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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
October 22, 2014

I Belong To The Mind-Your-Own-Fucking-Business-And-I'll-Mind-Mine Party.

When it comes to enjoying a good drink, the brand of the liquor doesn't matter. If anything, with certain boozes, you're actually better off going with the smaller, lesser-known brands than the big ones everybody knows. Of course, when it comes to making money off people enjoying a good drink, the opposite is true. It's the brand the server chooses, not the subtle notes of oak and vanilla. On that note, today we're going to take a look at the most valuable liquor brands according to Brand Finance. Are they the finest spirits money can buy? Well, some of them are excellent, but in general, no.

When I Google Shell-O Jots the only thing I can find is this picture with a jar of tomato sauce and this note which says the Shell-O Jot kits are sold by bewild.com, but I search their site and no dice. So I don't have any idea where this girl got hers from. Any info would be appreciated.

Looking for a small 9mm semiautomatic to carry concealed? Right now you can get a killer deal (heh) on a Springfield XD9 DAO Subcompact 9MM with 13 round magazine and hard case, for only $339 + 6 shipping. In fact, if you act before 31 October, Springfield has a mail in rebate for 3 extra magazines and a magazine pouch.

And if you think San Francisco has better food that Kansas City, you can go ahead and punch yourself in the fucking face. You can keep your sisig burritos and kimchi tacos, or whatever other hipster foodie nonsense your fusion food trucks are coming up with. Give me a rack of ribs slathered in that sweet smokey KC BBQ sauce and I'll be happier than a pig in shit. So the food is just one of the many reasons to jump on the Kansas City bandwagon this World Series.

Okay, I've got another impossible one for you. Let see if anyone can identifying the restaurant this woman is enjoying a glass of wine at. Not many clues to go on for this one so I've provided a few blown up images of the window signage and a neon sign from the background.

I'm going with Thunder Tiger RC Boat Outlaw OBL -- I can't find a pic of the same box, but definitly Thunder Tiger in manufacturer and the only thing list starting with an O is the boat. Note picture of dude on bottom of page 2 seems to match. Big fan Ernie! TJ in Okla

The item is actually an RC boat. The OUTLAW OBL made by Thunder Tiger. Here is a rather small picture showing the box. And the picture in the lower left corner on the box is none other than Hydro World Champion Jorgen Andersson! Keith

And there are still no takers on identifying these two beers.

Typhoon Trami was a large tropical cyclone that brought heavy rains to Taiwan and East China during mid-August 2013. On August 21, gale force winds struck heavily populated areas in northern Taiwan as Trami tracked in a westerly direction. The system brought torrential rainfall to the area, with Taipei receiving 12 inches of rain. A landslide occurred in Hsinchu county, trapping 70 residents, injuring 10 people, and forcing more than 6000 had to evacuate homes. Despite gusty conditions, heavy rainfall and major flooding, Typhoon Trami only caused minor damage in Taiwan.

If you have the possibility of choosing your car's license plate, you might as well make it creative. Like these guys have done. It's an easy way to make a pun, one that will stay with you for a veeery long time. So actually, when you think about it, this kind of plates are for people who really love one joke. You know, the kind that if you're close friends with you're gonna hear them repeat the same half-amusing joke with anyone new they meet. BCHPLZ.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians, often abbreviated as 101 Dalmatians, is a 1961 American animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney based on the novel by Dodie Smith. The 17th in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, the film was originally released to theaters on January 25, 1961 by Buena Vista Distribution. The film features Rod Taylor as the voice of Pongo, the first of the Dalmatians, and Betty Lou Gerson as the voice of Cruella de Vil, the film's antagonist. The plot centers on the fate of the kidnapped 99 Dalmatian puppies of Pongo and Perdita.

October 21, 2014

And Having Enough Beer is Even More Importantlier Than That.

