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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
May 26, 2016

So Holy Shit, May Has Almost Come To A Close. That Was Fast.

Cord protectors are the go-to solution for this problem, ensuring that your cables don't sustain damage from heavy traffic, and protecting that traffic from trip hazards. From discreet and decorative floor covers that match your home décor to high visibility heavy duty multi-channel models that can withstand serious foot traffic, if you're running cords, cables and wires across any surface where foot or vehicle traffic is going to occur, a cord cover is an essential investment.

To achieve your dreams, remember your ABCs. That's the third edition, by the way.

Woodbrass is a French musical instruments sales company founded in 1999, and occupies the #1 spot in the sale of instruments and internet music equipment and also include five stores in Paris. These stores are called "Woodbrass Stores " and represent 15000 sq/ft of exhibition space. In 2013 Woodbrass was ranked 67th in the list of 100 leading online retailers of the French e-commerce E-Commerce Mag. The company has 70 employees divided between the head office in Nantes and shops located in Paris. The Woodbrass website offers 90,000 different instruments for sale and receives over a million visits per month.

What's the diamater of your favorite varmint killing, soda can busting .22LR bullet? Why exactly .223 inches, of course, meaning it can be fired through your standard AR-15 rifle barrel. And with this CMMG .22LR Drop-in Conversion Kit for $152 - and that includes one 25 round magazine, you can tactically operate on squirrels all day long for less than one third of the least expensive steel cased .223 ammo out there.

After long struggle to get all necessary permissions, the 662 ton ex-Yugoslav Navy command ship VIS was finally scuttled for recreational diving purposes off Polje cove near Cape Kamenjak, Istrian peninsula, Croatia. The catch is, they detonated the scuttling charges while two people were still on board.

Ernie: Had to be either the Wynn or the Encore based on how the TI, the Mirage, and Caesars line up in the photo. The position of the skylights confirms that it is the Encore, not the Wynn. You can see the distinctive skylights here. Martov

She is at the Encore, looking S-SW - The oval thing visible in the pic is across the street at the fashion show mall. I'll be there in 2 weeks for the HP convention at the Venetian - I'll have to see if she is still around. (a different) Tim

Good morning Ernie. Hope you are doing well. The hot chick is staying at the Encore Tower of the Wynn hotel probably in one of the Tower King Suites since she is on a lower floor and the bedding seems to match. Anyway, here is her line of sight and you can see the corresponding skylights on the roof: Take care bro. Eric

Well, looks like somebody bought 1000 watts of something made by Sony. What is it?

In this rebuttal video, James O'Keefe confronts Katie Couric's use of deceptive editing -- she she cut 4 hours worth of interview -- in her documentary mockumentary "Under the Gun". He explains that you can't trust the mainstream media when they falsely accuse journalists like O'Keefe of deceptively editing videos, but then actually deceptively edit and manipulate audio to deceive the public. O'Keefe argues that the mainstream media needs to be held to the same standards they hold him.

In order to fully experience SWANH.NET, you have to scroll through a giant, unbroken image that measures 123 meters in real length. Every line of dialogue found in the film is presented in the image, as are all the characters, ships, planets, locations, action scenes, and narrative events, all depicted as you've never seen them before.

Many species of army ant are widely considered to be keystone species, due to the high number of vertebrate and invertebrate associates that rely on army ant colonies for nutrition or protection. During their hunt, many surface-raiding army ants are accompanied by various birds, such as antbirds, thrushes, ovenbirds and wrens, which devour the insects that are flushed out by the ants, a behavior known as cleptoparasitism. A wide variety of arthropods including staphylinid beetles and mites also follow colonies.

May 25, 2016

Well, I've Had Just About Enough Of This Shit Already.

The Veterans Affairs office has made it a practice to report veterans to the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check system. Any veteran who needs help doing paper work or is assigned a fiduciary trustee to act on their behalf is automatically declared “mentally defective” and is reported to NICS, the database Federal Firearms Licensees use to determine whether a prospective buyer is eligible to buy guns. As of December 2015 the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs -- yes, this VA -- has reported 260,381 veterans to the FBI, effectively making them prohibited firearms possessors under the law. And who stopped a recent effort to restore these veteran's Second Amdendment rights? That'd be Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin. Meanwhile, still no plans for how they're going to get guns out of the hands of fine upstanding citizens such as this.

