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Hey man, ever gonna come join the party one of these years? I'm pretty sure you can bring your pistol with you, which is one one up on New York, haha. I'm heading out for some pre-cruising tonight with my 96' rust bucket Geo Tracker(great for some laughs) , my buddy drove in from Toronto with his 00' Corvette, and my father is showing up his is 71' Nova SS clone, that we stuck a corvette 454 into. It's more than just a cruise, it's a show. Clubs show up and pack the road with DeLoreans, Prowlers, Camaros, and you name it. Anything from classic muscle cars, to monster trucks, rat rods, boatcars, customs, dragsters.. The manufacturers rent out their own corners around 13 mile and Woodward, and show off their stuff too. Not only are tens of thousands of cars cruising, but you can literally walk from 9 mile and Woodward(ford rents out 9 mile for Mustang Alley every year), all the way to 14-15 mile rd. LINED with cars, on both sides. I think the 40,000 number was a bit on the conservative side. You'd have to come see it to believe it. Last year, I got a picture of 3 Ford GT's on display, no barriers, no guards, just showing off. We usually take my friend's miniature horse, Mickey, for a walk up and down Woodward too.. It's a show you have to see to believe. These pictures I sent are a bit old. I have a new digital cam now, that doesn't suck, so I'll try to snap some good shots for ya this year. Alan

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