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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
November 30, 2015

Thirty Days Hath November. And They Went By Fast As Fuck.

Remember your favorite sweet and sour candy from your youth that made you pucker? Sour Apple Pucker is a member of DeKuyper's Pucker sweet and sour schnapps family, with a flavor similar to Granny Smith apples. Now you can get that same flavor in a bottle. The company says the cordial delivers a burst of sweet apple flavor followed by a mouth puckering sour. Try it in some of these 66 different drink recipes, and perhaps you'll stumble across one that Ms. Apple really likes.

Live Nation Entertainment is an American entertainment company, formed from the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. It owns, leases, operates, has booking rights for and/or equity interest in a large number of U.S. entertainment venues. The leadership consists of John C. Malone, chairman of Liberty Media as chairman and Michael Rapino -- previously chief executive officer of Live Nation -- as president and CEO of the company.

And if you are wondering what to get Nicole Larson for christmas? might I suggest this Dominos easy button. And yes, can quote me on that.

Most sources say that the clementine came to exist because of accidental hybridization, with the first fruits discovered by Brother Clément Rodier (after whom the fruit was named in French and then English) in the garden of his orphanage in Misserghin, Algeria. However, there are claims it originated in China much earlier; one source describes it as nearly identical to the Canton mandarin widely grown in the Guangxi and Guangdong provinces in China. This variety was introduced into California commercial agriculture in 1914, though it was grown at the Citrus Research Center as early as 1909.

Ernie, Trying to go 2 for 2... She is standing in the parking lot of the Rite Aid (8230 Martin Way East, Lacey, WA 98516) and it would appear the recently renovated Jack in the Box is across the street (8215 Martin Way E, Lacey, WA 98516). Thanks for doing what you do, Jason

Damn, I love Jack in the Box. 2 tacos for a buck at 3am hits the spot. That young lady is sharing her taco in Lacey, WA. Here's the Google. Brian.

Now this is the mark of a true champion: Holly Holm has nothing but nice things to say about both Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather. In fact, she even found the most gracious way possible to say she'd kick Rousey's ass 10 times out of 10, and still not sound conceited.

Here's what would have been a great photo challenge, rendered more or less impossible by the absense of any clues or additional photographs. Sure it's 754 Something Street, and the architecture looks San Francisco -- or maybe New York'ish? Nah, probably San Francisco -- but other than that, the photo is a dead end. So instead of that practically impossible challenge, I'll ask you to find the bar that has a pool with a runway build in the middle of it.

Hey Ernie, You can take the beautiful Dominika and her perfect landing strip for a beer in Prague, Czech Republic. . I might suggest Back Doors Cocktail Bar which is across the street. More of her showing it all here. Also, that dog posing in front of the fuzzy microphone cover seems to be having guite a life, judging by these pics. Apparently the dog is a pet of the crew of this porno site from Australia. In my next life, I know what I want to come back as. Tim

Hi Ernie, Got a blog post here with all of the Sheldon Cooper Fun With Flags episodes from the Big Bang Theory. Any chance you could feature it on EHOWA? Best Regards, Dave E

Well, the tide may finally be turning in our favor, kids. For the first time in almost three years, Walmart is selling .22 ammo for $0.045 per round. Keep in mind I picked up these boxes about three weeks ago, for $22 each and was damn glad to do so. So perhaps we can all start keeping a close watch on Walmart's ammo prices as a whole, and notice a downward trend.

Okay, entry level photo challenge: see if you can tell me whether or not this metal cell phone tower (?) is still standing. Oh, and still no sources on my folding ladder yet.

November 28, 2015

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

tony soprano's escalade went up for auction with a starting bid of $5,000. the winning bid? a little higher than that.

your weekend boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen

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November 27, 2015

Insert Your Favorite #ALLFRIDAYSMATTER Here.

PHOTO CHALLENGE: Nice and easy, Japanesesy: find this red roof on Streetview.

Given this is the Friday after Thanksgiving, I was hoping today's FRIDAY FLICK would be Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but I shit you not, within the last 4 hours the Youtube video I was going to use ended up getting deleted. Same thing for a movie I was less enthusiastic about, The Blind Side. So fuck it, here's Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special from 1973.

Generally speaking I don't give a shit when a celebrity dies, but I'll admit every once in a blue moon a celeb passes that I actually feel a little sad about. I do however, with one hundred percent certainty, always feel terribly sad when a celebrity's dog dies and they post a touching tribute. So long Jackie, we hardly knew ye.

