing through blocks suspended from a forward gallow and another aft gallow. Usually the superstructure is towards the stern, the fish hold amidships, and the transversal trawl winch forward of the superstructure. A derrick may be a boom rigged to the foremast to help shoot the codend from the side. Until the late sixties, side trawlers were the most common deep sea boat used in North Atlantic fisheries.

The lovely lady is near the trash can at 49 Passeig de Joan de Borb, right next to Harbor Space University. There's no clear street view, but it can be seen here. Keep em coming. Burke.

The trash can is located in Barcelona Spain. There is no street view I could find but here is a screen shot showing the shadow from the trashcan. Torre del Rellotge is the name of the clock tower in the background. -Scott

I found the pioneer settlement sign, Its halfway between the ABE Springs Pentecostal Chuch and C.D. Clark Road on highway 71/275, someones been busy cutting trees, they were there in 2012. And just so you know, there is another almost identical sign (but without the lights at the top) on highway 71 between NW J P Peacock Rd and Flatwood Rd. RJ

QUICK NO TIME TO EXPLAIN JUST: identify this brand of bottled water.

The Cleveland Show is an American teenager animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, Richard Appel, and Mike Henry for the Fox Broadcasting Company as a spin-off of Family Guy. The series centers on the Browns and Tubbs, two dysfunctional families consisting of parents Cleveland Brown and Donna Tubbs and their children Cleveland Brown, Jr., Roberta Tubbs, and Rallo Tubbs. Similar to Family Guy, it exhibits much of its humor in the form of cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture. The series was conceived by MacFarlane in 2007 after developing the two animated series Family Guy and American Dad! for the Fox Network. MacFarlane centered the show on Family Guy character Cleveland Brown, his new wife Donna Tubbs, his step-children Rallo and Roberta Tubbs, and his son Cleveland, Jr., who, in the show, is depicted as an obese, soft-spoken teen, as opposed to his depiction as a younger, hyperactive child with average body weight on Family Guy.

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