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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 5, 2017
July 5, 2017

Only 364 More Days Until Our Next Indepedence Day Celebration!

Dick's Last Resort is a small bar and restaurant chain in the United States, known for its intentional employment of an obnoxious staff. The restaurant uses picnic-style tables and no tablecloths. Patrons of Dick's are expected to be insulted, or placed in uncomfortable situations. Adult bibs and large, hand-made, paper hats are given to diners to wear during their stay. There are no napkins on the tables: they are generally thrown at the customers by the serving staff. In 1995, the company attempted to expand to Europe and opened a restaurant in London, but the effort was abandoned and the restaurant was sold in early 1996.

In the Novice stage, a person follows rules as given, without context, with no sense of responsibility beyond following the rules exactly. Competence develops when the individual develops organizing principles to quickly access the particular rules that are relevant to the specific task at hand; hence, competence is characterized by active decision making in choosing a course of action. A novice should be able to find this sign.

Visit the historic winery on Biltmore's 8,000-acre estate nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. There you can savor complimentary tastings, a wine bar, specialty tastings, and more as part of your distinctive experience at America's most-visited winery, located in the heart of Antler Hill Village. Enjoy complimentary tastings of more than 20 of our handcrafted wines as our wine hosts take you on a journey through our reds, whites, and rosés. Linger at their wine bar where you can taste Biltmore's reserve and sparkling wines by the glass along with delectable cheeses and locally-made truffles.

An Intermediate is are able to successfully complete tasks in this competency as requested. You have applied this competency to situations occasionally while needing minimal guidance to perform successfully; Help from an expert may be required from time to time, but you can usually perform the skill independently. An intermediate should be able to find this sign.

Ernie, Your folded umbrella is at the 16th Century Uppsala Castle in Uppsala, Sweden, specifically in the Botanical Gardens. Respectfully, Chris

Hey Ernie, You can find your umbrella at Uppsala Castle in Sweden. Keep 'em coming, Tim

Sure, there are worse things in life, but let's face it, having a bad hair day can make you downright cranky. Whether you've got the frizzies, fine hair, dry hair, or just haven't had a chance to wash your hair, when your crowning glory is misbehavin' it can ruin even the best of times. But before you reach for that baseball cap -- or worse yet those sewing shears -- there's something you should know: You can turn bad hair days into, well, stylishly acceptable days, with far less effort that you think.

An Expert can You can provide guidance, troubleshoot and answer questions related to this area of expertise and the field where the skill is used. You have demonstrated consistent excellence in applying this competency across multiple projects and/or organizations. An expert should be able to find this bottle opener.

The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is designed for Tour Proven performance with exceptional feel. The 4-piece construction, mantle layer and Tour Urethane Cover all combine for even more control throughout the bag, especially with your scoring clubs from 100 yards and in. Now you have even more spin for aggressive shots into the green. It's engineered for fast ball speeds with low spin for players needing spin reduction to optimize their launch conditions off the tee. The core is the key to long, straight distance off the tee, and their optimized HEX Aerodynamics makes Callaway Chrome Soft even longer by reducing drag and increasing lift.

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