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Hey Ernie, Got this from my Dad, who got it from a co-worker, who got it from his friend, get the idea right. I know almost exactly where he had the accident on the Natchez Trace. It is one heck of a ride and a great trip to make on a bike. From the looks of the pictures it was one hell of an accident. John P

At 10:39am Nov 28 I nailed my first buck of the season with my 2005 Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide at mile marker 54 on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Nine other motorcycle riders and I were on our annual Natchez Trace weekend after Thanksgiving Run to Nashville, TN. I was the 7th bike from the point bike. It was raining moderately. I never saw it! I did hear a thunderous crash and saw a flash of light. I remember tumbling, spinning, and rolling for a long, long time, finally stopping about 20 feet from the Harley. I was dazed. What happened? From the ravine where I laid, I heard voices from the road above. The tail biker was calling on his CB to the other riders yelling there were 2 bikers down. Two? Several of my co-riders were shouting to me to lay still and don't move. Semi dazed, I laid there for about 3 minutes trying to figure what had occurred and trying to determine the extent of my injuries.

I then decided to get up. I seemed ok. My helmet had been ripped off sometime during the tumbling and was about 15 feet away, with chin strap still buckled. The bike looked disentegrated. I thought to myself am I one of those persons who have had an "out of body experience"? Was I seeing this after I was dead? How could I have survived this? I shouted I was ok. My friends kept asking if I were ok. I replied each time " I think I'm ok". I asked what did I hit? I heard someone yell, "a deer". When I got up to the road bed from the ravine, I saw a deer thrashing around in the road. A young man who has been deer hunting, stopped. He took his rifle and shot the deer in the head right in the road.

It was then I learned that Joey, the rider behind me had seconds after, hit the same deer lying in the road and he went down. His bike was slightly damaged and he received very minor road rash.

My personal belongings and broken parts of the bike were strewn along a long & wide swath from the road to the bike.Deep scrapes were in the asphalt at the point of impact. A National Park Ranger arrived. Am ambulance and a wrecker were radioed in by the Ranger. I assured my buddies I was going to be ok and urged them to continue on. I was transported by ambulance to the Port Gibson, MS hospital where it was determined I had fractured the tip of the radius, large bone in the forearm. This fracture is at the wrist. Additionally, I had several cuts & bruises about the face, as if I'd been worked over by Mike Tyson. The Ranger came to the hospital to complete the accident report. The Ranger told me from the point of impact to the bike location was 227 feet. The deer was 300 feet from point of impact. This morning I was slow to arise and felt aches in many places such as shoulders, legs & hip. A 63 year old body doesn't do as well as a younger body.

I truly feel God protected me in this potentially disastrous accident. Many years ago, I attended a class on safety and learned there can only be two possible causes of accidents or a combination of these same two. The only possible causes of accidents are: 1. An unsafe act. And 2. An unsafe condition. What caused my accident? It was clearly a combination of these two. Unsafe condition.......moderate rain reducing visibility (on a motorcycle) and two me continuing to ride in poor visibility conditions.

Lessons learned? Yes, It's better not to ride in moderate to heavy rain conditions which reduce visibility for bikers. Ride safely! Richard

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