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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 13, 2017
September 13, 2017

Some Flooded Neighborhoods Are Facing $25,000 Fines If They `Illegally` Pump Water Out.

Hurricane Irma set records in two ways: top sustained winds (185 mph, beating the 175 mph from Hurricane Andrew) and lowest central pressure (914 mb, just ahead of the 915 mb estimated for Hurricane Isabel in 2003). The only hurricane recorded anywhere in the Atlantic with stronger sustained winds than Irma was Hurricane Allen (1980), at 190 mph. Irma racked up a 37-hour stretch with top winds of 185 mph. This beats the global record of 24 hours at or above 185 mph set by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Irma spent a total of 3.25 days at Category 5 strength, most of it in a long stretch from Sept. 5 to 8. This puts Irma in a tie with the 1932 Cuba hurricane as the Atlantic storm with the most hours at Cat 5 strength. Before Irma, no Atlantic storm in the satellite era (1966-present) had racked up three consecutive days as a Cat 5. Only Hurricane Ivan (2004) spent more time as a major hurricane (Cat 3/4/5) than Irma's 8.5 days.

THINGS TO FIND: Man this whole hurricane ordeal has been one big fucking rollercoaster, let me tell you that. Thankfully my neighborhood has this far been a looter free zone.

Hurricane Irma: Lowe's customer gives last generator to fellow shopper
Delta Just Added Another Final Domestic 747 Flight
normally this would bother my OCD but in this case i'll make an exception
Photos of the Destruction Hurricane Irma Left Behind
True Bostonian spirit while waiting for the red line.
coworkers's dog when he realized it's his cake
Keyshawn Johnson Pulls Son Out of Nebraska, Becomes Father of the Year Candidate
Container ship propeller in motion as seen though an inspection window
yeah, real subtle grandpa
Utah cop who arrested nurse over blood draw fired from second job
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Cristiana Capotondi Nip Slip on the Red Carpet
Nipples at NY Fashion Week RoundUp! Sara Sampaio, Elsa Hosk and Others!
Courtney Stodden topless
The Beach Spy Part 164
Davina Rankin
dude NSFW!

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