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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
August 4, 2015

Everytime I Said That As a Kid, I Got My Mouth Washed Out With Soap.

The Honest Company, co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, is now the focus of customer complaints and photos of sunburned children posted online. The company's “natural mineral-based skin protection” lotion has been advertised as a safe and simple alternative to sunscreens containing synthetic chemicals, providing 80 minutes of water resistance and “broad spectrum' skin protection against the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. if you've tried -- and gotten burned, heh -- by Alba's snake oil, might I sugest you try Avene's Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion? It contains a unique UVA/UVB filter system enhanced with powerful antioxidant protection from Vitamin E, plus intensive 24-hour hydration and 80 minutes of water resistance.

Here's a very nice exterior tour of the South Padre Island's Tequila Frogs from back in 2008; a popular spring break destination that according to their Facebook page is permanently closed as of 2012. I tried to look them up on Streetview but couldn't get close enough to the oceanfront to verify exactly where on property this photo was taken.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is an upcoming American action thriller film produced and directed by Michael Bay and tells the story of the six members of a security team who fought to defend the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, after the attack of radical Islamist terrorists on September 11, 2012, the 11th anniversary of 9/11 attacks. You can watch the trailer for 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, although the movie is set to come out in January, 2016.

Only God Can Judge Me is the eighth studio album by American hip hop recording artist Master P, released in October, 1999, by No Limit Records and Priority Records. It was considered a "comeback album" for the established rapper, as 1998's MP Da Last Don was slated to be his final release. Only God Can Judge Me was produced primarily by Master P and Carlos Stephens as well as Jermaine Dupri, and features several guest contributions from fellow American rappers such as Nas, Jermaine Dupri, Mac, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal and Magic.

Hey Ernie, This is a short but frightening video of my brother's close encounter with a Mako Shark off the coast of Huntington Beach, California. Fast Forward to 2:10 to get to where the action starts…Brad

Funny thing Big Ern, watching BBQ Pitmasters reruns last night, one of the teams was from Puyallup, WA. Don't remember seeing that girl on the team though, guess she was still standing about here. John

A couple of people have written in and expressed concern regarding my suggection to pick up the Taurus Millenium Pro G2 handgun, because of the recently announced TAURUS RECALL, where the guns could fire when dropped. Two points of interest. First, that recall does NOT affect the older metal frame pistols based upon Beretta designs (Taurus PT92) or more importantly, the newer G2 (Generation 2) models including the Millenium Pro G2 I've suggested on numerous occasions. In fact, if you watch the Millenium Pro G2 as reviewed by Hickok45 (who paid $260!) he notes that Taurus has indeed made a huge turnaround within the last year or so. Their older stuff was indeed shit, no arguments here. But the company really has entered a turn around and their new stuff is markedly better made. In addition to Hickok45's review, this guy sums up his (and my) experience nicely... that is to say I wanted to hate it, but I actually kinda like it. True, the trigger sucks and certainly takes getting used to, but for $199 brand new handgun... with a fucking lifetime warranty? You simply won't find a better handgun out there for the price tag. I don't regret buying mine at all.

To reptiles, sunlight is life. Reptiles are quite literally solar powered; every aspect of their lives is governed by their daily experience of solar light and heat, or the artificial equivalent when they are housed indoors. Careful provision of lighting is essential for a healthy reptile in captivity. The spectrum of sunlight includes infrared, visible light (the colors we see in the rainbow), and ultraviolet light, which is subdivided into UVA, UVB and UVC. Humans have three types of retinal cone cells for color vision, and their brains combine the information from these cells and perceive the blend as a certain color. Most reptiles, however, have a fourth cone type, which responds to UVA. These reptiles see a much more colorful rainbow than humans do, which makes providing natural lighting quite a challenge. This extra color perception is especially important to many reptile species in recognizing others of their species and even food items.

She is at the West Side Chevron on HWY 93 in Kingman, AZ. The closest cosmetic dentist is Kingman Family Dentistry. Chris

The nearest dentist to her location would be Jerry Sullivan DDS on 411 Grandview Ave. Kingman AZ. But being that close to LasVegas I would rather go to one there.

Sorry Ronda Rousey fans, but Bethe Correia did not shit herself; and if you believes that horrible photoshop job, shame on you. Seriously, I've raised you better than that. Rousey did however tell her, "Don't cry," after knocking her the fuck out.

