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Ernie's House of Whoop Ass!
May 31, 2016

My Hate For Mankind Has Been Growing A Lot Lately.

Perp waits for husband to leave for work, before forcing his way inside an apartment and attemptnig to rape the wife. Wife manages to free herself an dcalls husband, who returns and proceeded to beat the perp to death. Good news, right? Unless of course you live in New York City, in which case the husband faces manslaughter charges. I am one hundred precent sincere when I tell you, I have no idea why anyone would live within the confines of NYC.

My thoughs on the shooting of the gorilla to save a four year old boy are as follows. I do not value human life any more than I do any other animal. In fact, I value human life less than I do other animals, as I believe we are a scourge on this fucking earth. I'm the guy who watches Armageddon and roots for the asteroid. After chickens and rats, humans are one of the most populus species of mammal on the planet. So would I trade one overpopulated human for one endangered gorilla? I am one hundred precent sincere when I tell you, yes I would. Especially after reading these remarks from the kid's inattentive fat cunt of a mother.

Today's cougary goodness? Sonya Curry, the mother of Golden State Warriors unanimous MVP Stephen Curry, turns 50 years old today. But as you might imagine, she don't be lookin it.

Two challenges from the I-Don't-Even-Know-It's-Possible-But-You-Folks-Have-Pulled-Miracles-Before Box: can you find this hotel pool and where this dumpster was parked?

Ernie, A two minute Google Image search for "Sony 1000 watt" turned up the attached photo of a Sony XM-GTX 1812 amp. It was at one time carried by Walmart. Have a good evening, BJ

Hi Ernie, The incredibly hot chick's boyfriend bought a Sony Xplod XM-1652Z 2-channel car amp 1,000 watts max. You can see a whole lot more of her here. The lucky dude that bangs her looks too young to be a sheriff in Bartholomew County though. Lata gata, Eric R.

REMINDER: Today is your last chance to enter to win the Heizer Defense Pocket Pistol Giveaway. These things usually sell for upwards of $400.

Many of America's clothes dryers may soon be getting a pink slip. One in every three Americans sees the clothes dryer as an unnecessary extravagance. Every few years, the Pew Research Center asks about 1,000 Americans what they think about various appliances. Three years ago, 83 percent of respondents said a clothes dryer was a necessity. Since then, something striking has happened, the people that Pew surveys have begun to think differently about energy intensive appliances. The percentage of respondents who describe a clothes dryer as a luxury has more than doubled in just three years to 33 percent. Another benefit of air drying is that you can use the disinfecting and whitening properties of the sun. When you air dry your clothes in the sun they are naturally disinfected and whitened. The sun provides UV light, and UV can be used to disinfect water and damp laundry.

May 30, 2016

This Is Memorial Day 2016, So Remember To Show Some Respect.

According to strict calendric interpretation, Columbus, Mississippi, celebrated the holiday first, on April 25, 1866, but only because newspaper editors fudged the date, said Richard Gardiner, an associate professor of history education at Columbus State University in Georgia. On April 26, 1866, people across the South heeded Williams' letter and threw flowers on the graves of Civil War soldiers. Some Southern women noticed that Yankee graves, interspersed with the graves of their loved ones, sat untended, Gardiner said. "They start to see these Union graves that are just laying there, kind of barren," he said. "Their hearts are warmed. Their hearts start to feel bad for the mothers who have lost these children. So, they start to throw flowers on the Yankee graves. And then that story gets published everywhere."

In the North, the poet Francis Miles Finch wrote "The Blue And the Gray," a poem that says, "They banish our anger forever/ When they laurel the graves of our dead!" Many Southern women repeated the practice on April 26 in 1866 and 1867, and in 1868, "the story was just so strong and so well known that the authorities in the North said, 'Look, we've got to take this thing and make it national,'" Gardiner said. In May 1868, the day became a federal holiday. But there were few, if any, flowers blooming in the North in April. So, the government pushed the date up a month, to May 30, so that people could decorate the graves of fallen soldiers with wildflowers, Gardiner said. Memorial Day remained on May 30 until 1971, when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act took effect. This act mandated that federal holidays occur on Mondays, and made Memorial Day the last Monday in May, Gardiner said.

