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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
August 31, 2015

Do These Boots Make My Legs Look Fat?

Easy Peasy challenge: I hate vandals. Show me where SKRAP wrote on jockey number nine so I can alert the proper authorities.

The Pontiac Fiero is a mid-engined sports car that was built by Pontiac from 1984 to 1988, and designed by George Milidrag and Hulki Aldikacti as a sports car. Many technologies incorporated in the Fiero design such as plastic body panels and hidden headlamps were radical for its time. The public had high expectations for the Fiero with its mid-engine layout and aggressive styling, which resembled exotic mid-engine sports cars like the Ferrari 308GTB. While initially garnering good reviews for its handling, the Fiero soon received negative reviews from other automotive critics who expected higher performance from a mid-engine two-seater.

Building on my This Asshole vs This Asshole reference from this weekend. There is nothing more pitiful, nothing more maddening, as a grieving parent so tangled up in their emotions that they channel all of that grief and all of that anger into some misguided crusade to violate the rights of innocent people who played absolutely no part in their child's undoing.

Intermediate Challenge: It seems to be that this girl is having second thoughts about strolling through the park naked. Any idea where she might be?

This video needs no introduction beyond PORN. STAR. CATFIGHT. You're WELCOME.

That sports fan is on the field at Ram Stadium, on the campus of Shepherd University, in beautiful downtown Shepherdstown, WV. My kid used to play flag football there. Keep up the good work. Regards, Stu

I can sum this past Saturday night's Sugar Shane Mosley versus Ricardo "The Matador" Mayorga boxing match as follows: Ricardo Mayorga grabs crotch, mocks Shane Mosley, gets knocked out 3 rounds later. In fact, there came a point when the camera panned to Mayorga's wife at ringside, seated with some of their 10 children, crying her eyes out as she watched her husband absorb punishment.

Most dofficult challenge: Assuming this car was purchased on the island and not imported from the mainland, show me where this hatchback was purchased.

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that may occur inside or outside the rectum. Hemorrhoids can usually be managed by eating a high-fiber diet and drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day, and usually do not cause problems. However, if hemorrhoids bleed a lot or cause pain, hemorrhoid surgery can remove them. A hemorrhoidectomy is is the most aggressive approach and there is a markedly decreased chance of the hemorrhoids returning. There is a potential for complications with this procedure; however, they occur less than 5% of the time. Complications include infection, mild bleeding, and stenosis where scarring causes the anus to narrow.

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August 29, 2015

Insert Your Favorite Hurricane Tropical Storm Tropical Ddepression Weekend Joke Here.

what if i told you there is absolutely no difference between this asshole and this asshole.

your weekend boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen

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August 28, 2015

Erika, You Bitch. Hurricane Preparations Start Today.

If you own a 2003 Buick LeSabre, you'll be surprised to learn the battery to you Buick is located under the rear passenger seat. If you put your fingers between the seat itself and the back rest and pull outwards it will pop out, and the battery under the seat. If you are going to replace your battery, be sure not to discard the rubber tube that connects to the battery. This vents to gases produced the battery to the atmosphere. I would jump the vehicle from under the hood and drive it around to fully charge the battery before replacement. The positive jump terminal is on the passenger side. under the hood.

The Kingsford Company was formed by Henry Ford and E.G. Kingsford during the early 1920s, and manufactured charcoal was developed from Ford Motor Company's factory waste wood scrap. Today, the Kingsford Products Company remains the leading manufacturer of charcoal in the US, enjoying 80 percent market share. One of the best ways to light Kingsford charcoal briquets is with Kingsford's lighter fluid; packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle, this odorless liquid lacks the foul chemical smell you expect from lighter fluid, but it catches quickly to get you ready for grilling.

I don't consider myself a sports guru, so perhaps someone else recognizes this football team's logo painted on the 50 yard line?

Before anyone gets their panties in a wad about Walmart phasing out AR-15 sales, please take a minute to read this note from a Walmart manager. In short, there's a glut of AR-15s on the market that resulted from the post-Sandy Hook production ramp up. Walmart has been selling the ARs they had at a loss just to get rid of them. So until the market stabilizes, they're focusing on other (more profitable) firearms for now. And yes, Walmart will continue to sell ammo as usual. Or you can choose to sign up for your free 30-Day Sportsman's Guide Club Membership and Double Discount coupon you'll get 20% off footwear, clothing and gear, and 10% off ammo.

Decades ago, families often spent more quality time together. There were significantly fewer distracting options than there are today, where we now cope with 300 channels on the television, personal computers, and sophisticated video games. Family game night is something that could work for families and encourage spending quality time together. Think it will be difficult to schedule the time? DVR one or two of your regular television shows and watch them after the kids go to sleep for the night.

Hey Ernie, it looks like the catamaran with galvanic action on the chain is moored in Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Where they can slip over to North Latitude Marina in the background for fuel, ice and a quick rinse after having a cool refreshing beverage at Foxy's.

