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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 22, 2017
July 21, 2017

Lately It Seems Like Everyone Is Going On Vacation Except Me.

Open hook hangers are the most common type of clothes hanger, and fit on almost any closet hanger rod and can be removed and returned easily. For those same reasons, however, they are the most commonly stolen hangers. Ball top hangers are designed specifically to prevent theft while still offering guests the convenience of removing hangers from the closet. Can only be used with special ball top receptacles or special slotted wall racks. Closed loop hangers are our most theft-resistant hangers. These hangers are added to the hanger bar before installation. The closed loop prevents the hangers from being removed from the closet wall rack, which may make it difficult for guests to hang garments. Worldwide, the hotel industry uses these hangers to deter theft.

Well this is weird. Why would anyone need to bring a chair into the bathroom when there's already a stepstool in there?

Heelys is a brand of roller shoe that have one or more removable wheels embedded in each sole, similar to inline skates, allowing the wearer to walk, run, or, by shifting their weight to their heels, roll. The journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics published a study of injuries resulting from the use of Heelys. The study counted only significant injuries that required assessment by an orthopedic surgeon, ignoring minor injuries that were treated solely in the emergency department. The 10-week study of first time Heelys users found an injury rate of approximately 51 injuries per 100,000 children. For comparison, in 1997 the United States, nonfatal dog bites required 151 emergency department visits per 100,000 population.

Last week I did a little blurb on the classic red phone box and wouldn't you know it, found another one. Another picture that is, because I need you to find the actual phone booth.

Hey Ern, that is the pool at the Rydges Plaza Hotel in Cairns, Australia. Nick S.

Hey Big Ern, Well the lovely redhead in question is standing on a balcony of the Rydges Plaza, Cairns Australia. Attachment #1 is the front entrance on Grafton Street, Attachment #2 is a view of the railing around the pool in question from just below on Spence St., and attachment #3 is a street view of the Pullman Hotel and the Reef Casino (roof only) in the distance looking down Spence from the end of the block which can clearly both be seen from the photo of the young lady. If you look at attachment #4, you will see a picture that must have been taken from an adjacent balcony on their website! As always keep 'em coming!! Bob

You can call 818-342-9797 to discuss leasing if the same people own it. It appears these shops move in and out frequently, but I like the under-boobage. Tim in Oklahoma

Well, it's almost time for lunch and since I have to get a lot of shit done today, have to make it fast. What kind of frozen pizza am I buying?

Have you ever noticed that palm trees tend to bend toward the ocean? There is speculation that it is due to increased sunlight reflecting off the water, or that this is some evolutionary treat, allowing the naturally bouyant coconuts to float, land on new beaches and then germinate into a new tree. But the truth is it has to do with coastal erosion. The seaward side of near-coast palms tends to erode away, and the trees gradually lean out, and then try to grow straight up. The net effect is a bowing of the trunk if the erosion is gradual, but it can be 90-degrees if the failure is rapid and the tree does not die.

just bring me a goddamn plate
Skydiving Without Parachute - Antti Pendikainen
holy shit this dog is a genius
‘Are You Serious?' Rookie Cop Asks After Being Arrested
Willy Williams, Most decorated enlisted sailor in Navy history
you just can't beat a five guys burger
Dog crashes outdoor orchestra performance in Turkey.
Here's what happened to the white Ford Bronco from the O.J. Simpson chase
well that's one way to disguise your ex's name tattoo
mountain bike race from hell
if you're going to cook some ribs this is the way to do it
Ford debuts first pursuit-rated F-150 police pickup
Zonkey Saved From Slaughterhouse Just Met The Love Of His Life
Awesome Lego Garden Railway and through and around his House
anyone for some placenta flavored soup?
Claudia Galanti Topless on her Hotel Room Balcony
Henessy - Sexy And Hot In The Cold Mountains
Marilou Morales
Super sexy belle from Sweden
vera bambi
eva divine on webcam
Dirty Talking Brunette Cums For You

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