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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 8, 2017
June 8, 2017

Be Honest, Colleen Campbell? Would You?

Cholula hot sauce is a brand of chili-based hot sauce, manufactured in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, and licensed by José Cuervo. According to its manufacturers, Cholula hot sauce rates 500-1,000 on the Scoville scale though other sources measure it as being over three times hotter, at 3,600 Scoville units. The product is packaged with an iconic round wooden cap. Five varieties of Cholula are widely marketed in North America, including Original, Chipotle, Chili Garlic, Chili Lime, and Green Pepper.

An activity tracker, also known as a fitness tracker, is a device or application for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. The term is now primarily used for smartwatches that are synced, in many cases wirelessly, to a computer or smartphone for long-term data tracking. In those who are overweight or obese some evidence has found that the use of these type of devices results in less weight loss rather than more after two years of use. It is unclear if these devices affect the amount of physical activity children engage in.

As with home theater and automotive audio systems, speakers on your boat are critical to good sound quality, so don't skimp. A middle-quality receiver paired with the best speakers is more satisfying than an expensive receiver driving cheap speakers. Box speakers are easiest to install, and include their own acoustically-designed enclosure, so the sound you heard in our store will be what you hear on your boat. Their advantage is that you don't need to cut holes in your boat to install them, but they take up more space, so may add clutter to a busy cockpit. Flush-mount speakers are clean and attractive, fit in tight spaces and can't snag tackle or lines, but need a cutout. However, proper mounting can be tricky.

Aloha Ernie! That woman was dining at Fat Guys Burgers, located at 7945 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133. There were several locations but I got lucky finding a matching interior using that Google Maps gizmo. Keep up the Awesomeness! Scott from NYC

I have reason to believe this photo is kind of old since this barber shop no longer appears to be in business. Can you tell me what's now in it's place?

The Merle gene is responsible for a wide variety of beautiful coat and iris colors in the dog. This dilution gene acts to lighten the coat color. The dappling effect it creates is not evenly spread; rather, it is responsible for spotting of the coat and variations of the iris or colored part of the eye. A combination of colors may be found in one or both eyes. Colors expressed may range from a pale, light blue to greenish to amber. Unfortunately, the same gene that is responsible for the desirable coat and blue eye appearance is often responsible for many developmental eye defects.

Ernie, the rock outcropping behind the Magaluf sunset booze cruise is called Morror de Xaloc, that's about as good a view as you can get since the 3d rendering can't deflect down to water level. Also, their Facbook page is good for a few more photos. Jimmy

We watch our televisions, and in many cases our televisions watch us back. That's the backdrop to the news this week that Vizio has agreed to settle charges that it violated the law by using software in its "smart," internet-connected TVs to collect data on what users were watching, without permission. The software told Vizio what consumers were playing on their TVs, whether it came from broadcast or cable channels, streaming services, DVD players, or other sources. The company also collected data on users' WiFi networks and mobile devices that were linked wirelessly to the televisions.

These two blue shampoos, you must find them.

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