Organizing your pots and pans can be a daunting task to tackle in your kitchen, because they are all so big and unwieldy. That, and there are lots of ways to do it, some of which work better in certain kitchens than others. Using such a rack can be a good idea in a kitchen where you've not got much cabinet space, but do have lots of wall space, or high ceilings. It seems most people think of hanging pot and pan racks as the default method for storing these items, but really there are lots of ways to do it, some of which may work better for you.

Old and busted: Kurt Cobain's old apartment on Airbnb. The new hotness: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lair on Airbnb.

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, a then 23-year-old former special teams captain of the University of Maryland football team. Plank initially began the business from his grandmother's basement in Washington, D.C. He spent his time traveling up and down the East Coast with nothing but apparel in the trunk of his car. His first team sale came at the end of 1996 with a $17,000 sale. As of January 28, 2016 the fourth quarter net revenues for 2015 increased 31% to $1.17 Billion while the full year net revenues increased 28% to $3.96 Billion. Based on these impressive numbers, Under Armour has updated its 2016 net revenues outlook to approximately $4.95 Billion.

Looks like your regular run of the mill Mosin Nagants have crept up to $199; to be honest at this point, just cough up the extra $80 and choose an arsenal refinished Hex Receiver Dragoon with matching bayonet for $279. The ex-Dragoons are worth it, trust me.

Pop quiz, hotshot. What hotel am I looking for that affords this view towards the TI?

Well it looks like Maria Alimentacio's is closed now, but maybe if you follow Lauren Crist around Barcelona, you'll find another location for your treats. Rick

Ernie, Looks like this is getting fired up again. Not sure what we can expect to happen, but it's nice to know there might one day be some accountability. ---Martin

Nivia Sports is an Indian sports equipments manufacturer based in Jalandhar, Punjab under the banner of FreeWill Sports Pvt Ltd, incorporated in 1934 in Sialkot by Nihal Chand Kharbanda. In 1962, Vijay Kharbanda joined his father in business and set up Nivia Sports. The 1947 partition of the country saw the campany shift its base from Sialkot to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Meerut finally settling in Jalandhar. In the year 1962, the present CMD of the company, Mr. Vijay Kharbanda, joined hands with his father and started manufacturing the full range of leather hand stitched balls, soccer, volleyball, handball, basketball under Nivia Sports.

Abiola Aborishade doesn't want a guarantee, he just wants a chance. The former UMass Dartmouth receiver has been standing outside of Gillette Stadium every single day for the last month, trying to get the New England Patriots' attention. His message is simple: Just give me a tryout.

And you know, just this morning realized I missed out on a nice photo challenge yesterday... somewhere around Prague in the Czech Republic, I'm guessing?

May 24, 2016

I Did Insert My Favorite Title, Godammit.

For many, the end of the world might seem daunting, but for these festival goers a post-apocalyptic world in the middle of a Californian desert is a form of escapism. At least this is the case for Mike Orr who is known as 'Sweet Lips' at Wasteland Weekend - the annual four-day festival that allows lovers of the Mad Max movie franchise to see what it is really like to live in a society where civilization is crumbling. "It's the end of the world," Orr said of Wasteland Weekend, which attracts thousands from across the country. "You get to do whatever you want to do."

According to the Tumblr blog I snagged this from, this photo was taken near Gunnison Beach in New Jersey, but hell if I can figure out where. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did?

Before puberty, the abdominal region of both males and females is covered with very fine vellus hair. In response to rising levels of androgens during and after puberty, the skin of the abdomen begins to produce coarser, longer and more pigmented hair. This process affects primarily men. Initially hair grows in a vertical line from the pubic area up to the navel and from the thorax down to the navel. With some men, the abdominal hair will stay within a clearly defined vertical line, but in others, terminal hair will appear laterally as well as vertically, particularly in the area around the navel. Some women may develop a small line of hair from the pubic area up to the navel. Excessive abdominal hair on women, following the male pattern, is a type of hirsutism.

