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Hey Ernie! I am sending you some pictures we took this Memorial Day. I love the story you posted about the B-52, but this actually was a common problem, and a few of them made it to the ground a little sooner than expected. I was part of an Honor guard party sent up to commemorate this site, and my girlfriend came along to take some pictures. We had a firing party of 3+ a caller, and 3 to give out the burial flags. Attending the service were some family, random strangers, and Captain Gerald Adler, one of two survivors. He talked for a bit about how they knew it was a special mission, and the plane was packed a little tighter. I didn't hear all his story since I was a ways off with the firing party, but everyone who could hear it, was moved to tears as he spoke of being alone on the mountian, trapped in his seat, and unable to hear anyone else, or knowing if he was going to survive. also in attendance was a couple with an interesting story. I didn't get names, but one pilot switched with another, pulling a Waylon Jennings-type survivor's tale. Since he was friends with this other pilot and his family, he and the widow comforted each other and ended up getting married. It was a really touching service, and the rifle shots went off flawless. Quite a few people ignored the uniforms and gave us very teary hugs. I hope you like the pictures I am sending! SSgt Brent M., 101st Air Refueling Wing, Bangor, Maine

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