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Hello Ernie, Its been about a year since I wrote to you, My name is James or Ironhead or as you and your fans might know me, I am the dead dog guy. My dog Rommel died last year on the 18th of May and I have a bit of an update on my dog situation. My wife really knocked it out of the park this Christmas when she bought a little Dane puppy for me that I named Baron, It seemed the breeder was touched by the eulogy I made for Rommel and was happy to give him to us at a greatly reduced rate and given our limited funds we were quite happy to accept. A few months went by and my wife was offered to foster another Dane from the same breeder for about the next ten to twelve years,it seems she was outside during the tornado shitstorm we had and the breeder didn't know what to do with her as she was so skiddish that she might be unadoptable. We named her Beatrix and she is fine now, This on top of our border collie mix Beau or Bo Bo (who laid on the sweetness so thick after Rommel died that I now am diabetic) and the house is quite full along with a family of two adults and three kids. I have to say it is quite a welcome break as the seven months after Rommel died were a bit like the last fifteen minutes of Marley and me, DEPRESSING. Now it is a little chaotic and it smells a bit like a horse farm in the house but it is still worth it somehow. You know, I still miss my Rommeldog but Baron who at six months is ALREADY 129lbs along with Be Be or Beatrix and Bo Bo and my dog world full. My son still remembers Rommel which just blows my mind because he was only two when he died. On a side note, I am now a Vespa Piaggio/Genuine tech after being a Harley tech for about 16 years, did NOT see that one coming! Thanks for posting my video and tribute last year and thanks for all you do for our troops. Keep the painted side up and as always GRAMMAR NAZIS GO DIE! ironhead. -- The pics are of 1.the mold made of Rommel's paw made the day of his death. 2. My son and the new puppies. 3. Baron sleeping after destroying the backyard 4. Yours truly with my Barondog

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