Yesterday I mentioned the NRA officially endorsed Donald Trump for president; here's his full acceptance speech.

Hi Ernie, Got an infographic here with dating profiles for some of the most memorable Star Wars characters Best Regards, Dave

Ernie, That would be the Manhattan Beach pier and the building at the end is the Roundhouse Aquarium. Jefferson [Ernie says: Close, but no banana.]

Hey Ernie- Mark again. That's the Manhattan Beach Pier. I grew up in Manhattan Beach and spend my first 18 years of life sitting on the sand all day long. Here's a great webcam of the current surf conditions! Mark [Ernie says: Cool webcam but again, no banana.]

A bimini top is an open-front canvas top for the cockpit of a boat, usually supported by a metal frame. Most biminis can be collapsed when not in use, and raised again if shade or shelter from rain is desired. The bimini is used mostly as protection from the sun; it offers little to no protection from wind, rain, or spray when moving forward at any speed. The job of the bimini top strap is to securely hold open the bimini top. Besides securing the top against wind and wooble, they will also pull the bimini open taut enough so the bimini will not hold water.

Mars Ice Cream takes the nation's favourite chocolate brands and translates them into delicious, creamy ice cream. From the classic taste of Mars, the number one ice cream bar in the market, to the nation's favorite Klondike bars, Mars Ice Cream has a range of products that will excite shoppers! So show me where can I try one! Now as for what pier we're trying to find from yesterday, note the a series of two smaller buildings as you head out the pier towards the red roofed circular building at the end.

I have been coming to your site since exactly September 11, 2001. Virtually every fucking day. What is wrong with me, I do not know! Haha. Softball crushed over the fence! Glen

Big Ern- First chasing Gwen around Prague and now Katerina all around Budapest. Dude, wish I were still young enough to be doing all this Euro tail chasing on the realz!! Anywho, Fortuna Campground outside of Budapest is the location. Although peg man can't enter for a street view, the building is dead center of the map view and apparently the green tables are still there. The video from which the stills came from is here. Forward to 1:17 for the green picnic table encounter. It appears the seat was a bit hot for her fine little naked ass, hence the look on her face in the photo. Lucky dude she sat with also made his way into a couple more shots/scenes. Another fine challenge indeed good sir! John

If'n you're in the need, Gander Mountain has some quality .22LR in stock -- a 500 brick of Thunderbolt LRN for $20 and 525 brick of HPs for $35 -- free shipping on orders over $50.

Long prized for its deeply purple, glossy beauty as well as its unique taste and texture, eggplants are now available in markets throughout the year, but they are at their very best from August through October when they are in season. Eggplants belong to the nightshade family of vegetables, which also includes tomatoes, sweet peppers and potatoes. They grow in a manner much like tomatoes, hanging from the vines of a plant that grows several feet in height. While the different varieties do range slightly in taste and texture, one can generally describe the eggplant as having a spongy texture and pleasantly bitter taste.

May 23, 2016

Evidently Sciatica Is Nature's Way of Telling You You're A Fat Fuck And It's Time To Lose Weight.

For over 75 years, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner has been America's family favorite. And just looking at that box, you can almost taste why. The classic smiling macaroni drenched in creamy cheese sauce will make you fall in love with every bite. Sometimes you're in the mood for delicious homestyle taste. Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese makes a tasty, nutritious meal or side dish that both adults and kids will love. Kids love the cheesy flavor and smooth, creamy consistency. Kraft Easy Mac is microwaveable, making it quick and easy to prepare. Rich in calcium and iron, Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese is a healthy complement to any meal or a satisfying main dish all on its own.