Volleyball has traditionally been one of University of Louisville's most successful programs, led for 15 years by head coach Leonid Yelin, whose .772 career winning percentage ranked 9th among active coaches prior to his retirement after the 2010 season. He was replaced by former U of L player Anne Kordes, who had spent the previous seven seasons as head coach at Saint Louis. During the 2005 season, UofL was ranked as high as #6 en route to a 30-3 record, a regular season tie for the Big East title, and a second straight trip to the Sweet 16. Their traditional home of Cardinal Arena, which was limited to 840 seats, had become too small for the team's current popularity, with fans turned away at several games. In the recent 2012 season, the team averaged 2,341 fans while playing mainly at the new KFC Center which opened in October of 2010.

August 3, 2015

So I Guess Greg Focker's Wife is Designing Clothing Now?

Koopa Troopas are a fictional race of turtle-like creatures from the Mario series, as well as its sister Yoshi series. First appearing in the 1983 arcade game Mario Bros., in which they were known as Shellcreepers, they are among the oldest recurring enemies in the series, and have appeared in some form in all of the main games, and most of the spin-off games. When defeated, Koopas may flee from or retreat inside their shells, which can then usually be used as weapons. Koopa shells are a recurring weapon in the series, particularly popularized in the Mario Kart series, in which they can be fired as projectiles against other racers.

Now keep in mind when I post these photo challenges, I really do try and include photos for all.... I dunno, I guess "skill levels" is the right phrase to use? For example, novices shouldn't have any difficulty finding exactly where this chick grabbed a Big Mac. Yet on the flip side, I'll need the help of more advanced players to find the nearest cosmetic dentist for this poor woman filling up her gas tank.

Good news everyone! There's a Ronda Rousey porn parody in the making! The lead role of this Ronda Rousey porn parody will be played by Kleio Valentien, with Sammie Six playing the part of “Miesha Taint” -- a play on Rousey's rival, Miesha Tate.

Yamaha's lagship model FX Cruiser High Output appeared with improvements that further heighten its unique cruiser concept and a boldly impressive new colored hull. A number of new features like the sporty analog meter panel accentuate the new world of cruising pleasure this model offers the rider. Also, as the successor to the popular XL700 that has been the craft of choice at PWC rental operations around the world, Yamaha presents the new model VX700. Mounting the proven, highly durable Yamaha 700 cc 2-stroke engine on VX hull, known for its exciting handling, this model sets a new standard in the entry-level model category.

When you're following my links for gun stuff, remember you can always shop by a specific store and see what online coupons are available to help defray the cost of shipping or whatnot.

The Douglas C-47 Skytrain is a military transport aircraft developed from the civilian Douglas DC-3 airliner. It was used extensively by the Allies during World War II and remains in front line service with various military operators to the present day. Given the distinctive nose art and the fact that it's located indoors, you shouldn't have too much trouble directing me to the C-47 located in this museum.

Everyone knows Jesse Pinkman didn't get much in the way of happiness out of life, but he did have a pretty cool house for a while – and now Pinkman's house can be yours for well under two million dollars.

The Jack Russell is an energetic breed that relies on a high level of exercise and stimulation and is relatively free from serious health complaints. Originating from dogs bred and used by Reverend John Russell in the early 19th century, it has similar origins to the modern Fox terrier. Originally bred to bolt fox from their dens during hunts, they are used on numerous ground-dwelling quarry such as groundhog, badger, and red and grey fox. The working JRT is required to locate quarry in the earth, and then either bolt it or hold it in place until they are dug to. To accomplish this, the dog will not bark but will expect attention to the quarry continuously. Because the preservation of this working ability is of highest importance to most registered breeders, Jack Russells tend to be extremely athletic, intelligent, fearless, and vocal dogs.

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August 1, 2015

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

so incredibly sad: this is how 3 generations answer the same question

he chewed all the bubblegum. he kicked all the ass. he made my childhood fun. so long rowdy roddy, we hardly knew ye.

your weekend boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen

July 31, 2015

Well, It's Friday Afternoon, You May As Well Just Pull The Damned Thing.

The mathematics of pendulums are in general quite complicated. Simplifying assumptions can be made, which in the case of a simple pendulum allows the equations of motion to be solved analytically for small-angle oscillations. A so-called "simple pendulum" is an idealization of a "real pendulum" but in an isolated system using the following assumptions: The rod or cord on which the bob swings is massless, inextensible and always remains taut; The bob is a point mass; Motion occurs only in two dimensions, i.e. the bob does not trace an ellipse but an arc; The motion does not lose energy to friction or air resistance.