Just in case no one has gotten this one yet, those ladies are wearing their Chicago Girls Extreme! t-shirts. It appears to be a defunct site showcasing the lovely girls of Chicago. Cameron

The Harman/Kardon TU 9400 AM/FM tuner from the 1990s is a solid little performer in very clean condition. It lacks some of the frills of other tuners – it never came with a remote, for instance – but it does the job very well, drawing stations with ease and clarity. The TU-9400 features 24 presets for instant recall of frequencies as well as any customized settings for each, an auxiliary AC outlet on the rear panel, and a Hi-Blend switch to reduce noise from weaker stations.

Remember the Ronda Rousey porn parody? Well here's the teaser trailer. You're welcome.

The only way to truly fix the broken and overburdened NICS background check system is to scrap it entirely, and redirect the funds toward fixing mental health treatment, fixing the justice system, and supporting law enforcement. Because guess what kids, the instant background check system doesn't fucking work.

And so far, no one can tell me what the fuck this folding white thing is.

August 27, 2015

She Loves The.... Well, You Know.

While I'm not a fan of Donald Trump, in his latest showdown he ordered Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of a news conference Tuesday, telling him to "go back to Univision." Ramos, who like Trump is known for his confrontational style, didn't back down until he was escorted out of the room by security. Eventually, Ramos was invited back, where he sparred with Trump over the Republican candidate's immigration proposals. If you have a difficult time digesting what happened, perhaps this will bring things into focus for you.

In the second installment of Karl Ove Knausgaard's monumental six-volume masterpiece, the character moves to Stockholm, where, having left his wife, he leads a solitary existence. He strikes up a deep friendship with another exiled Norwegian, a Nietzschean intellectual and boxing fanatic named Geir. He also tracks down Linda, whom he met at a writers' workshop a few years earlier and who fascinated him deeply. My Struggle: Book 2 is at heart a love story--the story of Karl Ove falling in love with his second wife.

Meet 26 year old Darcie Arahill. During the week the tanned and toned blond babe is an office manager and book keeper; on the weekend she battles deep-sea monsters on a 23-foot boat while wearing nothing but a bikini. Tuna, swordfish, Mahi Mahi -- and on occasion an 8 foot bull shark -- all fall prey to her rod and reel off the coast of Florida.

Growing up, I always wondered what being on the "dirty side" of the hurricane meant. After moving to Florida, I figured it was in my best interest to learn the answer. Since most hurricanes in the Atlantic basin follow a northwesterly track -- originating low in the Atlantic off the western coast of Africa and moving up and left (north and east) into the US's eastern seaboard. In short, on one side the storm's movement in relation to the ground is added to the wind speed; on the other side the storm's movement is subtracted from the wind speed. And that's ladies and germs, is why you never want to be in the right front quadrant of a hurricane.

Hi Ernie, Just finished off working on a blog post with some funny plumbing related pictures. Best Regards, David

Hey Ern, I have been to this spot several times in my adventures. I LOVE New Orleans. So much music, food, and Shenanigans. Well, the place where the girl in the green boots is prancing around is the corner of Bourbon St and St. Louis. If you look to the right of the girls, in the doorway, you will see the glass panes above the doors match. The big building is off to the distance. Also, the Hustler Barely Legal club sign (red white and blue sign) matches. As always, love the site and the challenges. Tom

While I feel pretty comfortable stating that Contestant Number 1 is in the lead of this wet-tshirt contest, hell if I can make out where it's being hosted? Is that Chicago Club?

Okay, I'll admit these are more cool than practical but... Cold Steel 22" kukri machete for $17.84 and since there's free shipping on any order $35 or more, buy two and boom! because doing that is a shit ton eaier than doing this.

A little sweet, a little sentimental, but packing contemporary color punch, pink roses are your go-to multipurpose roses. It's said that darker pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation, while lighter pinks are associated with gentleness and admiration. So whether you're sending thanks, cheering up a friend, or a recognizing a romantic occasion, pink roses get it right every time.

These are the fuckers that got Pelosi to screw the Samoans on the Federal minimum wage. Also her old man is a big stock holder. Fuck 'em where they breath. Cheers, Pet.

I think I Love Berlin now, too! You're looking for this place, though the Streetview is a little dated (Oct 2009) so it's not an Apple store just yet. If you turn around, you can see the empty shop windows, clock in the median, and balconies across the street all match. lt-dan

I don't know that I would call this last photo a challenge, so much as I am asking what the fuck is this folding white thing? I must have stared at that picture for twenty minutes. It looks like it would make a nice folding gangplank between two boats, but it's too high and doesn't look sturdy enough to suppose the weight of a person. But you can see the segment and the aluminum (?) rails that support the side. A folding table, perhaps? Seriously, what the fuck is it?

Burger King: Hey McDonalds, Hows about we combine our two dignature burgers and call it the McWhopper? What do you say, bruh? MsDonalds: How's about you fuck off, bruh.

Anheuser-Busch tried to disprove the theory that all light beers taste the same in a new $50 million campaign for Bud Light, accompanied by the tagline: "The difference is drinkability." The new work seems to be a response to MillerCoor's strategy to take on the No. 1 beer brand by positioning Miller Lite as a beer that offers "great taste" and Coors Light as "The world's most refreshing beer."


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