So I caught the second episode of The Walking Dead and as the group was rescuing Gabriel from the rock, decided to give Daryl and his crossbow a little thought. A modern crossbow shoots a bolt somewhere around 425 ft/sec (289 mph). This compared to the fastest compound bow, which can reach speeds of 360 ft/sec (245 mph). Keep in mind this compares to average run-of-the-mill 9mm ammo which is 1100 ft/sec (750 mph). So that got me to thinking about when Daryl was shooting at humans -- the Governor's clan, the cannibals from Terminus, etc -- would it even be possible to dodge one of his arrows? So I did some searching and found this guy who set up a POV camera on an archery target, and let me assure you brother, you ain't dodging shit. And of course, if you are looking for 9mm ammunition, look no further!

If you're new to gardening and not sure where to start, growing herbs is an easy way to get your green thumb going. There's no large plot to prepare or maintain (which can be daunting for newbies) and by growing different varieties, you'll gain experience working with plants that have different watering and care needs. You can make a charming outdoor display and grow your own herbs at the same time: use enamel coated metal coffee cups as pots -- drill a hole in the bottom first for drainage-- paint in cheery colors then place on a balcony for a lovely display.

Every fan enjoys some good film Easter Eggs and Disney has a ton of them. Not only are they making a lot of sexual innuendos, educating children to think about penises from an early age, but they also prepare us for glitches in the Matrix. And this, of course, is a conspiracy from their side in order to feed us with repetitiveness so much that we eventually become robots. Animations about princesses and cute little animals? Pure evil, obviously!

American Gladiators is an American competition television program that aired weekly in syndication from September 1989 to May 1996. The series matched a cast of amateur athletes against each other, as well as against the show's own gladiators, in contests of strength and agility. The concept was created by Dan Carr and John C. Ferraro, who held the original competition at Erie Tech High School in Erie, Pennsylvania. They sold the show to The Samuel Goldwyn Company (later MGM) where the concept was enhanced and became American Gladiators. An effort in 2004 to launch a live American Gladiators show on the Las Vegas Strip became mired in a securities fraud prosecution.

Being left-handed makes someone special, that's a fact. Especially in sports. But in real life even the most normal things can become very frustrating. Sure, Kurt Cobain was a great left-handed guitarist, but I bet he had problems with his can opener. Because there isn't really enough time or space to make this more than a world for right-handed people. So a good piece of advice would probably be to become ambidextrous.

Huh, based upon their website results, Target no longer offers a 22 3/8" x 34" frame.

Last Saturday I thumbnailed a video of some ridiculously hot chick dancing to Golden Earring's Radar Love. And as stacked as she was, it was a shitty quality video... grainy, jumpy, bad contrast. Today I found (a) a much higher quality version and (b) her name is Katee Owen, and she has a pretty fantastic Twitter account. You're welcome.

There are 10 million members at Adult Friend Finder, all of which looking for fun filled action to keep warm this chilly season. Even if you don't want to hook up, sign up for free and check out tons of nude photos and profiles. With 10 million members, you may find the chick next door looking to get laid. And you ladies, don't be shy. Tons of guys are waiting for you, too. Just take the one minute to find some people in the area! So sign up for free then go to your e-mail to confirm your account and get busy!

October 20, 2014

Let's Just Say You Grew Up With Different Pets Than I Did.

Is this guy wearing a t-shirt of himself? Because if he is, that's pretty fucking awesome.

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is a military and maritime history museum with a collection of museum ships in New York City. It is located at Pier 86 at 46th Street on the West Side of Manhattan. The museum showcases the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, the submarine USS Growler, a Concorde SST, a Lockheed A-12 supersonic reconnaissance plane, and on December 12, 2011 ownership of the Space Shuttle Enterprise was officially transferred to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The Museum serves as an event space for community and national events. Visiting warships dock at the cruise ship terminals to the north, and events are held on the museum grounds and the deck of the Intrepid.

Sure, there's nothing more I'd like to do than swing by Cheers after work, but trust me, the last fucking thing I'd order is a double India Pale Ale; I fucking hate IPAs.

So you've decided to splash the cash on what some call “lazy shopping”? You need to buy new clothes but you're afraid to go out in the real world and try them out before purchasing? Well then you're probably gonna do some online shopping. But “size doesn't matter” is not a saying that goes well with clothing, though, as you will be surprised to find out. And Photoshop is also inapplicable. So take a look at these photos to see what you might get.