So I have a question for my 1911 fans. And this comes from my very limited experience with trhe platform, since the only one I own is this old Colt 70 Series that, according to the serial number, was manufactured sometime in March of 1979. My question is this -- and I'm talking exclusively about standard commercial production models chambered in .45ACP -- no custom builds, no special anniversary editions. With the exception of the grips, gun is entirely metal; no polymers, no plastics. And while I understand that not all metals are created equal, how much differenbce can there really be between the different prices? Does a Wilson Combat CQB Elite Classic for $4,000 really shoot 12 times better than a Turkish manufactured Tisas Zig for $329. Is the fit and finish really that much better?

Baileys Irish Cream was created by Gilbeys of Ireland, a division of International Distillers & Vintners, as it searched for something to introduce to the international market. The process of finding a product began in 1971 and it was introduced in 1974 as the first Irish cream on the market. The Baileys name, and the R.A. Bailey signature, were fictional, inspired by the Bailey's Hotel in London, though the registered trademark omits the apostrophe. Baileys is produced in Dublin and under contract in Newtownabbey.

When someone told me there was video of a fan running up to Ronda Rousey and almost grabbing her ass, I thought that fan was going to get laid out especially considering she's all amped up ready to beat the living piss out of Bethe Correia tomorrow night. But it turns out the kid just got lucky.

Ernie, That is a UH-72A Lakota, ie a EC-145/BK117-C2. Happen to know because I fly them. It could very possibly be one of these helicopters here. Active and the Guard both fly them so it could be taken anywhere, but the pads at NTC match the one in the picture. Naaman

Hey Ern, that nice young lady is sitting on a Eurocopter UH72 Lakota, the military version of the EC145. Keep up the good work! John

Oddly enough someone had just sent in this video containing highlights from the 2014 Budapest Airshow; the helicopter at the 1:20 mark and again (especially) at the 1:55 mark left me sitting upsight in my chair saying, "Daaaamn!" So I decided to do a little research on it, and it turns out that Red Bull pilot Chuck Aaron showing some shit on a 40+ year old Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105. The helicopter design -- the Bo 105 -- was later developed into the Eurocopter 135. The Eurocopter 135 was later developed into the Eurocopter 145, the platform on which Naaman's UH-72A Lakota is based, and we have come full circle.

JK Simmons is an American actor of film, television and stage, best known for the television roles of Dr. Emil Skoda on the NBC series Law & Order, neo-Nazi Vernon Schillinger on the HBO prison-drama Oz, and Assistant Police Chief Will Pope on TNT's The Closer. Schillinger is one of the most powerful and feared inmates in Oz. As leader of The Aryan Brotherhood in Oz, Schillinger controls most white inmates and has a reputation for ruthless brutality and rape. He is shown to be a high-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood outside of prison, thus giving him power outside of Oz through a vast network of allies. Most people don't know that JK Simmons is also the voice of the yellow M&M.

Surprise your taste buds with the sweet, delicious taste of Ocean Spray's Craisins Dried Cranberries. Made with real fruit and good as a snack or in a recipe, they're naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free. Plus, they're a good source of fiber and 1 serving of Craisins Original dried cranberries meets 25% of your daily recommended fruit needs.

Hey Ernie, Yeah those pillars do look familiar, the pic is from the 2015 London World Naked Bike Ride, and the building is the National Gallery. Here are some more pics of that prestigious event, including another shot of her (about 22 down) outside the Westminster Tube Station. Tim

Well, what made me think that location looked familiar is this photo from March 17th of this year. Butsince I spent a good portion of this mrning watching Vegas Vacation -- who would have thought Cousin Eddie and Randy Quaid are one in the sam -- I figured it's time for another Las vegas Challenge. Show me what hotel is offering such a warm WELCOME!

Every Christmas there are two games I always like to feature. The first of course is Don't Shoot Your Eye Out, because hey, who doesn't love A Christmas Story? Seriously, who doesn't love A Christmas Story? Tell me who, and I'll fucking kill them. Anyway, the second is Light Up The Christmas Tree, which while not exactly unique in its premise, is an extremely simple and yet somehow super fucking addictive gave. So hey, mid year here's a game similar to the Christmas Treet one, called Glow Path. Very similar to Christmas Tree, only instead of spinning the pieces, you slide them around like you would a child's puzzle. Enjoy!

And remember, 'tis the season to carry around some sort of carbide tipped glass breaker.


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