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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 3, 2017
August 3, 2017

Dammit I Hate When I Forget A Title.

A shackle is a U-shaped piece of metal secured with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening, or a hinged metal loop secured with a quick-release locking pin mechanism. The term also applies to handcuffs and other similarly conceived restraint devices that function in a similar manner. Shackles are the primary connecting link in all manner of rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging, as they allow different rigging subsets to be connected or disconnected quickly. D-shackles are narrow shackles shaped like a loop of chain, usually with a threaded pin closure. The small loop can take high loads primarily in line, while side and racking loads may twist or bend a D-shackle.

A lint roller or lint remover is a roll of one-sided adhesive paper on a cardboard or plastic barrel that is mounted on a central spindle, with an attached handle. The device facilitates the removal of lint or other small fibers from most materials such as clothing, upholstery and linen. Invented in 1956 by Nicholas McKay, a lint roller enables fast 360 degree rotation, which facilitates the easy removal of unsightly fiber, often animal hair. Lint rollers can be purchased in many sizes, from pet stores, supermarkets and online. Once expended, the roll can typically be replaced with a refill roll.

Mercedes-Benz launched the first generation M-Class in in the United States for the 1998 model year, with sales beginning that September. It is a mid-sized body-on-frame SUV with seating for five, or seven with an optional third-row seat. The M-Class was the first luxury SUV to feature electronic stability control, a system designed to detect loss of control and instantaneously intervene with selective braking to bring the vehicle back on its intended course. The ML 320 was sold internationally, with the "320" suffix alluding to the 3.2-litre V6 engine. Show me where this first gen ML320 was parked.

Your Planet Fitness gym is at the NE corner of the intersection of E. 71st Street and Riverside Dr. in Tulsa. The picture is taken from the west, facing east, just north of the edge of the river bridge on the RiverParks bike trail. Continuing our tour of Tulsa, the classic red phone booth (July 21 or earlier; sorry I don't visit as frequently as I used to) is at Utica Square, a high-end shopping center at 1700 E. 21st Street. I thought it looked familiar, but wasn't too sure until I saw the Planet Fitness challenge from today. Jon

In the American greeting card industry, the demand is definitely there, to the tune of an estimated $7-8 billion a year. Yet in this market, Hallmark and American Greetings loom as large as Coca-Cola and Pepsi do in the soft drink industry. Competition isn't just fierce — major competitors define the market. So learning about the greeting card industry is essential for someone thinking about making and selling their own handmade greeting cards. While someone who is just selling the odd card or two to family and friends might not need to know about industry trends, anyone who is serious about starting and growing a handmade card business should carefully research the market before launching.

I know this one is a long shot, because I couldn't find any more associated photos and there don't seem to be many clues, but any chance of finding these concrete blocks? You're daisy if ya do. Also, still no joy on this red phone booth, though!

Greetings Young Master Ernest, The pretty lady at the bike shop is selling Kryptonics skateboard parts. Kryptonics, not Kryptronics. Keep up the good stuff, and good luck w/the drywall patch job. Gravdigr

Hey big Ern, rather than the software firm Kryptronics, the package behind the blonde actually appears to be a product by Kryptonics, who were the biggest name in skateboard wheels from the 70's thru 90's..Tore through several sets myself way back in the wonder years.. Anyway, they started out in the 60's making polyurethane products for the mining and computer industry and judging from the retro packaging of the other items hanging next to it, my guess is it is possibly something from that era..Just a guess. Cheers brother!! John

There is a reported association between elevated risk of childhood leukemia and proximity to resdiential power lines, but failed to clarify whether the observed association is causal or coincidental. Some scientists have argued the physical impossibility of any health effect due to weak ambient levels of EMFs, while others maintain that the potential health risks of high tension power lines should not be dismissed even though the evidence remains equivocal and contradictory.

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