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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 5, 2017
June 5, 2017

Router is Dicked Up, Thank Goodness For Verizon's Mobile Hotspot.

Armand de Brignac, colloquially known as "Ace of Spades" after the logo, is the name of the champagne brand produced by Champagne Cattier, and sold in opaque metallic bottles. The brand's first bottling, Armand de Brignac Gold Brut, is identifiable by its gold bottle with French pewter Ace of Spades labels. An appearance in Jay Z's 2006 music video for "Show Me What You Got" prior to the launch of the Armand de Brignac brand sparked wide discussion on sites covering hip-hop and popular culture, following his public fallout with the makers of Cristal. In June 2011 Mark Cuban spent $90,000 on a 15-liter bottle of Armand de Brignac in celebration of the Dallas Mavericks' NBA Championship.

Goose Island Brewery is a brewery in Chicago, Illinois, that began as a single brewpub opened in 1988 in Lincoln Park, Chicago, and named after a nearby island. The larger brewery opened in 1995, and a second brewpub, in Wrigleyville, in 1999. Their beers are distributed across the United States and the United Kingdom, after a stake of the company was sold to Widmer Brothers Brewery in 2006, and the brewery was able to expand into different markets. Goose Island outsources the production of some of its beers. Goose Island Honker's Ale and IPA sold on the east coast is now brewed under contract in New Hampshire.

The current flag of the state of Georgia was adopted on May 8, 2003. The flag bears three stripes consisting of red-white-red, and a blue canton containing a ring of 13 white stars encompassing the state's coat of arms in gold. In the coat of arms, the arch symbolizes the state's constitution and the pillars represent the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. The words of the state motto, "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation", are wrapped around the pillars, guarded by a male figure dressed in colonial attire dating back to the time of the American Revolutionary War. Within the arms, a sword is drawn to represent the defense of the state's constitution. An additional motto, In God We Trust, is positioned underneath these elements acting as the state's "foundation". The ring of stars that encompass the state's coat of arms symbolize Georgia's status as one of the original Thirteen Colonies.

Glaceau Smartwater is inspired by the way mother nature makes water, known as the hydrologic cycle. Manufacturers simulate this process by vapor distilling water, making every drop as pure as the very first drop of rain. If that's not smart enough, they then one-up mother nature by adding in electrolytes for a clean crisp taste. Can you show me where these two girls are enjoying their bottle of Smartwater?

Hi Ernie, Got an infographic here about the dangers of secondhand smoke for children. Any chance you can feature it on Ehowa? Best Regards, David

Any good Boy Scout could tell you that knot is a clove hitch. Tim

That brick and concrete structure -- a gate post -- is located on the corner of carrier Provencia and carrier Marina, outside the La Sagrada Familia Basilica at carrier de Mallorca, 401, Barcelona, Spain, It seems to be a popular location for upskirt pictures, there is a subway street vent located there. Rick

Otter Pops are a brand of freezies—a packaged, frozen dessert—sold in the United States. National Pax introduced Otter Pops in 1970, in competition with Jel Sert's similar product, Fla-Vor-Ice. In 1996, Jel Sert acquired the rights to Otter Pops as well. The product consists of a clear plastic tube filled with a fruit-flavored liquid. Otter Pops are a frozen treat, but stores generally sell them at room temperature and the consumer puts them in the freezer.

As I somewhat expected, no joy on this cropped NORTH-SOUTH sign.

Paper birch trees are a hort lived species of birch native to northern North America. Paper birch is named due to the thin white bark which often peels in paper like layers from the trunk. Paper birch is often one of the first species to colonize a burned area within the norther latitudes and an important species for moose browse. In older trees the bark is white, commonly brightly so, flaking in fine horizontal strips to reveal a pinkish or salmon colored inner bark. It is often with small black marks and scars. In individuals younger than five years, the bark appears a brown red color with white lenticels, making the tree much harder to distinguish from other birches. The bark has a high oil content and this gives it its waterproof and weather resistant characteristics.

This Pet Shelter Only Hires Homeless People Who Love Animals
Woman, 82, arrested after scuffle with TSA officer at Wichita airport
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Suicide bombers try to fake surrender and detonate themselves in Tabqa
well at least he made it out the window
Unveiling of the newly restored F-14 Tomcat
time lapse of bulk carrier BW Flax in for refit
looks like thomas has to study a little harder next time
why grip tape is important
How a white supremacist gang leader shed his racist beliefs and the tattoos that proclaimed them
does this car remind anyone else of the ending to animal house?
Truck gets stuck - Trucking Fail
giving out some kisses
Connie Nielsen Windblow Upskirt
Cara Mell Chamie
25 Flashing in Public Places Pics
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Mila Azul is gorgeous in her rustic shirt and blue cotton briefs
Alice Brookes Cara Ruby Breast Friends

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