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"In these times of paying the mortgage, the economy and no respect receiving scratches, dings and scraps from others with-in 6 months of your new paint I decided to take another approach. I'm sick of buffing, polishing, dings, and the front end rock chips, sun fade in Arizona, 15 second dirt showers, 1/2 pound bugs while doing highway speeds, and of the sort . I blatantly refuse to pay $2,500 to $3,000 for a paint job, even finding some one to touch it for $1,500 would be if tuff if OEM, but it's not OEM, I had a fully 100% unprepared body kit. Sadly, you can find these all day long for $3K on Craigslist, as a matter of fact there's a Reiger Audi A4 for $3K with a custom paint job on there now. For what I did, I allowed it to cure and took my largest wrench, and well, beat the car: And the result, nothing, nothing at all. I even tried to scratch it, pull off chunks on corners with my finger nail, and stabbed it with a flat head in the trunk jam, nothing. She was taken apart and fully sprayed, took about 3 weeks, I didn't want the infamous ghetto non-door jam/interior door/trunk jam non-spray. Washing her is so tremendously easy! I was a little concerned regarding attempting to dry her after a wash, as I figured the finish would tear up a shammy, nope, the finish isn't ruff at all. It's actually pretty smooth, one swipe and she's dry. I'll do a write up shortly, so here you go: I did pics in the shade, and in the sun." [culled from so as to not chew up their bandwidth].

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