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This is incredible news. I was in Atlanta today to do an estimate. I was passing by Atlanta City Hall East on Ponce Deleon. Where I witnessed five (presummed) illegals being taken away to jail .I not only callled my potential client and told them I was going to be late, but I made three illegal u-turns to come up with the following three pictures. And just to let you know I felt like I was breaking the law for taking the pictures, plus I didnt want to piss the people off that I had just u-turned in front of. I was tempted to just pull over get out and take the photos in detail, but I thought I might be thrown in the van with them! First Picture: what appears to be some type of undercover agent. There were also two other non-descrip people who were in charge and handling the situation. Second picture: see what I mean? The black guy in the blue shirt... he is my here! Third picture: was the wagon coming to get them. With these pics I wonder; was it only because it happened infront of City Hall East? Or did these guys just get off the bus from Laredo? Why would you sit out in front of city hall? Was it the city pan handling law, or a legitimate crackdown on illegal immigration? I personally was too scared to pull over to ask the guy in the blue shirt with fear of interfering and going to jail myself.

As for the job, I went by to look at the house that was probably worth one million dollars. An old tudour whose owner (or previous owners) already got what they paid for and now want it done right. But to get it there would be more time than I am willing to invest, especially with fiur additional guys.

To sum it all up: 30 minute trip to Atlanta. Just over 2 gals of gas (thanks to my Scion XB) - $4.30. 1 slaw dog, 1 onion rings, and 1 orange drink, plus tip - $8.00. Seeing five illegal Mexicans get in a blue van - worth the whole trip. - Steve.

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