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In order to fully appreciate the pictures that accompany this email, you need to know that a while back I got a mustache tattooed on my finger (seriously). It is said mustache that makes such a notable appearance in many of these pictures. Moving on...

So I went to Erotica LA (it's like an adult expo for porn, sex toys, etc) this weekend. Julie (a woman I work with) has a brother who is trying to get into the sex toy business (and actually did really well over the weekend) so he had a booth there, and I got an exhibitor's pass that got me in for free all weekend (tickets are usually $30!). So I there I was, up to my ears in fake boobs and spray tans (shockingly enough, most of those women look really beat up in real life; thank God for soft lighting), I've got my bag of free porn, and I'm starting to get a little bored after seeing everything already. Then Julie tells me that she brought some vodka. We finish that, and then I run to the liquor store and buy more vodka, which we also finish. We go around again, and this time it's a whole new ballgame!

I break out the camera for our little stroll, and needless to say, the mustache is out in full force. These pics are some of the highlights. Incidentally, Jenna Haze was the only one who refused to rock the mustache, saying (I shit you not) "I have an image I have to maintain." I resisted the urge to point out that she gets fucked in the butt on camera for money, so I think her image can withstand one picture of her with the mustache. Besides, she was actually a complete sweetheart, and she grabbed my cock for the picture, so all is forgiven. I also found it very ironic that she says she has an image to maintain, and then grabs my dick. It's a like fucking Bizzaro world. Good times.


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