As the holiday spread, people placed flowers on the graves of Confederate and Union soldiers, even if one had been a former enemy. For instance, in 1868, a girl named Jennie Vernon in Indiana sent a wreath with a letter to officials, asking that they lay flowers on a rebel soldier's grave, according to Gardiner. Memorial Day's many changes underwent scrutiny, however. When it became nationally recognized in 1868, some Northerners resisted, saying they shouldn't follow a Southern idea. Likewise, some people in the South were upset that the North was "stealing" their idea, Gardiner said. That's why some Southerners still celebrate Memorial Day on April 26, he said. But overall, the holiday has brought people together. Americans still honor it today, with celebrations and remembrances of people who have died fighting for their country, Gardiner said.

May 28, 2016

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here.

john daly signals for somebody to get him a drink after closing out his round with an eagle putt

your weekend boob dump: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - twelve - thirteen

May 27, 2016

10 DROP NUKES. 20 GOTO 10.

Let's remember how fanatical the Japanese were. In the months before we used the atomic bombs, the US Navy had about 400 ships hit by kamikazes. The Navy and Marines took almost 10,000 casualties, 50% of them were killed in action. At Okinawa and Iwo Jima, Japanese soldiers were strapping on 10 kilo explosive belts and hurling themselves underneath US tanks. At home, Japanese women and children were training to fight in the streets and fields with shovels, screwdrivers, and sharpened bamboo poles. Tokyo Bay was being fitted with underwater pipes, to coat the waters with flaming fuel oil to incinerate landing craft. The Imperial Japanese Army still had 5 million troops deployed throughout the Pacific Theater. Operation Coronet, the invasion of the Japanese homeland, was estimating 250,000 casualties on THE FIRST DAY and upwards of 4,000,000 casualties for the entire campaign. In fact, it wasn't until 2000, for the first time in years, the government ordered a new supply of Purple Hearts. The old supply, manufactured in anticipation of the invasion of the home islands of Japan during World War II, had finally begun to run low. So yeah, no ragrets. Not even a single letter.

One of the most remarkable Colt Model 1911 actions came in the Marianas in June and July 1944. The Army's 27th Division, stalled in its advance on Saipan, met determined Japanese defenses in depth. Private Thomas A. Baker received a Medal nomination for his courage and initiative in reducing enemy bunkers during June. By July 7 he was a sergeant manning a perimeter attacked by thousands of Japanese from three sides. Though wounded, Baker remained on the line, fired his rifle empty, and then used it as a club. Baker declined the chance to be evacuated in the forced withdrawal, saying he did not want to slow his men's progress. He asked to be left with the last ammunition available, an M1911 containing eight rounds. The citation said, “When last seen alive, Sgt. Baker was propped against a tree, pistol in hand, calmly facing the foe. Later Sgt. Baker's body was found in the same position, gun empty, with eight Japanese lying dead before him.”

Campus safety is a vital concern at the University of Connecticut, and the UConn Alert system provides a number of ways in which the University may contact the community in the event of an emergency. The components of UConn Alert include text message, social media, email, voicemail, and this website. Code Blue phone kiosks and outdoor sirens are also located around our campuses for added safety. In the event of an emergency, will provide the latest information, including possible action.

Is anybody really surprised that Jose Canseco's daughter posed for Playboy? I'm not. I'm grateful, that's what I am.

Ern- Yeppers on the location, Prague 1 is the place. A search for "Round glass apartments Prague" took me to this website, which included a view of the church that is reflected in the window to the right of the hot blonde enjoying the Frisco. Appears that the table is still there, but she is not, dammit. And speaking of missed challenges, you linked to an EvilMilk photo a few posts ago that I spent some "off the Ernie clock" time trying to find clues on, but no luck. Maybe one of the minions can come up with the photographers view from this photo... Cheers! John

Hey remember Captain Clay Higgins of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's department, who was pseudo-forced to resign after making this video? Well, he's running for his local Congressional seat and I hope he wins.

