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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 6, 2017
June 6, 2017

I'm Laying With Six Dead Guys Around Me: D-day Vet Recalls The Day He Stormed Normandy Beach.

Sixty-seven years ago, American soldier Walter Ehlers landed on a Normandy beach in France, leading a squad of 12 men on D-Day who had no battle experience and had spent their Army tours entertaining the troops. Ehlers's squad scrambled up the beach under heavy fire, and all his men survived that historic turning point of June 6, 1944. Over 9,000 Allied soldiers died or were wounded. Ehlers's own brother, Roland, was among those killed on another part of the French coastline.

'We had a lot of troops that landed and a lot of them paid the supreme sacrifice,' Ehlers, 90, said, as he sat in his home in Buena Park, California. Today marks the anniversary of the pivotal World War Two invasion when 160,000 Allied soldiers, mostly from the Britain, United States and Canada, landed in Normandy to begin the drive to break the German occupation of Europe. Of the 16 million U.S. soldiers who served in World War Two, only 620,000 are still alive in 2016, leaving an ageing population to tell their stories from D-Day and other campaigns.

'We got on the beach and they have all these people laying down on the beach that were killed, it was chaos,' said Ehlers, who at the time had already fought in North Africa and Italy. The Germans were firing down on American soldiers from trenches veiled by tall grass, and from several 'pillbox' bunkers made of concrete. Mines littered the ground. The 23-year-old Ehlers, a Kansas native who did not touch alcohol or cigarettes, was the sergeant for a free-spirited squad with plenty of experience playing music, but none shooting at the enemy. One was a banjo player, another was a violist and another played the ukulele, Ehlers said, and they all wanted to dig in at the shore instead of advancing up the beach. But Ehlers said that was a sure-fire way to die, so they followed him up a path where, on either side, were the bodies of soldiers blown apart by mines.

Ehlers and his men eventually got into the trenches with the Germans, where they captured four enemy soldiers and killed or scared off several others. Then, Ehlers and his squad attacked a pillbox and captured it from behind using only rifles. 'You didn't dare run up in front of them because they'd mow you down,' he said. Ehlers had more battles ahead. He received the Medal of Honour for attacks he led on German positions a few days after the landing, making him one of only 3,454 recipients of the highest military decoration awarded by the U.S. government.

Second Lieutenant Walter Ehlers, who earned a battlefield comission after receiving the Medal of Honor for his exploits as an Army sergeant in the D-Day invasion of France and came to personify the heroism of the GI's who stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, died on February 20, 2014 in Long Beach, California, at the age of 92. As a nation, We are currently losing on average, about 372 World War II veterans per day.

This act of heroism was not the last in this mans life. At the Battle of Midway AMM1/c Bruno Gaido's plane was shot down, he was captured by the Japanese, then summarily executed by being weighted down and thrown over the side of the Japanese ship. Pete

Percy Richardson is the owner of The Knife Shop in Lufkin, Texas and he's making some really unique knives from the metal of old warships. Watson

While my broken ankle has brought my riding days to a close, I do still enjoy collecting patches, pins and jewelry. Where am I headed to enlarge my collection?

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that is composed of a liquid called blood plasma and blood cells suspended within the plasma. The blood cells present in blood are red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. We have red blood, which is bright red when oxygenated, due to hemoglobin. When the blood breaks down in the environment outside the body, the oxygen concentration is reduced and the plasma, which is mostly water, by concentration, is released. Therefore, the blood is not as red and not as bright, thus it appears brown when it dries.

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