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An Examination of Liberian Marksmanship Techniques

Images from the battle for Monrovia, Liberia. Disclaimer: All similarities to Rap Stars, Hip-Hop practitioners and Gangstas of all races, ethnic origins and religions, living or dead, is purely intentional.

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Note perfectly executed flamboyant sideways-rifle "Glock Foh-Tay" running stance.

Amazing height and style on this one. Sure to impress the judges!

"Yo Yo YO! Fo' Shizzle"

The "bring your buddy along" firing stance.

Finnegan Firing from the hip while putting on the best "Game Face" and bellowing like an Ox - always sure to make your enemy skeedadle!

The "Homeless street person" anti-aircraft firing position being executed with great precision!

Here we have a classic! The "Prone Warrior " firing position - too bad the magazine spring has blown out from the bottom of his beautifully blue-duct-tape-taped jungle magazine setup.

Here we have Liberian militia demonstrating the "Soul Train" method of combat assault.

The Nautical theme is ever popular, as seen by this militiaman wearing the stylish Kapok life jacket. Won't stop a bullet, but sure looks Boo-yaa!

This pair is executing the difficult "Phat Bammer Swagger" shooting stance.

The Phat "Batman Begins" RPG firing position is new but hot./p>

While this appears to be a well-rehearsed combat assault maneuver, this militiaman is actually trying to keep birds from crapping on his car. Note the feather duster in the left hand for effect.

This Militiaman executes the one handed high overhead blind shot. It is often used to indicate that "Da Brizzles over there".

And last but not least, these two are showing the proper way to fire a support weapon using the non-aiming duck-walk method, keeping at least five feet of linked ammo strung out from the weapon at any given time! Note the suitably awe-struck onlookers!

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