The Latin phrase "Ducunt Volentem Fata, Nolentem Trahunt" tranalstes to, "The fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling." It was written by Seneca the Younger, also known as Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher and adviser to the Emperor Nero, so it's about as truly Latin a phrase as you could possible put in your skin.

PHOTO CHALLENGE: Nice and easy, Japanesesy: where can I buy this sweet ass locking ladder?

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody! Now Give Me Your Money.

"OMG! Thank you so much! You guys are amazing! What you do for us troops really is something special and we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Happy Holidays! " -- an Airman flying from Patrick AFB, FL to Des Moines, IA.

"Thank you so much for giving us service members the opportunity to go back home during the holiday season. If there is anything I can do for you. You got my email. " -- a Marine flying from Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan to Denver, CO.

"Wow! Thank you so much, I can't even begin to express my gratitude to you all. This really made my holiday season and I am so incredibly excited to see my family after a year and a half of being overseas. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Thank you again for making this holiday special for me and my family!" -- a Soldier flying from Ramstein AB, Germany to Boston, MA.

"I received the email and ticket information. Thank you so much. I am very grateful for your organization and the help that you provide!" -- an Airman flying from Elmendorf AFB, AK to Charleston, SC.

"This is such a terrific gift, thank you. I haven't been home to see my family in three years and this will be a welcomed surprise! Thank you to everyone who helped!" -- A Sailor flying from Fleet Activities, Sasebo, Japan to San Juan, PR."

"I have received this email, it's an amazing thing you guys do i am beyond grateful. Thank you so so much!" -- a Marine flying from Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan to Miami, FL.

Here is a status update for Let's Bring Em Home -- so far we have received $35,230.67 from 249 different donors, and completed 32 of 41 ticket requests. We still need another $9,118.28 before we square up the pending applications we have now, and open the doors to more ticket requests heading into Christmas and New Years...

"Hi . Thanks for all you do. What a great and much needed program. I am currently looking for a way to help my son who is in the USMC get from Pensacola Florida naval air station to home in South Carolina for Christmas."

"I've been on GRF at Fort Bragg, NC and have little time to check during the day, but as a new private, am struggling to scrape together the coin to fly to VPS airport in Valparaiso Florida. Please let me or my mother know as soon as possible. Thank you so much for what you do for me and my boys. Infantry Leads the Way."

"I live in Northeast Texas. I have a son, that enlisted and started sent to his First Duty Station at Fort Lewis, Washington. I would love for him to be able to come home Christmas, but I really want him home on January 1st. You see, I was a single mother until three years ago and finally found the love of my life and we are getting married on that day. I'm having a very very simple wedding and are getting married in the back yard of our home, and all I want is my son to be home for my wedding. I have looked at flights from Seattle to Dallas/Fort Worth and because of the holidays, the tickets are expensive. My son went ahead and put in for leave, and he and I both agreed that if he couldn't make it home for Christmas we would both want him to make my wedding a priority. I'm asking if you could consider my email as my son's application for Let's Bring Em Home. Any help will be a blessing. Thank you for your time and consideration."

"Hi! Are you guys accepting domestic applications for Sailors for Christmas yet? My son is stationed in California an we are in Florida, he is deploying in January and we want to find a way to get him home for Christmas and for his baby brothers birthday Christmas week."

"Today I got a call from my son the Marine. He told us he did not have the money for a ticket to get home. I am the only one working in the family and don't know how I can come up with this kind of money for a ticket. Is there any way you can send me to someone that may help on getting my Marine home. Thank you, Mom of a Marine...all I want for Christmas is my son home for Christmas."

"My son is at camp Johnson North Carolina...this is his first Thanksgiving away however his dad is I'll with a heart condition. His grandmother came up from Florida to see him as she hasn't seen him in 3 years and is 70years old. This is the last Thanksgiving that he will be able to see her due to health and money issues. We looked for flights and couldn't find one less than $1000 and he only has 3and1/2 days per his Gunnery SGT. He said if there were a way for him to fly home for Christmas then we could drive as a family to see her but those flights are even worse. We were given your information by a SGT who knows of our financial and health issues and said if anyone can help it would be you as long as we promised to pay it forward when we could. So I guess our question is....what can we do. We truly know this will be the last holidays for him to see her and he would be devastated if he didn't get a chance to spend some time with her while she still can. Can you tell us where to turn or what to do.....thank you!"

So if you're enjoying your Thanksgiving, why not show a little support for those folks in uniform who are away from their families, so that you can safely be with yours. Thank you in advance for your generous support, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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