Before we get into today's movie, a quick shout out to all the car afficianados to see if anyone can identify what model Lexus this is. Okay that being done, today's FRIDAY FLICK was preordained, thanks to the SWANH.NET infographic from yesterday: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy...

May 26, 2016

So Holy Shit, May Has Almost Come To A Close. That Was Fast.

Cord protectors are the go-to solution for this problem, ensuring that your cables don't sustain damage from heavy traffic, and protecting that traffic from trip hazards. From discreet and decorative floor covers that match your home décor to high visibility heavy duty multi-channel models that can withstand serious foot traffic, if you're running cords, cables and wires across any surface where foot or vehicle traffic is going to occur, a cord cover is an essential investment.

To achieve your dreams, remember your ABCs. That's the third edition, by the way.

Woodbrass is a French musical instruments sales company founded in 1999, and occupies the #1 spot in the sale of instruments and internet music equipment and also include five stores in Paris. These stores are called "Woodbrass Stores " and represent 15000 sq/ft of exhibition space. In 2013 Woodbrass was ranked 67th in the list of 100 leading online retailers of the French e-commerce E-Commerce Mag. The company has 70 employees divided between the head office in Nantes and shops located in Paris. The Woodbrass website offers 90,000 different instruments for sale and receives over a million visits per month.

What's the diamater of your favorite varmint killing, soda can busting .22LR bullet? Why exactly .223 inches, of course, meaning it can be fired through your standard AR-15 rifle barrel. And with this CMMG .22LR Drop-in Conversion Kit for $152 - and that includes one 25 round magazine, you can tactically operate on squirrels all day long for less than one third of the least expensive steel cased .223 ammo out there.

After long struggle to get all necessary permissions, the 662 ton ex-Yugoslav Navy command ship VIS was finally scuttled for recreational diving purposes off Polje cove near Cape Kamenjak, Istrian peninsula, Croatia. The catch is, they detonated the scuttling charges while two people were still on board.

Ernie: Had to be either the Wynn or the Encore based on how the TI, the Mirage, and Caesars line up in the photo. The position of the skylights confirms that it is the Encore, not the Wynn. You can see the distinctive skylights here. Martov

She is at the Encore, looking S-SW - The oval thing visible in the pic is across the street at the fashion show mall. I'll be there in 2 weeks for the HP convention at the Venetian - I'll have to see if she is still around. (a different) Tim

Good morning Ernie. Hope you are doing well. The hot chick is staying at the Encore Tower of the Wynn hotel probably in one of the Tower King Suites since she is on a lower floor and the bedding seems to match. Anyway, here is her line of sight and you can see the corresponding skylights on the roof: Take care bro. Eric

Well, looks like somebody bought 1000 watts of something made by Sony. What is it?

In this rebuttal video, James O'Keefe confronts Katie Couric's use of deceptive editing -- she she cut 4 hours worth of interview -- in her documentary mockumentary "Under the Gun". He explains that you can't trust the mainstream media when they falsely accuse journalists like O'Keefe of deceptively editing videos, but then actually deceptively edit and manipulate audio to deceive the public. O'Keefe argues that the mainstream media needs to be held to the same standards they hold him.

In order to fully experience SWANH.NET, you have to scroll through a giant, unbroken image that measures 123 meters in real length. Every line of dialogue found in the film is presented in the image, as are all the characters, ships, planets, locations, action scenes, and narrative events, all depicted as you've never seen them before.

Many species of army ant are widely considered to be keystone species, due to the high number of vertebrate and invertebrate associates that rely on army ant colonies for nutrition or protection. During their hunt, many surface-raiding army ants are accompanied by various birds, such as antbirds, thrushes, ovenbirds and wrens, which devour the insects that are flushed out by the ants, a behavior known as cleptoparasitism. A wide variety of arthropods including staphylinid beetles and mites also follow colonies.

My Hate For Mankind Has Been Growing A Lot La...

This Is Memorial Day 2016, So Remember To Sho...

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

10 DROP NUKES. 20 GOTO 10....

So Holy Shit, May Has Almost Come To A Close....

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