I never thought I would find the Caje Byliny but I did. Address: Haškova 5, 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic. Here is their web site. Rick

Hey Ernie, The Caje Byliny in question is close-by (about a half mile) from the one that comes up in searches. It's at 5 Haskova, Prague. There have been a few changes in the businesses, dish antennas, and parking signs since this street view was taken. John in Melbourne, FL. PS: I hope you guys still have the energy and patience to run LBEH again this year.

Okay with all the Redkins controversy lately, I was a little reluctant to do this photo challenge, but since everyone loves a rebel, I decided to post it anyway. Can you identify what team logo is on this t-shirt? And to be fair, I don't know if that's a selfie taken in a mirror or not, so the logo may or may not be reversed.

The Soup is a weekly American television series that airs on E! since July 1, 2004. The program is a revamped version of Talk Soup that focuses on recaps of various popular culture and television moments of the week. The show is hosted by comedian Joel McHale, who provides sarcastic and satirical commentary on the various clips. A number of clips have been repeatedly shown on The Soup. One clip features Oprah Winfrey saying "My va-jay-jay is painin'!" while hanging from a harness at the Miraval resort. Another clip involves Whitney Houston yelling "Kiss My Ass!" at her husband. McHale has mentioned that this clip is one of his favorites.

Ernie, You saw a picture on my facebook of a derailment at Clayton, WY. Here are 5 more that have been taken at the site. The reason this derailment happened, the company that is contracted to unload the coal trains at the Dave Johnston power plant in Glenrock, WY were attempting to switch some cars on the loop. They left 120+ cars full of coal and the DP (distributive power) with the DP fence up in isolate, and the air bottled, with no brakes securing the train. Because the train was not allowed to go into emergency, the air bled off, releasing the brakes, and the train rolled backwards about a quarter mile over the split point derail and coming very close to the Main Track. Ralph

Attention all international beer drinkers, can you identify both cans of beer? My spidey senses tell me to think European.

In American auto racing, this is how two drivers react after a crash. In Australian auto racing, this is how two drivers react after a crash. Sheesh, you'd almost think they were Canadian, "Sorry." "Sorry." "Sorry." "Sorry."

myfreecams.com is the coolest webcam site on the web. definitely NSFW.

October 18, 2014

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

holy shit!! these are some of the biggest camel toes i've ever seen... these bitches can swallow their opponents!



weekend boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten-2 - eleven - twelve - thirteen

October 17, 2014

Well, Let's be Honest, People have Been Remembered For Worse Things.

Since it's Friday, see if you can beat a score of 1140 after you get some chain reactions rolling in Grid Game.

The classic Crystal Caribbean series continues in this crystal-clear pink 8 1/2 inches soft jelly vibe that warms to the body, and its incredibly soft and stimulating vibe is flexible, with added textures for extra pleasure. It also has 10 amazing functions, including escalating vibration, pulsating, surging, throbbing and more. You can easily control the Crystal Caribbean 4 with the touch of a button, so you can switch up the sensations without interruption.

So if you're good at geography, can you tell me where in the world the Caje Byliny is located? Sure, you'd think Prague, but the Street View doesn't jive.

All my life I have tried to solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle. Ever since I was a fucking kid and it first came out; from the time I played in the sand, all the way through high school, I could never complete more than two sides. And whether I played with it for ten minutes or ten hours, not a single fucking time have I been sucessful in finishing that fucking cube. So it pisses me off to no end to learn that Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik's Cube in two minutes.

Neutrogena oil free Acne Wash combines powerful cleansing with maximum strength acne medicine for clinicaly proven clear skin in just one step. It removes 93 of your skin's surface coil in 1 use and gets to the source of your breakouts even before they appear. Neutrogena oil free acne wash contains Salicylic Acid to get rid of acne you have now and help prevent future breakouts.

Old and busted: Lifeboat front flip during launch. The new hotness: Lifeboat triple lindy during recovery.

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