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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 22, 2017
August 22, 2017

Weight Training Also Tones The Spirit Just As Exercise Conditions The Body. -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

The safety of heating equipment is a growing concern. During winter months, the potential for house fires increases as people seek warmth using electric space heaters. Electric space heaters do not have an open flame, but the heating elements can get hot enough to ignite nearby combustibles. According to a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) report, space heaters, whether portable or stationary, accounted for more than 20,000 of the 62,200 reported home heating fires and three-fourths (73%) of the 670 home heating fire deaths in 2005. Placing space heaters too close to combustibles such as carpeting, bedding, draperies, newspapers or books, clothing, furniture, or flammable liquids is the leading factor contributing to home heating fires and deaths from home heating fires.

Modern dropped ceilings were initially created to hide the building infrastructure, including piping, wiring, and/or ductwork, by creating a plenum space above the dropped ceiling, while allowing access for repairs and inspections. Drop ceilings may also be used to hide problems, such as structural damage. Further, drop out ceilings can also conceal the sprinkler systems while still providing full fire suppression functionality. For many years, dropped ceilings were made of basic white tiles, but modern innovations now offer a plethora of options in sizes, colors, materials, visual effects and shapes, patterns, and textures as well as support systems and ways to access the plenum. Custom runs of specialty ceiling tiles can be done at relatively low cost compared with the past.

Elephant rides have an understandable appeal, as they offer a unique opportunity to get close to the world's largest land animal. But a closer look reveals hidden cruelty and serious risks. Cruelty that may not be evident to spectators often occurs behind the scenes in various forms—in abusive training methods used to try to control animals of this size; in chaining them for many hours a day; and in depriving them of social contact with other elephants. Because of the unnatural environments in which they live, captive elephants often suffer from debilitating foot conditions, arthritis and other ailments. The confined life of captive elephants is in sharp contrast to that of elephants in the wild, who may walk 30 miles a day and establish life-long bonds.

CHALLENGE #7: According to the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, research confirms that exercise is the best "preventive drug" for many common ailments and chronic diseases, from psychiatric disorders and pain to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of focusing on cardiovascular exercise to the exclusion of everything else, and thus strength training is overlooked by many for a number of different reasons. Women may think they'll bulk up and look manly, the elderly might worry about it being too strenuous or dangerous, and parents might think weight training is too risky for their children for these same reasons. But the truth is, nearly everyone, regardless of age or gender, will benefit from strength training. So san you tell me where I might run into this lass, so that I may ask her for pointers?

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