Much to my -- and I think everyone else's -- complete and utter surprise, the GOP has kept true to their word about not holding confirmation hearings on Anton Scalia's replacement tot he Supreme Court. And let's be honest, I think everyone was pretty sure they were going to fold by now, amirite? Anyway, this makes the upcoming Presidential election that much more important because with Scalia's vacant seat, plus an estimated two additional appointees thanks to the geriatric Ruth Bater Ginsberg is 83 years old, Anthony Kennedy is 80, and by the time the election itself rolls around, Stephen Breyer will be 78. Couple that with Obama's two appointments over his term and there's a strong chance to stack the Supreme court into a very non-Second Amendmend friendly majority for the next several generations should The Shrillz get elected. Is this enough for the rest of the sane wqorld to throw themselves begind Trump? Well, given she's not opposed to an Australian style firearm ban, the goos folks at the NRA think so, and I have to admit it, I'm coming around to that same conclusion as well,

We've featured her before, we know some of her local haunts, so let's see if we can't track down this pier with a red building at the end.

If you head down the M36 south of Tyubuk Russia you will find the cafe HactEha, but it looks like all the pool floats have been sold. More pictures of her are located here Rick

Ernie, the open house was happening somewhere up Babcock Ave., north of Victory Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA. Jefferson

Over the course of the past few years, the Czech Republic's CEE beer brands have had to deal with many dramatic adjustments to product, business, and market behavior across the region. Changing habits or legislation drove some of these changes, while brewers themselves implemented others. At that time, parent company Plzensky Prazdroj wanted to launch a fruit-flavored beer in the Czech Republic — probably the most conservative of all CEE beer markets. Since Czech consumers at the time would be outraged atany change to their beloved liquid, Cocoon Group developed a new category just for this product: Frisco Crystal Cooler was introduced to the market with no overt connection to Plzensky Prazdroj or its other beer products.

Sure we'll never see a second season of Firefly, but don't worry they're Training Day into a tv series. My nigga.

Colombia is a country situated in the northwest of South America, bordered to the northwest by Panama; to the east by Venezuela and Brazil; to the south by Ecuador and Peru; and it shares maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Colombia is rich in natural resources, and its main exports include mineral fuels, oils, forest products, coffee, sugars and sugar confectionery. The flag of Colombia is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and red. The yellow stripe takes up the top half of the flag and the blue and red take up a quarter of the space each.

Ernie, the glass paneled TRAM station is the Ca Aranyo stop on the T4 line in Barcelona. Our view is from behind the original photographer because Google refuses to drive through the middle of tram stations (I actually did that once in Germany, fun times!). Our alfresco beauty was standing halfway between the dude in the jacket and the park bench at left. Note the Glories sign in the window in both pics. Lt Dan

Good Morning. Sciatica is like a toothache in your butt! Best cure is massage and exercise. Take it easy. The UTV dealer is North Valley Honda Kawasaki at 14827 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix AZ. Here is their website and here is the street view. The street pic was taken in July 2015 and the chick is gone, and it looks like Angel is gone as of June 2014. Regards. Eric R.

Well if you're really good, if you really know your way around the web and Google Maps and Streetview, you should be able to find me these green picnic tables. But only if you're good.

This Busted Knuckle garage wall clock is quite possibly the coolest way to tell time! It measures 12 inches in diameter with a black chrome bezel, a glass dome shaped face and a quartz movement driven by one AA battery. Just like neon clock, it still lets you know how much time you frittered away twisting wrenches and flipping through shop manuals while out in the garage. It features the famous Busted Knuckle logo on a great looking clock.

May 21, 2016

Insert Your Favorite ARMED FORCED DAY Joke Here.

FAST.COM: check your internet speed with this super clean NETFLIX powered site

remember this asshole who tried to burn an American flag a few years ago? here is his now in new york (big surprise)

buying police trade ins: here's the how to guide. here's the NRA rating guide.
and here are some GREAT deals on Glock 22's with night sites: good for $299 and very good for $329.

ARMED FORCES DAY boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen

So Holy Shit, May Has Almost Come To A Close....

Well, I've Had Just About Enough Of This Shit...

I Did Insert My Favorite Title, Godammit....

Evidently Sciatica Is Nature's Way of Telling...

Insert Your Favorite ARMED FORCED DAY Joke He...

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